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  1. I never fly with over 40%. Mostly start with 30%. This ain’t my first gig
  2. I have stuck with this sim for years and paid lots of money in the process. They diverted their attention to ground vehicles which is part of the game that will never be very popular and because of this diversion they have failed to address the free basic issues and highlight in my original post.
  3. Why are the .50 cals so weak? why is the p51 outperformed so badly by axis aircraft? why is the p47 performance so poor? why is the blackout physics so bad? I paid good money for this game and it’s incredibly poor for the allied side.
  4. The P51 handling characteristics have changed since the last update. Please release details of exactly what you did in the last update.
  5. Can you release to us paying customers what exactly you did to nerf the p51 handling characteristics please.
  6. So anyone else notice that the 51 doesn’t turn anymore after the update?!
  7. And they still don’t fix the Marshmallow.50 cals?!? Shall I start sharing WW2 gun cam footage to prove how potent and destructive a .50 cal is? Or do they still think a half second burst wouldn’t kill a steam locomotive
  8. Yes, this is my point. And my question is Why?
  9. Why is the rear view mirror on some aircraft angled so you can’t see behind you on certain aircraft. Particularly the P51 and spit 1x? thanks.
  10. Hi, I keep getting kicked. No explanation given. Please advise. Thanks. CHOSEN4
  11. Like I said. The pilot blackout feature is unrealistic. The .50 cal firepower in inadequate unrealistic. The allied damage model is unrealistic. The P47 flight dynamics are unrealistic and the spotting issues are absurd.
  12. Hi all, any news of the devs addressing the ridiculously unrealistic Pilot black out Physics in the game?
  13. Will you remove the scratches that are all over the canopy’s? These were mainly well maintained aircraft mostly straight from the production line. I don’t see why the canopy’s would be this badly scratched
  14. Any info on a update or hotfix to address the terrible imbalance on the damage model and firepower since the last update? Thanks
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