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  1. Can you provide a picture of the back of your PC please? The physical back, where all your wires go in/out.
  2. Could you please take a photo of the back of your PC for us? I just want to rule out a few things. Don't unplug anything before you take the photo.
  3. Especially recently, the Devs have been doing an excellent job of making changes that directly relate to community feedback (see spotting and clouds among many other examples). It is rare that the maps have come in for criticism, but when they have, the Devs have a track record for updating maps, even long after their release (i.e. removal of fields at Stalingrad among many other examples). This makes me plenty hopeful that we will see changes here.
  4. A Technical & operational History of the Liberty Engine is my favorite WW1 book, but as it isn't a narrative, I had better go with "I flew for the Führer" by Heinz Knoke. A intresting read with exotic weapons and tactics. I loved your post, even without the giveaway. Number 1. For FlyingCircus.Vol1, Ju 52, FW-190 A-3 or Mc.202
  5. Perhaps try asking here instead? There is only so much time 1C/777 can devote to support, but you will usually find people on the forum willing to talk you through things.
  6. Who said "2 was the greatest loss in a single mission"? Take a look at the reports from the time. Here is the 303rd BG as an example. Mission 357, amongst others, recalls a 262 attack:
  7. [DBS]Browning

    Using 3ds Max

    There are ways to do this, but it's not something that should be shared around as you don't have any rights to use the models from the game in any way other than intended.
  8. This is entirely dependent on the situation you are in. You will be checking far more when low down near an enemy airbase than you will check when making contrails over your own airbase.
  9. Twelve Cylinders in a Liberty Engined DH.9 CV-Eleven USS Intrepid to land on A Ten tonn Grand Slam Bomb One-oh-Nine E4 A heavy bomber from the Eighth Army Airforce A Spitfire Mk. Seven Six engines on a Messerschmitt Me 323 The Fifth Airfore in the Philippines An F-Four Wildcat A Yak-Three Two-pedos to sink ships One more patch before the new year
  10. The average loss for B-24 and B-17 groups was 0.39 planes per combat mission [1]. The worst ever loss of bombers in a single daylight mission was a loss of 16% [2]. The casualty rate for the 8th airforce was about 12% [3]. Compare that to a casualty rate of 52% for the UK's Bomber Command [4] and ~75% for German U-boats [5].
  11. This is a silly argument. If imagination is as good as kuban-quality scenery, then why bother playing IL-2 at all when you can simply sit in a dark room and imagine you are flying the real thing.
  12. Given that Battle of Bodenplatte doesn't currently include a recreation of the events of Operation Bodenplatte, I don't think it's all that inconceivable that the Battle or Normandy won't include a recreation of the events of Operation Overlord.
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