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  1. The new start up with the 262 had me a DCS feel to it Not to compare but it felt like I had responsibilities for the ship. I know the ground crew would be upset if I got it wrong.. Oh btw... what are the holes on the aft port side of the 262? Is it ventilation for the radio??
  2. This plane is fun. Although we need to have a red vs. Blue me262 tournament... the jet age has arrived. shes a bitch to start (love it), get off the ground, and damn she’s fast! I haven’t the luxury of trying to land yet... im liking that we actually have to light igniters and introduce fuel to get started.. not any old pilot without patience will be able to fly this bird
  3. I suppose they just have the sim doing. Quick missions only? Lol get new comers to log into TAW or KOTA and see if you can pull off an hour and half flight time whats the top speed of the 262 anyway?
  4. Well technically, you aren’t wrong. It’s the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing
  5. If I'm wrong please feel free to harass.... this plane was used as a trainer then converted to front line ops, i believe.... I was wondering if we could get a trainer mod for this aircraft? (just minus fixed gear) just wondering how difficult it would be to make a dual control aircraft in game engine? would be kinda nice for new fliers to get some back seat tips from helpful members while flying or even used in a mini training mission set... Cheers! Spartan85
  6. Ya I’ve givin up on single player comms.... just don’t fly lead... follow your flight and stick with someone if you need to attack/defend
  7. I was really expecting for them to carry on the same style as RoF when it came to it..just with an updated approach for ww2 fighter tactics... Any wingman, very familiar with DCS, coming over to IL2 franchise had frustrations with CEM on a piston prop plane... As veteran as he is flying the warthog or f-18... he gets frustrated in tail-draggers... prop pitch, mixtures, just don’t make sense to have them so i kinda have to be a flight instructor for the time being....
  8. ya, the navs are to signal for help..... these days, so always ALWAYS when on the tail of another, check youre six position every 10sec or so... also, there are times i remember when if youre engine was done people would let you ditch, not anymore. peeps are just in for the kill these days.
  9. i was wondering, whats the distance in which aircraft skins are fully detailed... theres usually a lovely reflection and lighting close up until the plane youre following pulls away 200m or so then it pops into a dull skin.. since the goal is to get all skins to 4k, just hoping if this could be increased?
  10. I had a t.16000m very good but now I upped to a warthog hotas for the longest time I’ve been flying with 80% sensitivity for my stick from the t.16000m .. very smooth easy gunning.. now from this topic I tried changing it down to 0%. What a difference!? Way more response and natural feel.. especially formation flying... still use use a bit of dead zone, can’t help that. my CH pro rudder pedals are a bit fidgety (very old) so they gotta sense of 50%... cause they tend to spike... probably potentiometers going... rip anywho! Thanks for the post!
  11. Ya!? I was like, wtf? This must have been a previous version when the 47 just came out?? Ps, that a Scharfi clip... 🥰
  12. I gotta admit though.... I miss the chalkboard training from Rise of Flight.. it it would be a nice touch if there was a basic tutorial for new pilots on flight. and if there was an engine management tutorial as well... Heck! Why not just implement Requiem’s tutorial videos into a training section in the main screen!? instead of having to leave the game and research...
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