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  1. I'm lead to beleive, from his other frequent comments, that he is on fire.
  2. That's a long way from saying is is not relavent or important.
  3. Climb whilst maintaining a speed of 350-380kmph.
  4. Or a dive. Any object can break M1 if falling from high enough. Even the human body.
  5. I love the tiny mexican wave.
  6. This Friday we took to the skies on WOL. Special thanks to =TBAS= for the escort.
  7. On berloga I can kill FW190s in an I-16. That is not the case on any other server. Berloga is a special case.
  8. I agree, but what is noce is knowing who the pilot of a plane is when you are very close to a friendly plane. It makes teamwork much better in multiplayer.
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