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  1. I personally feel it was the butler..... or pilot error.. 😉
  2. Ya this is a vey odd occurrence... as another post stated, have you tried this in any other flight sim you may have? Btw what are your controllers? joystick, rudder,etc.
  3. Can you make a video of the event that takes place? also, start on the ground power off... cycle through your controls in cockpit and then in external view and see if anything starts twitching when your hands are off the controls...
  4. Me262 is fun to start.. probably the most complex In the sim
  5. I didn’t see that as a smart a$$ answer... I was actually curious too if it was Used in the era because I never hear out runway numbers by ai traffic controller...
  6. No, wake turbulence is not modelled... prop wash is... not in multiplayer though.. It would be awesome to have though.. ITs game changing in DCS...
  7. This would make sense.. I suppose the ai wouldn’t be able to take guessing/calculated Blind snap shots as us players would... what is the default convergence setting of the ai anyhow? Plane dependant I would assume?
  8. Wasn’t there something outrageous like a 12 hour timer they used in London raids to make people think the bomb was a dud...
  9. I really miss the old ‘pacific fighters’ theme music that would play when you selected the axis side... custom theme title screens in general would be a nice touch...
  10. This is cool, is there replacements for the ch pro peddles too? my potentiometers are shot
  11. What was the bomb timer set to? I think if it’s default/contact the bomb needs a certain fall time to activate. So dropping it too low or on the ground will not spool the timer... delayed bombs however I think will detonate if dropped in given situation.
  12. Im curious to see what percentages people have set their effects at ie; Ground bumps, flaps, damagae, etc... I feel like i want to put everything at 100% but that seems like overkill also with the G-forces effect available , do we need the pitch and roll function anymore?
  13. Send in Everyone!!!!! so many hurricane variants!? much love devs!
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