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  1. I have just preordered an HP Reverb 2 from PB Tech here in NZ, and the cost was NZ$1104.75 which includes GST of $144.10 and delivery charge of $5
  2. Thank you for thanking The Universe. It can often be neglected.
  3. Yes, my money is set aside for the moment the next volume is announced. Fingers crossed.
  4. Hey Paul, a big thanks for getting this large project underway, I am sure it I’ll be greatly appreciated by everyone moving forwards. Thanks also to theDudeWG for helping you progress the project and of course thanks to all the great skins by the many talented skin artists who contribute their unique art to the WW1 flight sim community.
  5. Yes, you don’t want any of those AI upstart squadron colleagues getting a taste of MkIX or they’ll all want one. You have to do what you have to do dBurne. War is hell.
  6. I absolutely agree, it can’t arrive too soon. But we have to give Lefuneste some time and space to work his genius. It’s not like he doesn’t have work and family responsibilities. We just have to be patient.... (Humming) (Tapping fingers on desk) (Alphabetising the magazines in the pile for recycling) Okay, Lefuneste, please, I’m begging you. I need it now!!!!
  7. Useful to know, thanks. Useful to know, thanks.
  8. J51_Balapan is right, the Enable Motion Features when in seated mode (Experimental) needed to be selected for IL2 to work in game. (I had it working fine out of game in Steam). Thanks for solving this frustrating problem for me Balapan.
  9. I'm no expert, but I feel there is far more incidental air activity around and about when I fly a PWCG career mission compared to an IL2 career mission.
  10. Hmmm. I have had this working in March (pimax, driver 4vr and openvr advanced (no hydra freepie). When I reverted to my hts Vive (am awaiting a new pimax cable, currently stuck at Shanghai airport due to covid, but that’s another story) things became (to use the technical terminology) “mucked up”. In steam vr both the vive controllers and the keyboard will snap left and right as desired. The joy2key is also doing its thing in steam vr) It is just not happening, either by keyboard or mapped joystick in IL2. The version of driver 4vr is The only other slight discrepancy, which I am not sure is necessarily relevant but maybe, as Winger mentioned, I see no ‘Advanced settings’ In the edit controller bindings list, instead it is “OVR advanced settings”. But it still works as per PDF in setting up the controllers. It is probably something basic I have forgotten to do, but can somebody identify what this is so I can get my snap view behind working again? I miss it!
  11. Vortice, Count is right on the money (ha ha) here, I agree with him totally. Use the 5x and 10x zoom feature of Migoto’s mod. One day VR will be so good this won’t be required but until then...
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