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  1. 150 Km/h IAS in level flight at 2m altitude, is 150Km/h ground speed.
  2. Isn't violating the first law of thermodynamics against the forum rules?
  3. Destroyer command 2002 It could even play multilayer with subs from silent hunter 2.
  4. The I-16's engine inlet covers are armoured I believe.
  5. I suspect that has more to do with the one-man dev team. No doubt if BD had microsoft's team instead of just himself, VTOL VR would look different. Besides IL2 runs smoothly for me in VR at max settings and I'm on a 1070ti.
  6. No. In AV the minimum pixel width is larger, but in both, planes never render under a certain size, regardless of distance. Until they are beyond tender range altogether.
  7. That is working as intended and is the same for 2d. Very distant objects take up a minimum number of pixels on the screen. That means that they are artificially enlarged at no zoom, but when fully zoomed they are no longer as enlarged as they already take up the minimum number of pixels.
  8. Well, maybe the issue isn't magnification, but magnification sure as hell fixes the issue!
  9. Wolfpack Uboat CrashDive 2 SeaHunter Wolves of the Atlantic and now Uboat Sim There certainly are a lot of games in this genre under development.
  10. For performance? No. For appearance? Yes. For spotting? Yes?
  11. Don't be too concerned about flying at the maximum limit. Have a gentle cruise speed. In combat use all the power you need, but not more.
  12. The reflections look perfect to me.
  13. Events are moving quickly beyond our sight right now and the Devs are well aware of opinions. Make your voice heard by all means, just wait a week or two before you do and then you won't be aiming your ire at a target moving too fast to hit.
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