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  1. Ohhhh pretty targets.... I mean “trains” Normandy looks to be shaping up real nice
  2. Hey all, I just wanted to share some history I found while rummaging through my grand fathers things
  3. Ah thank you! oh which sub section though? Meh I’ll pick on hopefully it will be correct here’s the post, I hope the pictures are readable!
  4. Hey all, just wondering if there was a section for historical documentation like intel or mission reports? I recently went through some of my grandfathers belongings from ww2 and found I believe to be an after mission report of a bombing raid that went well. There are mentions of radar jamming techniques that were used and the near miss of night fighter squadrons that could have intercepted the entire mission but didn’t... Just thought it would be cool to share. Where and am I able to post it?
  5. Not sure if it’s been mentioned... first off love the new vehicle explosions! was wondering if the concussion/blast radius effects planes? there are times when strafing the target and getting close enough to read the drivers lips cursing my existence, the truck/train goes up in that beautiful plume and fly through it Star Wars style not saying I don’t feel completely enthralled making a near escape but being a wreckless pilot like that should give my airframe some damage no? I remember attacking the trains back in il2:1946 and if you were too close your wings wo
  6. Isn’t the bat a radar homing gliding anti-ship bomb?
  7. try checking the Graphics option in windows for same thing here with dcs and il2....i turned it off and much better Hope it helps
  8. My fav is nursing a chitty-chitty-bang-bang engine back from the front and that gradual flow of oil that builds up on the windscreen... then you open the canopy for a better view and oil splashes on your goggles
  9. Wowzers... especially with the way srs on combatbox interacts! Brings a whole new level of play to the game.. requesting call signs, missions and reporting positions! you could easily report last position when going down and that would assign SaR mission to your location... I hope other servers adopt the tech to do this.. we need every plane that can be, on floats Could also be used to capture downed pilots to gather intel
  10. Anywho, thanks everyone who supports the idea and posted pics! As a VR operator, another aspect of these beautiful contraptions is I want to experience:)
  11. This... and this... ability to save downed pilots in the water, reconnaissance, running supplies to ships/ports, hunting subs... the pilots in water thing, why they just drown and don’t have dingy’s, I think that reasoning was covered already by devs stating either the pilots in our current maps weren’t equipped with them (except now we have the brits and American pilots...) or it’s a recoding that needs to take place... but the idea still remains... adding a whole new role to play in the sim. point systems, showing off water tech, and just plain fun to fly
  12. I would love to see the Walrus in game.. would be fun for Normandy map, rescuing planes downed in the water.. what about the Ju-52 on floats? The may would be cool..
  13. Hey all! I'm curious if float planes are possible in our current maps, especially Kuban? Not sure if there has ever been talks of it as tried searching but didn't find anything. I know the Pacific is a topic on the very distant horizon.. like reaaaaaaly far away through the giant ice wall... But with Normandy coming soon and because i love the thought of an endless runway... Is the idea of sea planes/flying boats possible in this engine? we had it In Rise of Flight.. awesomeness..... Thanks!
  14. better yet, can we have them key bindable like Old school IL2
  15. Description : P-38 landing light glass cover disappears when turned 'On' and comes back when 'Off'.. not sure if its an optimization or functionality in case the light wont show through the glass?
  16. Need to elaborate plz... unless you’re trying to do aerobatics with the centre tank full... how’s it handling?
  17. Started career as a 262 pilot... took off.. half hour through got double engine flame out.. dove to air start... success... right engine caught fire, left engine died again... dove to extinguish engine fire... left engine explodes? Pilot killed .. plane hits ground...plane and right engine survives but still a blaze... this was my first mission. Can’t wait to give it another go
  18. Time acceleration!!? I’ve been flying entire career mission paths... the time I could have saved.... lol... Jks... I don’t even use autopilot.. probably how I’ve managed to get flameouts on my 262 and having to air restart the engine
  19. is there a way to run a integrity check on the game (non steam) files?
  20. Lol it’s so nice to see some one say that for once hopefully an easy fix, my buddy in Australia just got the FC pack and hope to get back up in the sky with him thanks again!
  21. this is DCS wolrd. with 4 maps and like ten aircraft This is IL-2 great battles... with everything... its about a standard game
  22. yes, was that wrong? also now seeing that battle of bodenplatte tanks show up in quick mission but mods are locked out.. when i start the mission, the screen goes black and nothing loads up.. and since in vr i can still see the hangar in the backgorund
  23. good day! not sure if its a license key issue, i own FC vol.1 and got a second copy by mistake and got it refunded... cool! but now after this latest update, FC Vol.1 is not showing up as DLC installed, in my quick mission plane list, or maps... and now come to think of it nor are the Tank crew... in my forum Bars you can see they are purchased. I submitted a ticket just now showing my key for FC to make sure it wasnt deleted by mistake Is tank crew now labeled as Clash at Prokhorovka? cause if thats the case then TC is fine,, i can actually access a
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