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  1. I have never experienced such a committed and generous gaming community. Seems every week or so someone is offering a give-away or drawing for new piece of the BoX franchise. Just last week Tzigy gifted me the Battle of Moscow Premium edition! Is there a way the community can officially recognize these flyer-patrons? I was thinking a small star to be added to their badges under their call sign. Thoughts?
  2. flying_colander+BON Thanks for the chance, m8!
  3. I'm glad with now have a outfitter for WWI gear. Modern and WWII theatres are well covered.
  4. Bravo! Can't wait to see what you'll pick next to offer. What resin-plastic worked the best in the end? The stick looks fantastic.
  5. Tzigy, thank you for your generosity. I will pay it forward. Cheers, Flying Colander
  6. Tzigy, Do you have room for one for BOMp? Wonderful gesture.
  7. Very good way to collect a curated bunch of laughs, Busdriver. I just lost 46 minutes of life I'll never get back. Here's my contribution:
  8. Well done. Thanks for behind-the-scenes documentation. Vicarious engineering for those of us without the degree or innate talent.
  9. vonrickenbecker, Any news or new photos you can share? I'm keen to see how your project is progressing!
  10. Varibraun, Thank you for the gift of Kuban and your ingenuity of creating a new reading list for me and the community. Cheers, Flying Colander
  11. Varibraun, I'd like to second your post and thanks to all. Thanks for your generosity as well. There are a couple of books listed here I've never heard of and will now seek out especially from the smaller countries. I'd like to add another: Double Fighter Knight, the memoirs of Ilmari Juutilainen. He's a Finnish ace with 126 downs. The Finns have an incredible record even flying in second rate machines. Juutilainen started in a Brewster Buffalo and still managed 34 kills. I'd be interested in Bodenplatte, Kuban or Moscow in that order. The lucky number, of course, is 13! Cheers, FC
  12. Damn! Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your craftsmanship. Never heard of cold casting before. Thanks too for the education. Keep up the interesting work. Consider yourself bookmarked. Cheers, FC
  13. Nice batch! That Morane-Saulnier 733 looks like a goblin shark. Milo, great find on the jet powered bi-plane. Mother Brain, the Shrike is lovely with its spats. The interwar planes were interesting. No longer motorized kites, not yet formalized aerodynamically.
  14. Andy! I did forget to label my post. Thanks for catching it and adding to our cache of oddities. Both yours were new to me. Legion, I love the P-12 too. I don't recognize the Ag but share your enthusiasm for hedging hopping in a biplane. And the Guppy is its shiny, tumorous self.
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