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  1. I think if you can get a tacview recording, review it, should help to figure the numbers out... not 100% accurate, but at least it will help a bit
  2. well its interesting.. HOTAS when in fighter, fly right hand on stick. left on power. with a yoke.. like in a cessna.. left hand on control. and right on power... i suppose you really just adapt to the machine
  3. Grass could not care for except for tank gameplay... shadows for me are a must... too low a setting and you don’t see shadows of yourself or other planes on the ground. its very useful for spotting...
  4. For me the pop up of trees in dense forests is ...ok... it’s the individual trees along roads that bugs me a bit... anywho... the devs have done so much with fixing stuff... I’m sure in the future this will be ‘blended out’ so to say
  5. Awesome! The offset site will be fun for allied flyers too it is offset no? One day... it will be mine...
  6. I just can’t wait for people to complain about the bar in the middle of the windscreen
  7. I have to say, playing the spitfire campaign now on the first ground mission.. those 109s come at you like someone disturbed the hornets nest... ai boom and zooms.. really using their energy.. my spit can barely get up there.. but I do get to catch them in the odd mistake also, with mobile aaa at the ready when not moving..Makes a difference and tougher when trying to approach.. actually enter the objective cursing to myself about the flak and tracers decorating the path in front of me... And I haven’t noticed them disappear at all of get pixelated with clouds...😁 im liking this sim more and more...
  8. Well what about a Lancaster then?? I mean, it only had three gunners.. radio operator, pilot, and bombardier— which was one of the gunners... crew 7... if you’re piloting, only three really need to be ‘smart’ lol... the others just have to know how to bail out when things get hairy.. I mean... has this been tested yet? maybe it’s actually the bomb loads that slow everything down... If you have five he-111’s with one big bomb each check performance, then drop load, check performance... then have the same flight with max number of bombs each and do the same checks... Anywho... I love what’s happening. I’m happy
  9. Well that’s why there’s the auto dive recovery,, pilots would black out... and I’d rather be going up then down when I wake up
  10. This spit has a weird droopy spinner... or am I seeing things
  11. This is insane... we’re getting this plane set for Normandy.... plus the new collectors; hurricane and the two yaks.... these are good times! also the new plane/cloud fix is very nice
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