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  1. They don't exist in the A-20C so I see no reason they would add it to the Mossie.
  2. I have only used Photoshop, so unfortunately I am not sure what tools are what and how they work. I wish I could offer more assistance. You don't have to commit to anything, I too would like to do some P-51 and P-38 skins. But, to be more direct, if a pack were to be made, could I use your skins in it with proper credit.
  3. Sooo, Im totally loving this despite all my wishes for other battles I'm about to preorder. this is a great choice with great planes. Buuuuuut I'm only 95% excited because I think a plane is missing. The A-20G, the allies could really use a flyable medium strike aircraft that can be multi crewed.
  4. Are you using Gimp or PS? P.S. I made "Ole Cock III" and am working on a Pengie IV skin... it's been kinda back burnered but I'd like to finish it up. Perhaps make a Fighter Group Pack as I know some folks have made some of the other skins.
  5. U can't use any black/gray that is darker than like 90% or else the alpha will see it as a pure black and make it see-through. Easy fix is to use a levels and lighten your blacks a bit globally until they stop being see-through.
  6. Any update on this project? I was about to dive into this and thought I should google a little first - why re-invent the wheel. 😆
  7. At the risk of reviving a dead thread. This is my 2 cents about why B-17/B-24 should be added at some point as an AI aircraft. The reason it should be AI is because I feel that the management of the aircraft is more than just those of the plane, but also the crews - so in order to give an authentic experience, that would require IL-2 to go beyond the realm of their concept. 1) They should be AI, as much as I'd love to fly them, I think that in IL-2 they don't fit into the game as much. 2) We have many very high performance aircraft that have been and are going to be released. They were designed around attacking and defending bombers at 27,000ft. I play more multiplayer than SP and currently there is no reason for a P-47 to climb to its best fighting altitude because there is no reason for the Germans to want to/need to fight that high as well. 3) Immersion in SP, to see the contrails of a light of bombers passing overhead while completing ur missions in BP sounds incredibility immersive. Furthermore, a good chunk of Western front ground battles happened on the BP map, so if they ever wanted to release a tank pack for the Western Front with a battle zone or two on BP, again seeing the bombers flying over and crashing around you would be very immersive. (See Belton Y. Cooper's book, Death Trap, for a just hand experience of this) 4) It could be a cool campaign expansion for both Axis and Allies on the BP map to be defending/attacking the bomber streams.
  8. Hey Jason, Im working on an American as well. Ill be done on Tues or Weds.
  9. Work In Progress... but we couldn't resist taking her out for a spin on "The Unprofessionals" this weekend. I'm happy to say that Pengie IV is looking pretty decent.
  10. On the subject of gunners. I was working on them and when I read the line " I have a turret malfunction." It seemed very... odd, especially for an American. I know we are to do it as it is, which is fine, but I feel like "My TURRETS JAMMED!" or "My damn turret is busted" seems to be more natural and in the moment. Also, I take it we don't need to do any mixing or balancing before we send them?
  11. @Jason_Williams I am about halfway through them. Ill get them to you by EOW. To join in this conversation as well. Perhaps she should record the British Spotter or Airfield lines?
  12. OK everyone... "Ole Cock III" is ready to rock! I hope you all enjoy. Ole Cock III Download Ole Cock III Winter Download
  13. Click on DetCord's Hanger in his signature. Then find the P-47 drop down.
  14. 57th FG - 65th FS based at Corsica washing "Wabbit" - Photo Source
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