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  1. @ Mc Leod: Like explained in previous post: because of this: Also had a lot of issues while stuck in an endless error loop with PayPal a year or so ago which was never resolved - and stopped using that altogether as well. It was an Ebay/PayPal thing (which is basically the same animal) and talking sense into getting the people from Ebay to work together with their PayPal colleagues in order to correct an Ebay error that is impeding my PayPal account is completely impossible. I'm not going to waste another minute trying to get that working nor go into the details - it's just not worth it. @Ivan Dolvich I'm no expert but Sofort and Directpay work with a combination of your ATM card, a cardreader, your pincode and a window of time to proceed with the transaction which will trigger the correct 8 digit signature - Nothing is cached on your computer. I think this is about as safe as I want it to be before it becomes cumbersome in terms of user friendliness. Unlike your CC number which is saved in your browser - both Sofort and Directpay open a window that makes you enter your card number every time again - inconvenient for some - but I do like the extra measure. Again, I thank Matt, who has gotten me a preorder of Bodenplatte premium that I am now anticipating to play. Took us about 24 Hours to get things done. Vielen Dank.
  2. @ Dakpilot - Was already thinking along those lines, but since Matt has offered, might as well do it that way. @ Matt - Thanks for the offer Matt. If you can send me your IBAN and your Name, that should suffice to send you the money - send me a PM or something in that nature if you don't want to put your bank account number on the forums for some reason. According to Google 80 USD is about 67.31 Euros. If that sum is ok for you then you should be able to have a couple of beers with the 10 percent off deal on Bodenplatte at the moment. Let me know. I would like the premium edition so I can fly the 'Gabelschwanzteufel' and the 'Dora'. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-bodenplatte/ Not sure if you need to add a check box mark with an optional 'Steam Key' since I do like to keep my games sorted. Vielen dank.
  3. @Hauggy Sofort or Directpay (Steam has them both) works the same way as Credit Cards, but you just pay instantaneously with your regular ATM bank card - also via internet - I believe this is possible all over Europe now - I don't believe to be the proverbial Oddball here coming straight from "kelly's heroes". :-D My credit card expired and I did not fancy to jump all the hoops again required by the bank to provide me a new one since I don't travel abroad as much as I used to where a CC is a must have. I have relocated and used to live in Antwerp - problem is that Banksys (the credit card issuing company) does not want to send the card to my new address - they want me to go to the bank physically because that is the procedure. The bank is only open 4 days a week and I cannot go there by car because since May we have a Low Emmission Zone in effect for older cars; in Antwerp of all places where the industry and harbour screws up the bit of fresh air - meaning I cannot enter the town by car because it is polluting the air too much according to egghead politics. I phoned the bank, and although they are very much aware of my new address, they just plainly refuse to send me the credit card to where I currently live. In the year 2017 where anything can be done online, you still need to go to the bank physically only to slide your identity card through their cardreader in order to get your credentials validated to gain access to the money you worked for and a piece of plastic you end up paying service fees for each month. Only in this case you're the one providing the service to the bank and doing all the logistical work to comply with their mandatory procedures. So instead of having to take a day off work, drive 35 Km to the suburbs of Antwerp, park my car outside of the LEZ, take the tram or bus, go to the bank, swipe my ID, and do the whole shabam in reverse order, just to renew my CC, I said 'fack it, you can cancel my credit card then'. Also had a lot of issues while stuck in an endless error loop with PayPal a year or so ago - and stopped using that altogether as well. So, no, I have no issues with payments online at all - nor have I got issues with the 80 USD price of Bodenplatte which if it looks like BOM and BOS will be the bees knees. The error I made here was to suggest to put the new content up on Steam - since I am used to its convenience both in game access and in payment, instead of suggesting to add alternative payment options to the IL2 store. Unfortunately I cannot change the title of my original post. I guess people would have been less biased regarding their answers and the Steam comments would have been non existent. I've been using Steam for about as long as I can remember and its competitor GOG as well, and was not that aware of 'where the funds go' as much as some people here regarding Steam, and I perfectly understand their reasoning now. The cool thing about IL 2 is that the regions are very detailed so I was curious to see if I could use some of the military staff charts that I must still have somewhere to navigate the area. Cities like Malmedy, Elsenborn and Dinant through which I used to drive every Friday and Sunday for numerous years for example, I'm just very curious how they will all look in their product and I am really looking forward to fly the P-38 in VR - which at the moment I can only do in another civilian oriented VR flight sim in the beautiful Swiss Alps.
  4. @Hobotango - Thanks for that - you are actually the second person after Dakpilot to understand the reason of my posting and posting an adequate answer to it. What I was expecting - was a reply from the devs since I posted this in the forum I believed was meant for such purpose... Developer assistance / Suggestions. ...what I got in return is a lot of pointless blurt as Boo put it - who also failed in the process to write something meaningful relating to my suggestion / question: I already apologized for my flak to the people who deserved it - so that is that - I will just ignore the ones I deem fit to be ignored instead of returning fire. @Hauggy - Operation Bodenplatte happened during the Battle Of The Bulge - which occurs in the Ardennes - which is situated at the border between Belgium and Germany. I have lived in that area (not at that time though) and it would be great to relive countless hours spent in 'Jane's WW2 fighters' in VR this time with IL-2. Let me quote wikipedia on this as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Bodenplatte The plan of Bodenplatte called for a surprise attack against 16 Allied air bases in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.[19] The object was to destroy or cripple as many Allied aircraft, hangars and airstrips as possible. Every fighter and fighter-bomber Geschwader (Wing) currently occupied with air defence along the Western Front was redeployed. Additional night-fighter units (Nachtjagdgeschwader) and medium bomber units (Kampfgeschwader) acted as pathfinders. The strike formations themselves were mostly single-engine Messerschmitt Bf 109 and Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighters.[2] You will also see that the majority of the targets of battle on that page are in Belgium as well and I know the area well - much more than the Russian front. I hope this helps understand why I as a Belgian am so interested in that product. I'd like to add that there is nothing illogic about my post and that your answer makes my eyes roll with a facepalm to top it all off. Dakota already provided a logical answer and Hobotango understood what I meant, but I am still waiting on news from the devs regarding this. I am sure I am not the only one who does not use paypal / credit cards as I shall now put it. If the devs wish their product to be sold even more through their website they will need to provide more than just creditcard options - or see a substantial part of their revenue lost due to Steam sales that would otherwise go directly to them.
  5. @56RAF_Roblex Rude? Coming from someone who sais something in the lines of : "You've got all the options you need to buy the game... What else are you asking for?" - which sounds very condescending given the fact that the second sentence in my OP said this: "However you boys don't give us the ability to purchase via directpay like Steam does" and should have given you a hint as to what I was aiming at, or trigger a question like 'what is directpay' - which I then would have answered in a completely different manner. So I was under the impression that the anti-steam league in my wake was going to be flogging me with their dogmas again, and really got fed up with it this time and put 1 and 1 together and returned fire. So, if you genuinely wanted to help me, I apologize for assuming that your reply was what I thought it was. I hope it is now clear in my second post what I meant that I cannot purchase and support the devs given their limited options for payment on their website. Should they add the option as stated in my reply to Dakpilot, who did not receive the flak the tree of you got because his answer was not dubious, I would be glad to oblige.
  6. @ Dakpilot, Thanks for your input. That explains a lot now since there is a lot of Early Access games available on Steam - but I didn't understand that it had implications regarding availability for DLC content. What the devs could do for example is set up an IBAN account where one could pay the price of a chosen game together with an invoice number and once the sum is safe and sound on their account, make a download of the game available and have it activated via the sturmovik website as usual. That way people would not be dependent on Steam for that option. Last but not least; some people do not like Steam - well, I do. It keeps all games neatly together, I don't need to save gigabytes of installation files offline and I don't need to worry about updates. I'm also a fan of GOG.com which Steamopats hate with a passion - to each his own. Guess I will need to wait a little longer to fly Operation Bodenplatte. Shame.
  7. What I fail to understand is that 3 people in the heat of the moment did not read my post carefully and charged like a bull on a red flag with anti-Steam rethorics - I was under the impression that this is not the War Thunder crowd and you are all adults, right? I am not a Steam employee who wishes to make extra profit for the platform or some troll who posts stupid irrelevant spam because I'm a noob with one post, so do not assume I am - it is rude. @56RAF_Roblex and Field-Ops Since a warm welcome was too much to ask for and you didn't even make the effort to read the second sentence in my post and put it so bluntly chaps, what I want is the DIRECTPAY option (bank wire transfer) to purchase either from the devs directly - which is NOT possible at the moment through their website, but IS possible through Steam - or - the devs putting their stuff up for sale on Steam so people WITHOUT the paypal/creditcard option - who are just as greedy as Steam is - can purchase their product. Or are you both Banksys employees and should I assume you work for Paypal ? On another note, if Steam would not have any of the IL-2 BOS packages, I would not have been able to buy them, which means NO income at all for the devs - never mind what Steam does with a part of the cake. As a matter of fact I tried to purchase directly from the website but couldn't because of that - hence my suggestion to put these packages on the Steam platform without commercial motives that would be beneficial to Steam. I'm a gamer and a customer who wishes to purchase not a salesman who wishes to make a percentage off Steam sales profit. Does my question make sense now or should I repeat it again for the cheap seats!?!
  8. I have seen that Bodenplatte (which I certainly want since I am Belgian), kuban as well as the JU-52 are available on your store. However you boys don't give us the ability to purchase via directpay like Steam does. It would be good to have these products in the steam store as well alongside those that are already listed. Any feedback and follow up on this would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great show.
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