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  1. An ant, a plate of antipasto, an antennae, an antelope and an Antepodean walk into a bar... A Ju52 looks up from her drink and growls, "This had better not be anti-joke!"
  2. Brill, Spit40! Lovely work. Very fun to watch this project evolve.
  3. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably not the Hs 129. Thanks, Jade Monkey. You've made my weekend. Cheers, Flying Colander
  4. I'd like to be considered for an Hs 129. The cr@p planes have always interested me. The ones that are hard to fly, under powered or are just unloved. The fast, shiny planes like the 109 and Hurri are too easy in my opinion. I like a bit of character. My brothers and I dog fight with He 111s. Not historically accurate but a real hoot. Thanks, Jade.
  5. Good thinking. Please report back with your results and thoughts.
  6. Raaf Steve and Sir Flappy, Grateful for your insight, gents. Raaf Steve, I ended up reading the entire Full Fathom Five essay. Sensitively written and a moving quotation from Eric Blair. He was a far sighted man. Never would have found it on my own. Thanks too for the personal story, Sir Flappy. I wish you had had more time with your father to ask the questions which gave texture to his boyhood and life. Cheers, FC
  7. That's right, Jollyjack. These would be WW2 era air fields. I've tried looking at aerial photos of the time but I see nothing obvious that looks like a fence and the resolution isn't high enough for more detailed work. Thanks.
  8. This is a simple question to which I haven't found an answer. Does anyone have documentation or photos on how air fields were marked off? Was barbed wire run around the perimeter? Seems like a huge expenditure to enclose a sprawling air field with something else to snag aircraft. Were notice signs staked around the perimeter? Does anyone have proof of how they might have been worded? I found this but it's the wrong era in the wrong part of the world. I've seen one sign for a USAAF base stating: "This is a military reserve." Were air fields so rural or remote that no fe
  9. Well done, Spit40. Inspiring project and even more inspiring ethos of open ware for all.
  10. For those of you interested in pursuing this topic, check out the poll linked below: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/70177-request-flak-hit-flak-burst-effect-telemetry-for-simshaker/
  11. Recently, the IL2 team made it possible for a good number of effects to be felt through bass shakers such as engine rumble, stalling cues, gunfire rattle and the movement of flight control surfaces. All these are terrific additions to immersion for those of us who fly with feedback or motion control rigs. Andre of SimShaker has made the most of this new telemetry information and seems willing to work with more, if new data is provided. I am trying to find out if there is enough interest to warrant bothering the very busy developers to implement one more trick: a flak strike or near
  12. Exciting stuff, Kanttori. Looking forward to watching your JU88 yoke progress.
  13. Spit40, Great work and thanks for sharing it with the community. This is a real gift for everyone. Thank you. Good on ya, FC
  14. Brill, Spit40. Really looking forward to this and your idea about a robust add-it-anywhere Hall sensor housing. While we wait for plans, I am trying to source cork/rubber sheets. What thickness are you recommending?
  15. Beautiful, Captain Blood. Much better than I could have ever done. Could you, or someone mechanical, explain the horizontal barrel mechanism? Why all the four + calipers and file of roller bearings? What is the purpose and how does it work? I've never seen such an interesting design. Did you figure out a way to get the lock/unlock on the fire button to work? Cheers and great work.
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