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  1. Ahhhh finally i found the mistake: the Planename under "plane Type" must have small letters: he111h6 - not He111H6. Sometimes it is soo easy , and seems impossible :-D :-D
  2. Hmmm : if the skin is for your own squad, then it is maybe easiest to equip every squad-mate with that skin. 1. you have to insall the skin (DDS-file) in your IL2-Folder (IL2/data/Graphics/Skin - and then the plane Folder. 2. Start your PWCG-campaign and click on "Skin management" . Click on one pilot file, choose the plane (if there are more than one) . Usually the skins are under "loose". Click on the skin, you want to choose - and repeat that step for every other pilot in your squad. Make sure to click on "accept" . i hope i could help you micha
  3. How Can i equipe other Squadrons with a Squadronskin (not the players squadron)? After i started a new campaign in 4.0, i decided to make a skin for (at least) every german Squad. After that i put those Skins in IL2/data/graphics/skins....and then in the folder for the plane. After that, i equipt the squad with the skin (BOSData/input/squadron) like this: "skins": [ { "skinName": "He111H_IKG53", "planeType": "He111H6", "startDate": "19411001", "endDate": "19430331", "squadId": 20131053, "country": "Germany", "category": "Squadron", "definedInGame": false } ], (example for one of the HE-111) But every plane has still the default skin - But for the StuKa's (I & II St_G_2 and I &II St_G_77) it seems to work. They have their skin, i've made: "skins": [ { "skinName": "Ju87D_ISt.G.2", "planeType": "ju87d3", "startDate": "19411001", "endDate": "19430331", "squadId": 20121002, "country": "Germany", "category": "Squadron", "definedInGame": false } ], The funny thing is these StuKa skins are the only ones, which i can't see under "loose" . What did i wrong? greetings from Sweden micha
  4. Hallo. Thank you for the version 4.0. :-) I startet a new campaign - and that time i thougt it would be great to have one skin for every squadron. well at lest for the german side. So i began to make 4 skins for the StuKas (one for every Squadron) - it worked. So i just made the same step for the other squadrons (all He111; Ju88; Bf110 and the other 109's) : "skins": [ { "skinName": "Bf110E2_IZG26", "planeType": "Bf110E2", "startDate": "19411001", "endDate": "19430331", "squadId": 20101026, "country": "Germany", "category": "Squadron", "definedInGame": false } ], but in the Game they have still the default skin - only my own Squadron and all Stukas are different). The error rapport wrote: ".......Invalid plane for squadron skin <20101026><Bf110E2_IZG26......" (thats just the exampel for the Bf110's, but the rest is similar). what did i wrong? :-D Many greetings from Sweden Micha
  5. Auf welchen Servern treibt Ihr Euch so herum? Habt Ihr eine Homepage? micha
  6. Ahh! Alles klar. Super, Danke :-) micha
  7. Ok, super. Das kenne ich noch nicht. Muß ich gleich mal ausprobieren. Vielen Dank Micha
  8. Hallo :-) Habt ihr bestimmte Tage oder Zeiten, an denen Ihr trainiert/fliegt? liebe Grüße aus Schweden Micha
  9. Ahh besten Dank. Dann teste ich es mal mit GeForce. Zum Schneiden nehme ich immer noch den Moviemaker von Windows. :-) liebe Grüße aus Schweden micha
  10. Hallo. Wie ladet ihr eigentlich Eure ingame-tracks im Internet hoch (zb. auf Youtube)? Gegenwärtig mache ich es so das ich während des fliegens mit strg+R (also mit dem spielinternen Aufzeichnungsprogramm) aufnehme. Danach starte ich im Spiel den Track und filme diesen mit Fraps ab. Allerding finde ich diesen Weg etwas umständich, zumal die Bildqualität auch etwas darunter leidet. Habt ihr eine bessere Idee? welche Programme verwendet ihr so? micha
  11. Super Sache! Daumen hoch :-) Da kommen spontan auch bei mir spontan Erinnerungen hoch von meinem ersten JFS-Modul, mit Düsseljäger und Heinz als Tutoren. Anno 2007 :-D viel viel Erfolg liebe Grüße micha
  12. Nein, Du hast nix verpasst. Ich bin mir recht sicher das der Macher des Films die alten WAV-Dateien von "1946" im Nachhinein eingespielt hat. micha
  13. Beautyful work with the new background! Did you replace the files under BoSData/Images/Misc or did you use a Program/Tool to make it? micha
  14. Thank you very much for the update, Pat! :-) How exactly works the Payload-system in ROF. Is the any difference in the installation compared to il2BOS? Right now i can only select "Standart Payload" and under "modifications" i can't choose something at all. BOS works fine. many greetings from Sweden micha
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