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  1. Wish I had a video of it. I was chasing down a group of Soviet bombers with squaddies. The bombers panicked when we got in among them and started jettisoning their loads. I narrowly avoided being rained upon as I came up under my quarry. Just then, their bomb doors opened and I pulled the trigger. I hit the payload and three planes dissolved in mid-air. My own plane carted wheeled about and I fought to control what was left of it. I managed to stabilize it just in time to bail out and watch the debris arching around me. Fun in game, not so in real life. Pretty sure the parachute would have been shredded by burning aeroplane bits. IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte - Standard Edition, if the Fates choose to smile upon me again.
  2. If you stand out in the rain long enough, Lightening's gotta strike. Cheers, Robbo.
  3. Well done, Solidkreate. Good on ya, NaDs.
  4. Thanks, Solidkreate. The IL-2 is truly unique in its generosity towards one another. Not just these random acts of kindness but donations of time creating videos, dispensing advice and aid.
  5. A plane carrying the Dalai Lama, Trump and an Aussie has an engine on fire. To their chagrin the stricken trio discover only two parachutes remain. Trump snatches one declaring, "I'm soo important. Soo wonderful, important. Did I say important? America needs me to make them great again!!!" With this, he leaps into the slip stream. The Aussie grabs the last parachute and tries to strap in the Dalai Lama. But the Dalai Lama waves Bruce off. "My son, I have lived a long and fruitful. You are young and can lead a life of gentle purpose. Please, take the parachute." "No worries, mate, " says Bruce the Aussie. "We'll be fine. Some jackass jumped out with my rucksack."
  6. ICDP, Thanks for walking us through the Before and Afters. I didn't know what to look for on Friday and didn't understand the Update. Now I appreciate the great improvement. Cheers.
  7. All in, Apollo. This gives me an excuse to buy von Rickenbecker's SopGrip Mk1. I used to play Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary which was a clever WWI dogfight game using booklets. That was a hoot. Look forward to giving observation balloons what for. Cheers, mate.
  8. Crash n Fail, Wonderfully horrible video. A bit like a watching a gruesome nature documentary as the lions pull down and pile onto some poor wildebeest. You had some nice saves. Groaned when you were almost there and the wing burned through or couldn't quite clear the vertical lumber. My favourite was skipping the 88 across the river like a stone and parking it perfectly on the beach opposite. Just before you edited the cut, one could hear the bullets thpp, thpping into the sand. I am really impressed by the soundscape. Did you goose of the sound FX or were they all in-game? The rattling metal bits, the engines winding down and the aircraft in distress contributed immensely to the atmospherics. Thanks for sharing. (Make another...) Flying Colander Post Script: The Devs have much bigger fish to fry but I hope one day we'll see the canopies being mashed instead of the crews coasting across snowfields and plowed fields with a cup of cha balanced on their knees. More realism without more gore, of course.
  9. I tuned in to see the next episode. Keep up the good work. Maybe next week...
  10. Interesting on the variations. So many to keep up with. I'll try for some of the more obscure and interesting ones. Some G6s had taller tails made of wood. This gave them better rudder command at high speed. (Perhaps wood was used as metal was a dwindling strategic supply at this stage of the war.) Larger supercharger AND water injection combined in the G6 engine (DB 605ASM) for combined boost at high altitude and low/mid altitude, respectively. With all this extra speed, the muscle strength needed to move the joystick became too demanding. Some G6s were outfitted with special aileron tabs to take the pressure off the stick. I think they were called Flitner or Fletner tabs, if memory serves. Pretty hard keeping track of all these designs. Late in the war, innovations and standards were hodge-podge. No universal uniformity could be enforced which makes for fun trivia. Thanks, Lothar. F.C.
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