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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! I've resolved the problem - turns out Razer Cortex was interfering with several of my VR titles. Disabling it has everything working fine now.
  2. Hey guys! Just got my hands on a Rift S and while I've been having a great time with other games, IL-2 just doesn't seem to be cooperating. I've thus far successfully played Gorn, Pavlov and some other free titles just fine running straight through Steam VR. However, if I try to run IL-2, my headset just "cuts out" to a black screen (orange light) and Steam VR says the headset has been disconnected. Sometimes the headset glitches out and shows static and/or prompts about the right controller being low on battery. This all only stops if I either reboot the PC or use the reboot Oculus function. If I use OpenComposite, I can get into the game just fine and even load into a plane... but it's stuttery as all hell and very laggy. Eventually it loses head tracking and then I get some message from OpenComposite saying "HMD no longer present." I'm sure this must be an issue with the game since everything else is running fine? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I might do? This is on a completely clean reinstall of Windows 10. Drivers are updated. IL-2 (the main reason I bought this headset) is the only thing that seems to be acting up.
  3. I'm trying to buy BoBp and Kuban together through the webstore. The problem is that I'm an expat living in Russia; I've got the money on my British card to buy the stuff but, if I use the English webstore, I'm told there are "no supported payment methods for your region," whereas if I go through the Russian site, my card is rejected as an invalid payment method. I tried using AmazonPay but that also didn't work. For some reason neither site offered me the chance to use PayPal; I have both a British and Russian PayPal account (separate) and they both work on other sites. So what gives? I just want to give 1C my money but they're making it bleedin' difficult to do so. I'd just buy things through Steam but BoK isn't on sale there and BoB isn't available. So, yeah, 1C, please get in touch with me and give me instructions on how to get money off my British card and into your wallets. Because I'd very much like to make you ever-so-slightly richer but barriers are being thrown in my way :(
  4. Hey Sokol, thanks! Your response was an original idea I hadn't come upon in my search thus far. Sadly it didn't work, though; I'm afraid nothing was detected. However, following your advice with the Windows Game Controller stuff; I noticed that the axis readings for the wheel show the pedals as "jumping" from their neutral position to the full end of the axis with one press. What I mean to say is that they aren't moving gradually, like they should. I am guessing that the pedals aren't actually 'proper' pedals and are instead more like a button press. This is really disappointing but they were cheap pedals after all (1800 rubles for the wheel plus pedals). Assuming they are indeed just working like buttons, I guess I need a new set! Edit: I found someone on Discord who has the same wheel as me; he pointed out that pushing a big button marked "MODE" enables the pedals as an axis xD I feel like such an idiot, but the problem is fixed!
  5. Ah to clarify, I started using JoyToKey because IL-2 wasn't detecting the pedals. Every time I've tried to map them has been without JoyToKey running. I've also tried deleting the devices txt file from the game directory and replacing the USB cables. Even reinstalled Windows and did everything from scratch. One other issue is that if I install the Wheel's drivers, the game crashes when I launch it.
  6. Hi guys, I've a problem using rudder pedals with IL-2: My pedals came bundled with a driver's wheel (which they plug into), which the game can detect inputs from, but the game is unable to see the pedals. The pedals work just fine in other games. Actually, up to now I had been using JoyToKey to map the pedals to my rudder keys so I at least had something to work with. The problem with that solution, though, is that settings the rudder to keys makes the rudder act more like a rudder trim; pressing the pedal down puts the rudder to one side, but releasing the pedal doesn't cause the rudder to reset to its neutral position. This makes using the rudder in dogfights a real pain. How the rudder ought work is that its position should match how hard I press the pedal, with releasing it causing it to reset. So what I'm looking for, please, is some advice on how to get the game to recognise my pedal inputs as being based on an axis and not a key press. The solution that springs to mind for me is finding some emulator that can simulate a joystick and map the inputs from my pedals to it, but I've not found anything so far. Anyhow, I turn it over to you guys and do beseech you to please help me out! This has been driving me rather nuts. To clarify; Windows and other games detect the pedals just fine. My wheel is listed as a "PC Game Controller" and works without issue alongside my joystick. IL-2 is the only game to take exception.
  7. Possibly a daft question but is my account region-locked? I don't see any info about that. My CD Key is just listed as 'Steam.' I'm asking since I'd much prefer either using my cards or PayPal; the Russian store only allows payments via Qiwi or Yandex Money; both of which are just God awful. Edit: I apologise, just looked on the Russian site again and realised that my reading comprehension is worse than a dog's; it is possible to pay directly via card. I'll see if it works. Thanks! It worked!
  8. Hey guys, I've tried using my (Russian) card, my wife's card, my Russian PayPal, my British PayPal and my British card.... the transactions aren't going through. I've tried buying what I want separately and together... all I can conclude is that there's some problem with either the store or my account. Any help? Please take my money!
  9. Hi guys, Is the store having problems right now? I've tried multiple times to buy some collector planes with my card, my wife's and PayPal. It just keeps turning up an error each time I try.
  10. I'm having the same problem. IL-2 doesn't detect my pedals so I have to use JoyToKey to convert them to key inputs. Unfortunately since, as you described, the rudder is more like a trim when set up with keys, it means that it doesn't revert to a centred position when I release the pedal.
  11. Hey guys, I've been playing Il-2 thus far using a Speed Link Black Widow joystick (this; https://www.amazon.com/SPEEDLINK-Black-Widow-Flightstick-pc/dp/B0001ZN4WU/ref=sr_1_2/141-8261592-9821813?ie=UTF8&qid=1511688290&sr=8-2&keywords=speedlink+black+widow).However, the other day I managed to bust the rudder pedals on the throttle and so I decided to buy a set of pedals to use on the floor; a nice excuse for better immersion, right? Anyhow, I got my hands on a Sven Turbo Racing Wheel with pedals (this; http://www.sven.fi/en/catalog/controllers/turbo.htm)since I play a lot of Elite Dangerous and Euro Truck Sim so I figured I could use it with those titles. But Sturmovik is really having some problems: The issue is that the pedals are plugged straight into the wheel, which is then plugged into the PC via USB. Sturmovik picks up the wheel as though it's a second joystick. When I press the pedals to bind the yaw function, the keys aren't being detected. The pedals work fine on other games, though, even when I have the joystick plugged in. Is there any workaround? With hindsight it seems it would've been better to get somes tandalone pedals that plug straight into the PC, but I didn't know this would be an issue. Edit: Looking under the Game Controllers menu on Windows, I can see the joystick listed under 'USB Game Controllers' while the pedals seem to be listed separately as a 'PC Game Controller;' pressing the pedals shows feedback on that screen. https://imgur.com/a/0cJJl
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