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  1. I'm running on a 1070ti at 100% resolution with a mostly stable 60fps (occasionally 55fps). My settings are mostly low, but I have shadows and basic reflections as well as a 100km horizon.
  2. This makes sense to me. It's better to have no stabilizer than one with bits of aluminum skin flapping in the wind and causing drag and control issues.
  3. I've been designing and 3d printing a small T-34 tank. I have almost no budget for the project, so instead of running on a geared motor, it runs on two 9g servos, which have proved quite capable. The plan is to add a functional turret and a custom made laser-tag system, so it can fight against the next tank I make. It's running with a spare battery and radio equipment here, but the finished version will be controlled via blutooth and have a much smaller battery.
  4. Many records updated! Congratulations and sorry about the delay.
  5. Happy Birthday Jason! Do you see IL2:GB being updated for a long time so that "IL2:GB 2.0" comes about slowly as a series of patches and content packs (much like that other sim), or would you prefer to make a completely fresh sequel one day?
  6. Some of the craters ingame are bigger than the range you might expect to suffer a burst ear drum and fast, far bigger than the real crater would be.
  7. Would anyone be willing to help me by making two very small maps for Sturmovikfest. It should be a very quick job as not much more than a single airfield will be needed for each map.
  8. I am going to be running two events for Sturmovikfest, but I have been unable to find a server to host them. Each event will be no longer than 3 hours in length and have no more than 50 players. Would any server owner be able to help? I could offer advertisement or a small donation to costs. @=LG=Kathon @Alonzo @-DED-Zlodey @-[HRAF]BubiHUN @LLv34_Untamo
  9. Bear in mind that you don't always visually see all the damage you have done. You can knock a plane out, but it will appear to keep flying fine for quite some time. It's not uncommon for it to take 10+ mins for it to finaly crash.
  10. Will national symbols/roundels also be applied via the new tactical numbering system?
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