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  1. I’m just about through this campaign and I’ve just started playing in vr.... what a game changer..
  2. Spartan 7W Executive https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartan_Executive
  3. Or maybe it will be the easier planes last...? would be a nice surprise to get a new kite first
  4. I’d say the 109 for sure, maybe paired with the 51?
  5. But as silly as this sounds.. doesn’t the auto radio calls take up resources? As minor as they would be
  6. True discord and team speak are fantastic, I’m only with about 3-4 friends though... having the ability to call out to a friendly in the area if you need help or see them in trouble... I would prefer then to see “6666” like stated above... also, we could rid of the “im wounded”, “out of fuel”, and other messages that don’t concern us...
  7. Hello! just wondering what the default formations are for both sides.. I feel like finger four was mostly used by the Luftwaffe... early brits was Vic, wasn’t too great for covering each other....etc... also, what would the max aircraft in a flight be? I see pics(somewhere online)of close to ten aircraft flying line abreast or echelon right/left... what is the max ac we can get formed in SP? Do we have box formation for bombers? ok back to work!! Thanks!
  8. Ya this is most likely true unfortunately... I know in star citizen when the PTU is on there’s always a dev testing junk and that’s usually what happened... everyone starts spamming chat..
  9. Do the devs ever play online with us?? I mean.. our time off is spent playing their game..... do they play to?
  10. Omg which reminds me I forgot to pre order!! Ok next pay for sure...
  11. What setting do you recommend for sharpness? At the moment I get a lot of shimmering with rivers and roads in the distance... and ground vehicles don’t focus till I’m right on them...
  12. well i hope Nvidia frees it up,,,, this would do wonders with the current shimmering i get
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