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  1. Need to elaborate plz... unless you’re trying to do aerobatics with the centre tank full... how’s it handling?
  2. Started career as a 262 pilot... took off.. half hour through got double engine flame out.. dove to air start... success... right engine caught fire, left engine died again... dove to extinguish engine fire... left engine explodes? Pilot killed .. plane hits ground...plane and right engine survives but still a blaze... this was my first mission. Can’t wait to give it another go
  3. Time acceleration!!? I’ve been flying entire career mission paths... the time I could have saved.... lol... Jks... I don’t even use autopilot.. probably how I’ve managed to get flameouts on my 262 and having to air restart the engine
  4. is there a way to run a integrity check on the game (non steam) files?
  5. Lol it’s so nice to see some one say that for once hopefully an easy fix, my buddy in Australia just got the FC pack and hope to get back up in the sky with him thanks again!
  6. this is DCS wolrd. with 4 maps and like ten aircraft This is IL-2 great battles... with everything... its about a standard game
  7. yes, was that wrong? also now seeing that battle of bodenplatte tanks show up in quick mission but mods are locked out.. when i start the mission, the screen goes black and nothing loads up.. and since in vr i can still see the hangar in the backgorund
  8. good day! not sure if its a license key issue, i own FC vol.1 and got a second copy by mistake and got it refunded... cool! but now after this latest update, FC Vol.1 is not showing up as DLC installed, in my quick mission plane list, or maps... and now come to think of it nor are the Tank crew... in my forum Bars you can see they are purchased. I submitted a ticket just now showing my key for FC to make sure it wasnt deleted by mistake Is tank crew now labeled as Clash at Prokhorovka? cause if thats the case then TC is fine,, i can actually access all the tanks
  9. update is nice! but for some reason i no longer have access to my FC aircraft?
  10. Ah, I think OP wasn’t looking to see what is preferred to buy, just to see the technical data performance between the two... Utilization, optimization, etc... ya?
  11. I wish both would come together and have a baby CloD was the up coming after 1946... so there was a lot of hope for it, then it flopped... team fusion nursed it and brought it back to life... I stopped playing it years ago but it had some nice features.. Great battles series wins for my go to ww2 combat. And envelope just casual flying.. also, it supports VR but holy heck the winter sale!!? Even if you get both, you don’t really loose out..
  12. Wow this is amazing!! Trying to pimp it off to any of my friends that might even be interested in aviation games
  13. The only thing I can mention for a new flyer is to have an in game flight school... like rise of flight... as cheesy as the animation was, it was fun A nice way to easy someone into the configuration... but not third-party, you have to go to this website and download this mission specific, watch these tutorials... I get it, the devs are busy building our warbird dreams and don’t have the time for a training campaign.... heck only reason I knew what to expect is from rise of flight and playing the beta of BOS... you didn’t even have guns!!!!! Well it’s not as bad as Star Wars:Squadrons ui... holy... having to bind joystick buttons to navigate the menus cause there’s no mouse in VR? anywho... also us who play this game are kinda IL2 cultists.... if those coming here never played the predecessors... they won’t last long... not without stubborn dedication
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