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  1. You forget the addition of VR which takes the immersion to new levels. I personally bought into FC for the VR alone and don't regret it for a second. I obviously hope for FCv2 and v3 as soon as possible.
  2. Thanks Pat, love your work and am enjoying my multiple pilot careers I have working across BOS and now FC. I think I have a small bug for you. I have created a career in 56 squadron and was unable to assign skins for the lower half of pilots listed on the far right on the pilot screen as there is a brass plaque in the lower right which expands in size and overlays the lower half of the pilots so that I am unable to select them. Similarly, I am unable to select the plane on each individual pilots screen which I think should take me to skins selection also. The pilot photo (selection) just above does work however. I hope this makes sense. I am not sure if this is just a problem with 56 RFC or applies to all squadrons. Not a biggie to be sure, but I thought you might like to know.
  3. I am using your great skins Megalax, thanks for your effort.
  4. Thanks for that. Yes, I am raising the flaps and gear. I will keep working on my technique. Thanks for your advice
  5. Thanks Megalax, I’ll check them out.
  6. Any chance of a kind skinner doing something from 486 squadron RNZAF?
  7. Quite new, and playing in VR which is amazing. My question is this: playing a mission, my fellow AI pilots seem to fly faster than I can keep up with. Just after takeoff and forming up and gaining height in the circuit I am in full combat or emergency mode (and being reminded that I should not be, sometimes even with a “watch your engine temperature” warning) and the rest of my guys seem to be going like the clappers. I believe I have my realism settings such that engine management and radiators are handled automatically, apart from raising the gear I am not doing anything else. Is this my problem? Should I be doing something that gives my engine power to keep up apart from putting the throttle to full and hoping?
  8. Thank you, and just to be sure, that means there will be two data folders side by side, the PWCG data skins folder and the original skins data folder?
  9. With regards to the downloaded PWCG skin pack, does the data folder containing the skins get put in the same game folder as the current data folder of skins? I notice some of the subfolders of individual planes are empty, no skins inside. Is this because there are none created at present for that particular plane?
  10. Hi Brzi, thanks for the assistance. I have it working now. I needed to simultaneously push Num Lock and 1/End key precisely until End comes up in the Joy to key edit. Takes a bit of fiddling to get it right, but once done is done. Cheers.
  11. Yes, I was hoping that a 486 NZ squadron skin would be part of the official skins released for the Tempest. I hope one or more may turn up in due course. According to Wikipedia, 486 arrived in Europe after helping defend against the V1 attacks late September as part of 122 Tempest Wing, formerly 150 Wing. I have started my PWCG career in 56 Squadron on 1.9.44, but am hoping I will be able to transfer into 486 at the end of the month!?!
  12. Hello, can anybody please give me instruction on how to map look 20 degrees left and right using joy to key so I can use my joystick. I know that the “end” key and “page dn” key is used on a keyboard and I know how to map a key to a joystick using “joy to key” programme. But my “end” and “pg dn” share keys on a number pad, 1 and 3 respectively. I understand turning num lock off is involved, but am not quite sure on the exact instructions to assign. Thanks in advance.
  13. Four words. VR. Immersion game changer.
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