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  1. We are getting good numbers every Tuesday, dogfights followed by coops, if you want a relaxed and friendly evening come check us out.
  2. Does anyone here use a gaming laptop for sim? I am thinking about upgrading my computer , however I will be downsizing to flat next year so wonder if its a good option? I would hook it up to monitor and periferals when gaming but my sim time is the minority of use and controllers would be stowed away when not in use. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated, I only really play il2 and box and some driving Sims, I'd like to play forza 4 at high settings.
  3. dd_delta7

    [MOD] Icons

    thank you . a big improvement !!
  4. dieg777 on ubizoo DD_delta7 on warclouds The dangerdogz have been flying il2 for years in co-ops and online and are moving into this sim check out our homepage http://dangerdogz.com/forums/ or look out for us online
  5. This would be a major benifit to online players
  6. Id like to bump this up please, Id like the devs to allow us and servers to customise icons like Il2 46. Flying online with icons on removes any tactics of surprise and with icons off poor plane i.d. leads to multiple friendly fire. Even a middle choice of short distance black icons would be a benifit and enhance gameplay
  7. I agree , I believe that having icon customisation would increase server numbers.
  8. I also cant join tonight due to file transfer error was on last night no problem
  9. Hi Jim Please just drop into the forum and say hi here http://dangerdogz.com/forums/forum/3-jims-place/ We are not a formal squadron, there are no ranks or anything like that , just a bunch of mates who get together, any lose rules and info can be found here http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/1732-squadron-standing-orders/ http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/10250-new-or-returning-to-active-service-with-the-dogz/ we fly mainly co-ops with il246 but also CloD and DCS and are moving into BoS and there are a few of us to be found on the main servers now. we have members from all over europe and usa and canada so are active in most of the popular time zones look forward to hooking up with you soon s dd_delta7
  10. yes I disagree, all other programs including battle of stalingrad and il246 have no problems with AVG so no reason this should give threat warnings
  11. Solved by putting the 1C softclub folder in MyDocuments in my exceptions but still a bit worrying
  12. AVG blocks game starting: App name C:|program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\il-2 Sturmovick cliffs of dover blitz\launcher64.exe protected folder c;\users\dave\documents file path c:\users\dave\documents\ic softclub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\multi\co-op\airfield attack a.jpg detected by ransomware protection I renamed my c:\users\dave\documents\ic softclub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover that was there prior to launch
  13. Good to see you guys are still around, IV just got box and will try to catch up with you online soon, still miss the warclouds nights S Delta7
  14. Thanks for help , I will try the X-52 again with advance function if that doesnt work then Ill choose between joytokey and ingame and see what works best regards dd_delta7
  15. Hi new here but many years experience with IL2. I am trying to set up my X-52 , I am running windows 7 pro and have tried the old madkatz and new logitek software for joystick but have major issues The binds do not seem to take well when I use the pinky switch on the joystick Switching modes turns on autopilot or I lose all functionality of joystick and keyboard. Having read that one way around is to bind keys in game my question is how do you get shift to work and modes to work or is it just a no I have seen joytokey recomended in anothe rthread is this the only solution and will it allow the three modes and pinky shift? I thought it would be easy to map the same setup as il2 46 but seems not any help appreciated S dd_delta7
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