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  1. Watch your side slip ball in the 88. Pull back hard on the stick for the whole roll out in the spit.
  2. Get a tray and put it on your knee. But the flight stick on the tray. Set a button on the flight stick to "centre view" Now you can cruise around left-handed whilst using the mouse. If you need to engage someone, switch to your right hand, hit centre view and your good to go. I flew like that for years. Alternatively, take a look at freetrack.
  3. I think he means allies/not enemies.
  4. I'd also pay $50 for a single heavy.
  5. This is surprising to me. Was this due to tactical reasons or perhaps a lack of bomb mounting racks?
  6. I'm not sure what you are after here. Would you like me to threaten to burn your house down if you don't play career?
  7. Shooting down seven bombers in an act so rare and requiring so much skill that a MoH is in order is one thing. Shooting down seven bombers every time there are at least seven bombers to shoot down points more towards an inaccuracy of some kind. Not that I think it should be changed. If people can't shoot down all seven, the calls for less accurate gunners will only grow louder.
  8. Forget nav lights, short of a laser, no artificial light that can be carried on an aircraft can be seen that far in daylight.
  9. A google search for "disable windows magnifier keyboard shortcut" should get you the info you need.
  10. The AI sees it as your responsibility to follow the leader and not their responsibility to wait for you. It's normal AI behaviour.
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