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  1. I agree Jaegermeister, I am just over half way through and loving it. Great story line with plenty of variety. Thanks for putting it together as I mostly do just single player career and campaigns.
  2. I have a pimax and it does the same, I don't think it is an HP Reverb thing. (Unless it is a Reverb and Pimax thing only?)
  3. I hear you (so Voice Attack is even better in Elite Dangerous!) but at the end of the day you are not really winding a canopy open or closed with some kind of winder either. Pressing two keys together on a keyboard, working a combination of buttons on a warthog or saying "open canopy" all achieve the same end, it's just that in VR Voice Attack suits best for some functions as the keyboard is too difficult and my force feedback joystick and throttle don't have a enough buttons to map everything. No, I have not played multiplayer with Comms as yet. Still quite new and have been concentrating on single player careers and scripted campaigns. J5 Hellcat seems to have it sorted though, I expect that is the way to go.... When the time comes.
  4. As J5 _Hellcat_ suggests, Voice Attack is what you need. I just say “lights” and the cockpit lights switch on (or off). “Canopy” and the canopy opens (or closes).. and the list goes on. No need to touch a keyboard at all.
  5. Interesting thoughts JtD. I know when I fly the Bf 109s I am always reassured by seeing how much ammo I still have -it will sometimes affect my decision making. The use of coloured tracer to indicate when on the last few dozen rounds could be useful, but I’m not sure that can be arranged in the game. Big Al, I would not be in favour of ammo counters as a mod if they were not really a true thing for a given aircraft.
  6. It seems very odd that the tempest and spitfires don't have ammunition counters or gauges so that it can be seen at a glance how much ammunition in the cannon, machine guns (or both) is left. Why would the British decide that such gauges were unnecessary?
  7. Thanks to Nibbio, Wju and Lefuneste for working this out. I can now check my six nicely, and this is a great complimentary aid to Lefuneste’s zoom views in Migoto. Yep, playing IL2 now involves steam, steamvr, pi tool, voice attack, Joy2key, sometimes OpenVR to turn off chaperone, and now Driver4VR. Whew! But still, final result is worth it!
  8. I am wondering if this is being used by anybody? I am quite happy with my current settings, Lefunestes great mid for zooming and normal or small FOV, it’s pretty smooth. But then, I am always wondering can it be better still? I have not seen any mention of 120 Hz mode being used by anybody in IL2, maybe there’s a good reason for this. (Ie, not quite working or awaiting some pitool tweaks?) Any comments from the learned people on the forum? Thanks in advance. ,
  9. Hi Lefuneste, I have a Pimax 5k+ and am always in VR on IL2. The path is: program files(x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>il2 stumovok Battle of Stalingrad>MODS>3Dmigoto_VRBOS_17.0.01>bin>game>then folders and dll files Do I have this all correct? Actually, the folder 3Dmigoto_VRBOS_17.O.1 is also in the IL2 Stumovik Battle of Stalingrad folder also, so is there twice. Both inside the MODS folder and outside. Could that be the problem?
  10. I’m sorry to be such an idiot, but I am having trouble getting this mod (zoom settings particularly but maybe if they aren’t working, nothing is). I have had it working before when the mod was preconfigured already for pimax5k+ so I guess I didn’t really need to set it up in the first place, just assign keys to joystick. V 17.01 is in the mods folder, and I have used JGME to activate it. I have mods enabled in IL2. Pressing insert key or home or page up does nothing in the zoom department - maybe that is to be expected if the default at the start is turned off? Then how do I turn it on, so I can then use L Alt and F9 and see the new instructions on the screen telling me which keys are used to adjust the Zoom settings? I suppose I have missed something basic but any help to get the zooms working with v 17 and then new hot fix version of IL2 like they were previously would be much appreciated.
  11. 486 NZ squadron flying tempests from Volkel in November '44. Missions are all quite short and start on the ground. The shortest was a 3min flight to strafe an enemy aerodrome just across the the lines and then home for tea and buns.
  12. Hi Fenris, I used the Lefuneste Mod presets adjusted for pimax5+ 14.0 above, and put that in the JSGME to enable. All pretty good, it just worked like I couldn't manage with the regular Migoto mod. Now there is the new release of IL2 and Lefuneste v15.0. What do I need to do to get things working as per 14.0 in 15.0? Thanks.
  13. You forget the addition of VR which takes the immersion to new levels. I personally bought into FC for the VR alone and don't regret it for a second. I obviously hope for FCv2 and v3 as soon as possible.
  14. Thanks Pat, love your work and am enjoying my multiple pilot careers I have working across BOS and now FC. I think I have a small bug for you. I have created a career in 56 squadron and was unable to assign skins for the lower half of pilots listed on the far right on the pilot screen as there is a brass plaque in the lower right which expands in size and overlays the lower half of the pilots so that I am unable to select them. Similarly, I am unable to select the plane on each individual pilots screen which I think should take me to skins selection also. The pilot photo (selection) just above does work however. I hope this makes sense. I am not sure if this is just a problem with 56 RFC or applies to all squadrons. Not a biggie to be sure, but I thought you might like to know.
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