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  1. [DBS]Browning

    How to be a good escort?

    Well, on most servers with target objectives you hurt your team's efforts by killing bombers who have already dropped as it just allows them to respawn and hit the target again faster.
  2. [DBS]Browning

    How to be a good escort?

    Due to the limited view distance ingame, staying at the same altitude as the bombers and close to them is a legitimate strategy, especialy if you don't know where they are going (although not a realistic one, with the exception of some early soviet tactics). It allows you to easily track friendlies and spend much more time looking for the enemy whilst the bomber's gunners going active mean you have plenty of warning about any enemies you didn't spot.
  3. Who says this game is limited to that? Why should it be?
  4. [DBS]Browning

    restarting Ironman career as replacement

    No, this isn't a feature.
  5. [DBS]Browning

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    Pterodactyls aren't gonna make it into the next patch then?
  6. [DBS]Browning

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    Sauropods getting all the love here!
  7. [DBS]Browning

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    Thankyou so much!
  8. [DBS]Browning

    Fossils Found! (Giveaway)

    Lingwulong shenqi It's a recently discovered early sauropod that almost walked on two legs. How cool is that! It's name means "Amazing Dragon". I just love bridge species like this. You can see both where it is coming from and where it is going. I'd really appreciate a P40!
  9. [DBS]Browning

    Strong cannons now weak?

    I suspect the vast majority of shoulder shooters, kill stealers and the like are indeed after the ingame message and are not concerned with their stats.
  10. [DBS]Browning

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Why does this bother you if you are not concerned about stats?
  11. [DBS]Browning

    Strong cannons now weak?

    I don't agree. It's nice to be able to track your progression as a pilot or just satisfy your curiosity. If you have problems with bad flying and your ego, it's more likely because your a poor sportsman, rather than it being the fault of statistics.
  12. [DBS]Browning

    Strong cannons now weak?

    12.7mm will rip the moon in half if you have enough rounds in the right places.
  13. [DBS]Browning

    U-2VS Tail Gunner

    The plane must remain balanced. It is necessary to substitute a sack of sand in place of a passenger in some light aircraft like the U-2VS. I don't know if this is the case for the U-2VS, but it certainly is for some of it's contemporaries.
  14. [DBS]Browning

    New download

    It also includes everything you haven't purchased, you just can't use it.
  15. [DBS]Browning

    Career mode object persistence?

    No, they haven't, but to implement such things would mean throwing away all the work they have put into the career and starting again from scratch. The career is built to simulate things on a tactical level mission by mission. Whilst it does portray the strategic situation, it is not at all made to simulate anything on a strategic level. Enjoy the career on a tactical or role play level and forget everything else.