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  1. Such things do change, but for now I'm sorry to hear that and I hope it changes soon. I've been through my share of tough times also.
  2. They did plenty of day time raids, but typically only when the LW was no longer significantly active in the area.
  3. The He-111 H6 we have in game also has 6 positions, but with 4 gunners. The most obvious choices for a heavy bombers are: B-24: 6 gunner positions with 6 gunners B-17: 7 gunner positions with 7 gunners Lancaster: 3 gunner positions with 3 gunners Halifax: 3 gunner positions with 3 gunners FW-200: 5 gunner positions with 4 gunners He-177: 6 gunner positions with 5(?) gunners Pe-8: 5 gunner positions with 5 gunners TB-3: 3 gunner positions with 3 gunners Of those 8 choices, only one has more gunner positions and only four have more gunners.
  4. Yup. *Any* engine damage on the Pe-2 and you'd better hope the base is close.
  5. Talking of dodging the head on. putting your opponent at your 11 or 1 o'clock is often enough to present a very difficult shot.
  6. If going for a head on guns pass, try to be lower than your opponent as it's harder to get a shot when pitching down.
  7. Try career for an unscripted experience instead of campaigns or you can purchase the scripted campaigns.
  8. You hit the back of his wing with the front of yours. Your smaller wing spar took the full force of the impact. His larger dual wing spars here protected from the impact by the trailing edge of the wing. It's not a surprise your wing came off and not his.
  9. If you have just passed your opponent at the same altitude and same speed, this is a good indication that you are in a fair fight. Fair fights should be avoided. In a 109, continuing ahead in a moderate climb without turning should get you the altitude advantage as the 109 is typically a better climber than it's opponents. If you find you are not gaining an altitude advantage quickly, you can simply disengage. Separation won't be an issue as he must make a 180 degree turn to follow you and the 109 typically has a competitive top speed compared to its opponents. There is also a chance that your opponent will focus his attention else where. In this case you can turn to engage him now he is unaware of you. If you manage to get a clear altitude advantage, you can make some zooming passes at the enemy. If he starts to close the altitude advantage, you can now safely disengage any point.
  10. It's even easier to hire a PA or butler help you spotting planes by looking at your moniter over your shoulder. Two sets of eyes make a big difference.
  11. Whilst this is good advice, it should come with caveats. Berloga will teach you lots of things, but there are things it won't teach, such as wider situational awareness, and bad habits it will give you, such as a reluctance to disengage.
  12. Removal of the slow zoom in/out effect would also be appreciated.
  13. The tool "joy2key" will do this. It is not possible without a 3rd party program afaik.
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