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  1. Recorded 930kmh. same setup as before but with min fuel. lost both ailerons but brought back to a runway as if nothing happened. Also if anyone knows of any good techniques for recording in VR, please let me know. The ingame recorder is pretty jank and doesn't show the HUD.
  2. Recorded 920 km/h in the P47D22. 200L of fuel, 4guns, dove from 10km. Only damage was the left aileron.
  3. It looked like Angel kept trying to disengage whenever they got the advantage. Were they out of ammo or something? Nice flying from the both of y'all regardless.
  4. Has there been any update on SLI for VR? does/will it work nowadays?
  5. Yeah this was on hard difficulty as I wanted a challenge (apparently it was too much a challenge for the AI XD) But this was during one of the longer missions just as we crossed into enemy territory. Everyone seemed engaged in the fight once the 190s made their first pass. They all just lost miserably. I'm honestly pretty happy with the AI improvements that have been made when the AI is in opposition. It's the teammates that get annoying. As you said they will ignore getting slaughtered while they try to land or will fly a perfect formation 1000 feet above you while you fight for y
  6. I've seen plenty just crash into the ground or each other before, but in this case they were all shot down (the ones I saw anyway). Two were shot down in the first ~5 seconds of the engagement so that didn't help much.
  7. AI teammates usually aren't the brightest, but this is by far the worst I've seen. 3 190s took down 7 P47s and I was dealing with 2 of the 190s so really it was just 1 (maybe 2) 190s on a rampage. Anyone else ever have a similar experience?
  8. You must be new around here. A large portion of this community are pilots. Your post is unwarranted and unproductive. I honestly can't tell whether or not you're trolling...
  9. Yes, it’s available in early access to those who have preordered Battle of Normandy.
  10. Yeah it happened to Robert S Johnson in a P47 D10 which didn’t have a canopy jettison. If it had the jettison, Johnson almost definitely would’ve bailed.
  11. Does Tank Crew work the same way as the multicrew aircraft do in that only the pilot needs to own the aircraft for a player gunner to join you. I'm thinking about getting Tank Crew and want my friends to be able to join me in a tank. Will they need to buy the module as well?
  12. Did you actually watch the video, or did you just sit there with your mouth open hoping to absorb knowledge through osmosis?
  13. I have had a handful of similar shots to this since the update. High deflection, high closure, at convergence, all in the P-47 and I've had satisfactory results. Hitting at convergence with 8 guns still hits like a truck.
  14. The way I see it is that the damage is being modeled but the visuals for that damage is not. Jason said in at least one of the dev diaries that visual effects of damage will be modeled later. So while we are currently seeing a 30mm hit that looks like a bunch of tiny holes in the wing, It may be modeling a hit that is equivalent to having a gaping jagged hole through the top and leading edge of the wing. We just can't see it because it's hiding beneath the generic damage visual. I'm sure that when the visuals are brought up to par in the future, flying with damage will make a lot m
  15. The AI are completely unaffected by visibility. They can maneuver and shoot you while in clouds. They can definitely hit in the sun as well.
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