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  1. Blades interfere with each other, so a smaller number of blades is better. Two is the minimum. However, you need to make the best use of the engine power. There are a few ways to do this. 1) Make the blades longer 2) Spin the blades faster 3) Make the blades wider 4) Have more blades Making blades longer results in higher speeds at the blades tip, so both option 1 and 2 run into problems as the blade tips start to approach the speed of sound. At such speeds, their efficiency drops dramatically. Option 3 also has drag penalties, so it is sometimes better to add an extra blade instead.
  2. I suspect this is an illusion from the camera being between the guns. I see what look like cannon HE flashes, which would suggest P-38.
  3. In that case, I wonder why the Devs have left them in. They made a terrible first impression for me.
  4. If they are, I'll save my money as I'm really not impressed by them. If they aren't representative, it's a horrible advertisement for Tank Crew.
  5. I'm more concerned about my bomber being sprayed by the lead bomber I'm in formation with Sometimes for seconds at a time. Just constantly trying to shoot through me. That didn't happen.
  6. Bomber gunners shooting friendly bombers is also part of this issue.
  7. I suspect it may be the other way round; VFR nav is easier ingame than in reality. The cities and forests ingame have very distinct shapes that correspond exactly to the map. Roads can be seen from a great distance. In reality forests often blend onto their surroundings without a clear edge and maps will only approximate their edges. Unpaved roads are hidden by hedges, scrub or just by being the same colour as the surrounding earth. Especially in the time period, maps were often incomplete, inaccurate or many years out of date. I have never had to navigate in IL2 by flying a set heading at a set speed for a certain amount of time. It isn't necessary given the accuracy of the maps and the distinct terrain. In reality, this is how the vast majority of navigation was done.
  8. Assuming you are getting less than 90 fps, but above 40 fps (do check), the cause of these stutters is likely ASW. If that is the case, you should notice the stutters more when looking at your wings leading edge when flying at low altitude. Disable ASW by pressing right-control and numpad 1 or numpad 0 (I forget which, try both) and see if that resolves the issue. If your game rate is below 45, reducing your graphical settings will also help.
  9. What is your VR set? Game rate can be displayed with backspace.
  10. Optional removal of the additional internal tank would be good also.
  11. Falcon 4.0 / Falcon BMS also has a 512MB track limit that fills in a similar time, however, when that happens, a new track starts. A simple and practical solution from 1998.
  12. So far as solutions go, I know that any solution must use an absolute minimum of CPU time, so anything complex is out of the question. I would suggest something like: A simple raytrace friendly fire check every quarter second or so when the gun is firing. This is in order to reduce, but not eliminate, friendly fire. A lower maximum traverse speed for the AI's guns and do not allow them to point towards enemies that are not already in their firing cone This is to prevent strange snapshots and accurate tracking of targets moving quickly across the gunner's vision. An increase in gunner accuracy, but a significant penalty to accuracy the greater the amount of deflection needed. Such a penalty should decrease with trigger-down time to simulate the gunner dialling in the deflection as they shoot. This is to prevent unusual deflection shots, prevent the blind spots where they fire endlessly without hope of hitting, but to improve the zero-deflection shooting. Of course, I say all of this without any real knowledge of how they currently work.
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