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  1. spartan85

    Sound engines

    Wow what a great video.. bird is fast
  2. spartan85

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    Wow those crews look amazing!!!!
  3. Yeah cloud shadows is one of the cool things since Rise of flight I believe... and they move with wind Aaaaaalso!!!!! Clouded are synced, I believe, with players online... so if I see a cloud, you see a cloud... not random per client... unless im wrong someone correct me. was in dcs and my buddy had clouds and I didn’t.. this is important
  4. spartan85

    Shot for comitting war crime!

    War crime? Wasn’t this ww2?
  5. spartan85

    Better clouds

    Clouds are nice, I like them more then any other games, but yes there are oddities... really frustrating ones... things that have been talked to death about... but the devs have stated that they would have to re design them from scratch to fix.. and they don’t have the time, intent, or the resources to do so.. we get what we have.
  6. spartan85

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    These are gonna look even better when we get the crew models to go in them! thanks team!
  7. spartan85

    Broken line around aircraft

    As Fewthered_IV has stated, devs already said they are not going to fix it. Many cloud discussions. There’s no fix. There won’t be one. We have to live with it
  8. spartan85

    No Landing Priorities for Damaged Planes

    It would be proper to do so but atm I just go in ahead and land... but prioritizing would be a nice feature
  9. spartan85

    The clouds issue examined

    Is there any type of performance hit with the mod On??
  10. spartan85

    New hangar

    I miss the basic opening screen art from 1946...may have been part of a mod but, the one that shows the 109 and spit pilot out of their planes having a chat...
  11. spartan85

    Trains,planes,maps , & Thunderbolts...

    Well in the qmb you can set trains as target... air start and check the map or look for steam to find it
  12. spartan85

    P-47 in cold weather

    Make sure you have ‘engine warm’ in difficulty settings. It may be cold start literally.. so you may be hurting the engine
  13. spartan85

    Ground vehicles!

    Lol awesome!
  14. spartan85

    Ground vehicles!

    For tanks, selecting ammunition types is difficult because you don’t have indication of what ammo you currently selected.. you have to judge by flight path, impact effect ( explosions or the molten metal sparks 😄) ... some sort of field repair or temp fix just to keep you going if a tread gets damaged... need crew models... especially commander when popping out the top...ohh with the new signaling animations!!!! and of course bail if on fire....