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  1. Any type of radio navigation is welcome for me... though I agree other items mentioned above probably need fixing first, but for me I play mostly multiplayer.. and when trimming the treetops in my mossie at break neck speed.. probably gonna need that radio compass
  2. Every time I even get a hit on an aircraft... I scream like Cuba Goodie Jr. from Pearl Harbour... 😂
  3. With The qmb aa truck icon.. you can then select aircraft at the bottom (like the ground targets option) select all aircraft types and it will put you in the middle of chaos lol.. bombers, fighters, paratroop, everything happening last at once... it’s awesome but you run out of ammo fast
  4. No to be blunt...if you’re using a hat switch or keypad to look around you are limiting yourself... get either trackir or some type of face/head tracking...some are actually free and use your phone camera to track.. it’ll change your game, free up your hands, and with 6degrees of freedom lean into said gun site physically then you go vr and 🤯
  5. I just have to say, the new kites and aaa truck are awesome! as a vr user, just with the gaz having a bit of head movement issues while on the site.. like most tanks as well, not looking down site, I move my head to look through the site but the camera translates to default position... a bot nauseating... then when using the sim down site function, the head locks to site but the head is fixed in an awkward position and rotating the head is uncomfortable... other than that, the truck is awesome to drive around and the gunner crew is pretty sweet... can’t wait to rip in
  6. You can thumbs up Pilot gestures “ok!” But it’s just a quick animation.
  7. I fly vr, I can’t any other way I can see that perhaps it’s not that important for immersion for some, we all vary in what we prefer to feel connected to other players in game.. I don’t need a body to feel connected to the plane I’m in.. so when available I turn it off.. not to bring up the other sim.. but flyin as a RIO/pilot, formation in parade, or chatting on the deck before launch.. makes a difference for me.. It’s not priority for me, just my opinion
  8. Yup this is how the clouds just are...
  9. Ok so it is new! And that goes for some aircraft cannon rounds too ya? in cliffs of Dover, the flak effects were one thing I liked the most and now it makes me happy to see it in great battles series... also in CLoD the cannon rounds from 109’s would detonate in the air if missed their target.. i saw this happen from some of my shots, can’t remember what aircraft I was flying but they must have been HE rounds of some sort... I’m gonna do some testing and get back
  10. So since the latest update with explosions and effects...I feel smaller caliber flak guns can be fun! And by fun I mean scary of course I mean I’m loving flying hot on a target and seeing puffs of rounds going off around my plane.. perhaps it’s how mission designers have the AAA rates configured ..I just feel like it’s way more intense than before ... in a good way.. not impossible, just more intimidating when on approach... which is good! but anywho... whether it’s just a placebo effect on my side .. I still love it and thanks devs!
  11. Hey all, was just in a thought about the way IL2’s pilots have random/ repeated gestures like wiping visor and looking around... I like to think the pilots head movement is also linked to a players head tracking....but I don’t see this clearly however, I find always when I’m looking at my lead or wingman, they always have an animation going looking in a random direction.. even though my buddy says he’s looking right at me.. I’m wondering if we can get this changed to only player movements.. not only because it dulls the immersion but also maybe it takes up res
  12. One of the best features of the sim playing peek-a-boo in the cloud layer... especially when it’s a double layer
  13. Y’all are hilarious! I also like how they poured the champagne on the plane... I think the bottle would have gone right through:)
  14. oh also! awesome DD! hyped for some doodlebug madness
  15. will it be similar to how SRS is implemented in Servers and with player control?
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