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  1. There’s skins, but then there’s the shine of aircraft that disappears too.... like a p47. Polished aluminium... when close it is beautiful then as it gets to about 400m or so it pops into a flat grey... yes change of engine needed... but does that mean a whole new game or rewrite of exsisting???
  2. Honestly.... all premium main titles are $20 each.... $60 before tax... you’re getting three planesets for the price of one... im a sim junky and play at least 4-5 hours daily... play more when I can... if you like to fly a lot... it’s a good deal
  3. All of them... Through web site And Bodenplatte is not on sale but if you want the American and late German ships....
  4. This is a video from Kermit Weeks, at 10:50 he releases the hydraulics as part of shut down
  5. I’m sorry but I have to complain... you guys are putting out too much.... ok maybe not a complaint... i think I’m just upset that I can’t play the sim more then enough...😪 thanks devs!!!!
  6. They should, but, meh... The ship starts off with everything non-pressurized... but the shut down just needs to be fixed
  7. Hey just a quick notice... but on shut down of the P-51.. isn’t the last thing to do is release the hydraulic pressure from the system? i know it’s automated shutdown.. but those gear doors don’t look right if there not hanging down when the ship is parked... what i’ve Done to work around this little mishap... is cycle the flaps up and down, the pressure will bleed off and eventually zero... then if you cycle gear down and up, the gear doors will lower and stay put I know it’s a game... but safety first right!?
  8. I just want to set up a 3-4 ship coop mission using PWCG...
  9. Maybe from 6 ya... but from top down... the wings alone are a giveaway.... i know now that you can find all information on the web. I just wish they would make a training mini game or something for spotting silhouettes... need more in game training aids...
  10. I can’t stand how this coop hosting works.... and I keep on the same points... rise of flight... was a click to make a host.. arma3... il2:1946.... dcs:world... very easy to set up. Why do I have to manipulate my system to make this sim work?
  11. P-38... can’t mistake it for anything else in game.... however the tempest... for some reason people get it confused with the 190.... is was in it with a 109... and over my Canopy comes red tracers.. then zoom a Spit... then watching the track later... it was direct dive to intercept me.. luckily a horrible shot.
  12. Wow il2:1946 covered a lot... although small maps such variety for planesets...
  13. Ok, I honestly thought it was just my posture getting crappy as I play for endless hour.... but ya.. it happens all the time.. then it usually just takes a quick glance up to get centred again...
  14. I dunno... I’d be hopin more for a mossie...or something crazy like a tiger moth lol
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