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  1. You should use single focus lenses with VR equipment, not tri-focals. Your eyes do not change focus with any of the currently avaliable VR sets.All objects, near or far, are in the same focal plain.
  2. You should use single focus lenses with VR equipment. No focal changes are made in the current generation of VR sets.
  3. You do get the whistle just before a stall, providing your speed is within a certain band.
  4. I like expert vis beyond 12km. I like alt vis below 12 km.
  5. It's a liability. A community submission could use copyrighted material that could get 1C/777 into trouble. A community submission might result in the author trying to claim rights to the work. This has happened to other companies in the recent past. Because the community spans many different countries, 1C/777 may fall foul of laws they are not aware of in other countries. Contracts and NDAs are harder to write and much harder to enforce. It takes time. A professional working for 1C/777 will, for the most part, do his own quality control and perhaps his own integration/version control. Because he has been working with the team for some time, he will know what is expected of his work and will not need guidance on style or technical details. None of this is the case with a community submission. It may even take longer to get a community submission into the game than it would to simply make the asset in-house. It's unreliable. Community projects and tight deadlines don't mix well. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but there are reasons not to.
  6. Take away what you call the "window dressing" and you are left with a straw-man to argue against. Case in point: I don't think Thor is suggesting a reduction in effectiveness as a solution to any 'problem' he might have. Rather the sugestion is that the lower turret should be less effective because there is plenty of evidence that they where less effective. There is good evidence that this kind of turret was less effective, both on the B-25 and other planes that used prism/periscope turrets such as the Lancaster's FN-64 ventral turret.
  7. This is a lie. The Oculus Rift DK1 in 2013 was 6DOF as was th DK2 (2014) and CV1 versions of the Rift (2016). The HTC Vive in 2015 was also 6DOF. Before 2013, there where no VR devices compatible with IL2 or any other recent game. The Pimax 4K is the only PC based headset with out 6DOF positioning at the moment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_virtual_reality_headsets
  8. I'm not contesting the request. I'm happy for any feature from VR movement buttons to an income tax calculator to be added to IL2. Instead, I was making sure that you where aware solutions that already exist so that you could use these in the event that your suggestion is not implemented. I was persistent because it sounded a lot like you where either not aware of or not fully understanding the current solutions. For example, you said "you have to lean sideways in the opposite direction". This is not the case with my solution. Later you said my solution was "literally impossible"; it's literally not. Later you said my solution involved "physically move around the room"; my solution involves physically staying sat in one's chair. According to Steam's Steam Hardware & Software Survey: September 2019 1.1% of steam users who submitted results had a VR headset and of those one percent, more than 80% have 6 DOF, although it's not possible to say how much more than 20%. It may be true that the majority of VR users use 3DOF, as most VR users use a phone, but the majority of people using VR with a PC are 6DOF.
  9. Why would you ever want to move to a position more than, say 50cm away from the default position? Most cockpits aren't even that big.
  10. What exactly happens for you when you press the "Default VR view" button in "Pilot head controls"?
  11. I don't understand. I don't do any "leaning around". I hardly need to move my head more than an inch to align it prefectly this way.
  12. I think it's a bit too loud right now, but too quiet in externals.
  13. Yes it does. Manoeuvrer your head and then press F10 with a position you like. After that, look straight forwards IRL and then press the "Default VR position" button found in pilot head controls.
  14. These links now appear to be dead, although I could open them when first posted.
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