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  1. Nice batch! That Morane-Saulnier 733 looks like a goblin shark. Milo, great find on the jet powered bi-plane. Mother Brain, the Shrike is lovely with its spats. The interwar planes were interesting. No longer motorized kites, not yet formalized aerodynamically.
  2. Andy! I did forget to label my post. Thanks for catching it and adding to our cache of oddities. Both yours were new to me. Legion, I love the P-12 too. I don't recognize the Ag but share your enthusiasm for hedging hopping in a biplane. And the Guppy is its shiny, tumorous self.
  3. Hey, lads. As we risk airjacking poor Al's thread, I've created a new spot for this interesting topic. Please repost your favorites here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45845-odd-birds-post-your-favorite-obscure-plane/
  4. Before we overwhelm the generous Big Al's thread, we've moved our postings of ancient, antique and fossil dinosaur airplanes here:
  5. PFrances, I'll post piccies once everything has been bolted together. Right now I'm waiting on button head hex screws of the right length. Been bizarrely hard to find. Slaw's bog standard pedal plates are terrific but the 1:1 replicas are tank-like (Kurt Tank-like). I had to route out their interior channel to mount them. 2mm of headache but they finally slid into place. With the help of some Technic LEGOS, they fit perfectly.
  6. Hello, chaps. A bit of bait and switch there. Please excuse the sales puffery. I am in the process of modding my Slaw pedals by mounting 1:1 castings of real Luftie pedals. I have dismounted Slaw's foot plates and offer them to you for 45e + shipping. Shipping to mainland Europe 23-27e. Shipping to UK will probably run between 29-37e. North America 42-46e. Others, please inquire. l'll only charge exact shipping. Here are pictures of Slaw's beautiful work including Werknummer:
  7. Big Al, I wanted to thank you again for your generosity and share with you another dinosaur I never knew existed: the Aero 45, a post war Czech bird. I think its fantastic. Something you might see drawn by Herge and not know it was a real plane.
  8. Thanks, Big Al! Found in the wilds of Herefordshire, Entendard: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-04/uoo-fr040519.php
  9. My favourite new fossil: The ferocious sea cucumber. A Spit or U2?
  10. Damn you, Happy Haddock. I'll now suffer more spiralling to earth burning from swanning about enjoying your lovely vistas. Keep up the great work, mate.
  11. I had it mounted on Baur's KG13 base. The adapter I made for it has a 29mm opening. Those who are handy can mount it on smaller joystick posts by cutting a wooden plug to the proper diameter. Hope that helps. Happy to answer any other questions you might have. Cheers, FC
  12. 270 euros + 1/2 price shipping. This full aluminum cast is a 1:1 reproduction. Comes with Mk I brass fire button. This kit also includes an aluminum blank for a rocker switch for canon & 303 machine gun trigger. The brass trigger is fully wired can be with a USB input/output card to work in flight simulations. This grip was made to sit on a high end joystick. The extension comes with three 6mm tapped drill holes. The extension can also be removed for historical authenticity. The brake handle is also wired and sprung. Once gripped it will spring back to its start position and does not hang slack. The button for the brake is a high quality Honeywell momentary switch. I can include components for Dupont connectors if the buyer desires for no extra cost. The grip and extra trigger weighs nearly 2kgs. Mails from Europe. Will split shipping cost with buyer.
  13. Luse, Just checked the forum and seen you've shouted me the Kuban campaign. Happy surprise. Thank you for your generosity to the community over the years. I've always been struck by the open heartedness of everyone in this odd hobby-passion-curse of ours. I am sorry to hear you'll be taking a strategic retreat from IL2 for a while but we all understand that real life and family come first. Cheers, Flying Colander
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