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  1. The fuel "cleaner" could be "automatic" simply by using the water effect and fading out the oil effect... after a few seconds with the oil on the windows.
  2. The Ju-52 is currently selling for $25.00 USD. If they update the A-20 with a navigator/bombardier position with the announcement of a B-25 I wouldn't hesitate at spending $40 or even $50 USD for a playable B-25. I would pay more if more features were added, like some mentioned in this thread.
  3. If they could figure out a way to give the navigator/bombardier position some map tools and access to the bombardier it would make co-op playing bombers loads of fun! I honestly would buy the A-20 again if it came with a B-25 and a fully revamped co-op crew operation.
  4. With the pilot's being swapped out, will the ordinance also switched to fit the nation the aircraft is flying under?
  5. This is great! I'm really excited. I'm trying to build hype within my discord crew! Massive He-111 formation to destroyer Stalingrad anyone?
  6. Is there any chance that engines can be blown off now? I think that this is a critical part of the damage on all aircraft that has been missing in every flight sim. When you crash land at extreme angles It would be great to show it break off and then the aircraft could explode. But also during flight! I'm sure we have all see the B-26 image, but damages to the engine mountings or even propellers could prove catastrophic during flight as well. Having a prop fly off or an engine mount break would very dramatic.
  7. Wow! Amazing work, really appreciating the level of detail you and your team are putting into this!
  8. This is exactly how I imagine Heavies being implemented. Not only would it help break up missions in SP when you would need to escort a group to Frankfurt or something. But the same goes in MP as they could be a critical objective that could deplete the axis of many tickets. This would give players a reason to fly at the altitudes some of these aircraft were designed to be operating at.
  9. While I agree, I think it would be more disappointing to have another map without a flyable B-25. Also, there is a significant number of B-25 squadrons for the USAAF and RAF
  10. I am a huge fan of the battle of Sicily or Central Med or whatever you want to call it. I have taken the liberty to overlay the Kuban Map over a proposed area. The green bar is an extend few Km to help include more Allied bases. A plane set for this wouldn't need to differ too much from what we already have. Here are extreme examples for both Sicily and Malta campaign with as many DIFFERENT aircraft as possible. The list is incomplete but I'm sure you guys will have some opinions on this! Battle of Sicily Allied: Fighters Options: P-40F Seafire IIC Attackers
  11. I agree - an L-4 would be a really cool addition to the game. This would be a great addition to a Western Front Tank pack, it would be interesting to give recon aircraft some roles for AI fire missions, as well as updating enemy map markers. Perhaps this is something that could be added with Air Marshall mode. To give the cmdrs current information on enemy movements. An interesting thought about recon aircraft would be to record damage for multiplayer targets. For example a team would not get credit for destroying a target until it is confirmed via recon photos. Obviously this does
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I know there are a million threads out there for adding this or that plane for any number of reasons. I think we all know which bombers we’d love to see playable in game, but this is NOT a thread about that. The Meat: I understand the Devs have touched on this before, but with the Battle of Normandy and the Arado, Ju88C6, and Mosquito coming out soon, I wanted to bring this up again. The Western Allies really need a new playable Medium Bomber! The path of least resistance seems to be variants of the current A-20. They were used heavily during the Normandy campaign. The c
  13. Any chance that engines breaking off mounts will be added?? and even a crushed version for planes with glass nosez?
  14. Wow this new DM sounds AMAZING! It has been a very long time I have been this excited for an update!! But I have a question, will the tires be a separate component to be damaged - so when landing with flat tires or even too hard landings causing tires to blow up?
  15. They don't exist in the A-20C so I see no reason they would add it to the Mossie.
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