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  1. happy to see SRS implemented! I havent had time to get a flight too long online but it was great hearing people use it! I like that server briefing displays what each channel is used for. very simple only thing which i hope comes out soon is an overlay indication of which channel is selected, even just a little icon with "R x" number and how many on the channel would be enough. Thank you devs!
  2. ya this happens if you aren't aimed down sight of the turret... the mg's are ver difficult aswell, seeing as the operator would use one eye to aim. the external .50 cal on the shermen is ok as long as you dont have to shoot behind you :S or aim down the site.... If i had a rotating chair it would be awesome! but ya, the gunners pov/body should rotate with the turret when not aiming down the site... i love tank gameplay.... i wish it was more popular and capable for mp expert servers....have equal amount of flyers to ground ops
  3. Love the two line up shots of the tanks,,, looks like buddies about to go to prom
  4. Well, after 4.006 my game became A performance Vs. Visual quality struggle... in vr I could have great frames if i set fxaa but loose visuals and everything becomes jagged... but with msaa I gain the visual but loose performance... ive settled for the visual quality Option... once I’ve seen the game soo pretty I can’t fly any other way. i never used any mods for vr... but wow the zoom!!! I’m using the odessey plus, it’s great for a first vr set. im hoping to upgrade to a reverb for the higher resolution so I can cut down on the steamvr ss.. slider is at 230% 🤪 anywho, gonna continue tweaking, In qmb 16x planes over Eindhoven I’m getting roughly 65fps, playable. keep it up devs! btw, I have a Rtx 2070 it’s running at 98% now with the new update... my cpu is an i7-8700k. At 4.9 MHz it only runs max 10-20% I suppose that’s good, but my gpu seems like it’s struggling...no?
  5. I know I’ve experienced the odd armoured glass impact and said ‘woah that would have sucked’ but wasn’t the angle of it Also suppose to allow refraction over the nose cowl?
  6. Hey, little late to respond sorry, I don’t touch render target, have no idea what that does... I have my steamVR set do default 1440 per eye, then video setting per program slider is bumped up to %130 supersampling so I get 1872... it’s enough to smooth things out and not kill my frames My odessey+ is great but really considering upgrading to something with a native resolution closer to the quality I like.. But I can’t decide if I should up my gpu as I see to be getting all I can out of my 2070
  7. I’ve settled for 2xMsaa and turned my steamvr to %130 ss frames are at least 75-80 in qmb, 16 fighters, Rhineland map over Eindhoven.. distant landscape gets a bit jaggy but I can Id what plane is coming at me from a distance now
  8. Fxaa has better performance but jaggy image, msaa has better image performance hit...
  9. Switching to fxaa gives great performance... but now I cannot make out contacts until at least within 500m
  10. Have all major performance boosts been with those that have cards like 1080ti and 2080ti?
  11. I have them turned off... everything is set to pre patch settings perhaps I’ll wait a few and see if there is anything that will be hot fix if not I suppose upgrade from my 2070
  12. I see it now, gpu is 98 and cpu is 20 i just don’t get why it’s 90 stable frames when outside of the plane and in the pit it drops to 65-75
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