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  1. Did you actually watch the video, or did you just sit there with your mouth open hoping to absorb knowledge through osmosis?
  2. I have had a handful of similar shots to this since the update. High deflection, high closure, at convergence, all in the P-47 and I've had satisfactory results. Hitting at convergence with 8 guns still hits like a truck.
  3. The way I see it is that the damage is being modeled but the visuals for that damage is not. Jason said in at least one of the dev diaries that visual effects of damage will be modeled later. So while we are currently seeing a 30mm hit that looks like a bunch of tiny holes in the wing, It may be modeling a hit that is equivalent to having a gaping jagged hole through the top and leading edge of the wing. We just can't see it because it's hiding beneath the generic damage visual. I'm sure that when the visuals are brought up to par in the future, flying with damage will make a lot more sense when you can look over and see the precise extent of your damage.
  4. The AI are completely unaffected by visibility. They can maneuver and shoot you while in clouds. They can definitely hit in the sun as well.
  5. The music set a perfect mood that fit the camera work. Beautiful work.
  6. on your attitude indicator there are lines on the top of the instrument that show your bank. When you got disoriented, you banked to almost 90 degrees. If you lose sight of your horizon line, you can reference that bank attitude and your vsi/altimeter to figure your attitude. Just roll level and adjust pitch and power for what you want.
  7. adding to this; if you're chasing, you're generally faster than your opponent. So not only is your turn circle smaller, but you are going faster = more Gs.
  8. With the AI being a computer, it seems to me that they are able to ride that blackout line perfectly and to the maximum extent. They don't even have to be able to "see" to fight you, they just have to stay conscious. Basically the can be visually blacked out and still fight while maintaining perfect g to not go unconscious. But it might just be my tinfoil hat talking.
  9. Cavalier + BoN This community is great!
  10. I used to fly the Ju52 a lot once upon a time. I really liked how the flaps were connected to the stabilizer. I always used flaps and can't ever remember not using them so I can't speak for its no-flap vs flap landing performance.
  11. Awesome write-up. The community behind this game is really incredible. For a favorite first person novel I'd say 'Thunderbolt' by Robert S. Johnson and Martin Caidin. Johnson is an incredible guy with an incredible story. For a favorite WWII book that I read recently I'd go with 'Masters of the Air' by Donald L. Miller. It's more of a history narrative but just an incredible read. Miller is a great historian and this book is honestly unbelievable with the amount of organized detail in it. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and give it a try. For the giveaway (which is super generous of you) I already own everything I'd want but I want to gift BoBp to my brother. So I'm gonna say 3 for BoBp.
  12. Something that might help you with your gun accuracy is use of elevator trim. The P40 has a lot of elevator authority so it can be very easy to over-control if youre not trimmed out.
  13. yeah that's about all you can do in VR and is definitely more realistic. The best way to check six is to have a wingman do it for you.
  14. When you do these tests do you have the supercharger fully engaged (throttle to the wall and boost-lever to 56")? Not having the supercharger engaged by not putting the throttle forward before boost may be causing your lack of horsepower... Although, I'm not even sure whether or not this effect is modeled in-game.
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