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  1. I hate petunias.... Oh a Blenheim would be awesome!
  2. All in all, he could have been just stating a fact.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. everyone is not looking deep enough into this..... “The name is derived from Old English Wōdnesdægmeaning Wooden’s Day, and Middle English Wednesdei, “day of Wodanaz” (Wikipedia). In Latin, Wednesday translates to “day of Mercury.” Also known by the slang term, ‘Hump Day’ meaning by the end of the day you have successfully made it over the hump and are on the down slide to the weekend. Leaving the slang in the streets we take a look at the rich history of Wednesday, starting with the roots of from which it received its name – from the gods of Woden and Mercury. Woden was the chief Teutonic god, the All-Father. His name translates to “raging, mad, inspired”. Perhaps Wednesday has improved its reputation over time… The other root comes from the Roman messenger god Mercury, who was the god of trade and commerce. Even today Mercury makes the top 10 list of Roman gods.“ http://frontporchdenver.com/where-did-the-term-hump-day-come-from/ so the fact now is that we are getting Teutonic God of rage, madness, and inspiration...Or Roman god mercury to deliver the mail... it’s simple you just have to dig...
  4. Raaaid ! in VR i lean around the sites all the time and take no site shots, unfortunately with restricted head movement on in mp servers (so people dont exploit being able to fly outside of the plane) you dont have much room to move around. disorientating at times because your head is moving in real life but the image stops where the glass is in game.... but i suppose this simulates the confinement of the canopy its self. moving forward closer to the site would be nice though, loose seat belt would help with that VR is game changer when it comes to aerial gunnery. because you have depth perception. you can tell how far the target really is. also, yes, you can use a single eye to look around the frame of the pit you're in. or keep the site in one eye like the 109s, and in fact it makes more sense when you see it for yourself... centre sites like in allied aircraft (with exception for the p47-22) may seem awkward now because you have to choose what eye you want to look through it with... I can never go back to pancake land after VR. hope this helps a bit..
  5. So, this update was suppose to come later, I’m thoroughly disappointed......🥰 cant wait to try it out !!!!
  6. I’m not to worried about points... more the experience. The point following is more a bonus...
  7. Awesome thanks! I always feel a bit disconnected grabbing a new plane... as boring as it is, in dcs just chilling discussing where to go next, and seeing how long you can hold on to one plane is one of my favourite aspects of the game.
  8. Loving the server! Question, is there refuelling, repair, and rearm at the airfields? If so how does it work?
  9. This is still an issue, now in some cases the light will appear 100 feet away from the plane itself... like it’s dropping a flare lol.
  10. sorry i completely misread that poll i AGREE with what we have now, gosh please dont scold me lol! i cant revoke my vote *hiding in shame*
  11. I just have to say this is what I’ve been wanting for the longest time.. played for the first time Last night since implemented, great experience! able to coordinate Friendly/enemy target coverage, request support, call out Bandits in sectors.... that’s not eve the atc yet. atc calling out people taking off and landing (especially chirping at you if you get damaged lol) calling out reported enemy aircraft in area... requesting objectives to be hit/supported.. loving it!
  12. WHAT WHAT WHAT!!>> this is awesome!!!! besides having SRS installed, this is a server side function ya?
  13. I find il2 in be with my o+ has become not very enjoyable from what it was before the Differed rendering upDate... I spend day to day trying to find the best visual quality and performance mix, eventually just shutting off the game. @Alonzo it feels very much like My pc is a potato now... before update, high preset, almost everything maxed out, msaa2x, steam ss at %150 and it would be beautiful with manageable frames at least 70.... now I dropped almost everything Med low, preset still high, Dropped steam ss to120%, msaa2x, to get almost the same performance... but the visuals are horrible... fxaa is just a no, even worse i don’t care for spotting tricks, it’s fine and as realistic as it can be, I just want to be able to look at the my wing man, the ground objects, vehicles and not see a jagged mess.. I can tell before I start just by seeing the main menu... plane looks jaggy in the hanger and the railings shimmering all over.. I’m hoping to upgrade to an reverb or the g2 for some higher Native resolution, Hopefully that will help... I love the p38 campaign, but loading in and seeing everything as it is is depressing.. and I can’t go back to pancake gameplay.. 2d, just not happening. I hate comparing apples to oranges but in the end they’re still fruits... dcs is fine... I’m able to get the quality I want and frames. It’s my go to at the moment till i can figure out il2..
  14. happy to see SRS implemented! I havent had time to get a flight too long online but it was great hearing people use it! I like that server briefing displays what each channel is used for. very simple only thing which i hope comes out soon is an overlay indication of which channel is selected, even just a little icon with "R x" number and how many on the channel would be enough. Thank you devs!
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