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  1. @BM357_TinMan: that's exactly what I found although a couple of friends have the latest higher res types and swear by it. However I already have the 'real estate' of my monitors and the DCS immersion is great with viewports but I have had to go back to one monitor in IL-2 due to the stretching. @SeaSerpent: I fly with my squad buddies, usually in spread formations, and as I said in earlier posts it is impossible to judge separation in the side monitors due to the stretching. I suspect Jason won't bother with viewports because of VR which is a great shame because it means we will have to fork out around £2,000 to upgrade our GPUs and buy the VR kit on top of our already high spec PCs.. That's not going to happen any time soon for many players and some will never go VR. It would be nice to hear from Jason on this.
  2. Hi again SYN_Vander. Is it possible to create larger flights? Our Squad has 10 - 12 guys online on a good night and up to three fighter sections of four would be great or 8 fighters and 4 bombers (we fly both). I know there is the server load issue but we could adjust the numbers to suit the server.
  3. Absolutely! I already had three monitors when Rift was just a twinkle in its mother's eye. Anyway, although Rift, etc, 'puts you in the cockpit' (I have tried it but didn't like the resolution issue) a four monitor setup goes a long way towards the same result. I bought 1 first then 2 then 1 more over time. If someone was going to spend $600 on four monitors I would definitely suggest VR except for, IMHO, the shortcomings of no switchable IL-2 cockpit or finger touch facility to go with it and of course the price tag of around $1400 for the latest. If you use the keyboard or programmed panels like CHM you can't see them and HOTAS doesn't deliver enough. So c'mon Jason. Help us out here?
  4. I may be misunderstanding but I meant the custom settings in the DServer such as icons, padlock, etc. I don't see the sds file for the Coop generated by your utility (looks good btw) so perhaps I am not understanding. I am used to setings these up for Dogfigbt servers and assumed your utility was generating one.... somewhere
  5. Could you add options for Custom configuration of server?
  6. We have been waiting a long time for the future development plans whcih included "re-vamped triple monitor support" but which link has now become broken. 'Muiti-monitor' or Triple Screen was addressed some time ago but only resulted in a three-screens-wide graphic view which produces very bad stretching on the side screens. Nothing has been done to provide multi-monitor viewports as in DCS. Yes, I fly DCS too but my Squad is firmly based here in IL-2 BG. Given that this is a combat simulation and it is common practice to fly line abreast or finger four it is impossible to maintain formation because the stretched side views give a false impression of how far apart we are. The stretching gets worse the further left or right we look and frequently the pair on the far side of a four ship spread look closer than the leader. It is so bad that for IL-2 BG I have gone back to single screen with side screens turned off, in other words I have gone back years in capability due to the IL-2 BG graphics limitations. It really is disappointing to have to live in the past. I believe there are many triple screen users out there who share this view. I expect there is much focus on improving VR but I am not sold on VR especially in IL-2 BG with no clickable cockpit because of the need to work 'blind' with keys and controls so multi-monitor will remain my first choice for the foreseeable future. Can we please have true multi-monitor support with adjustable viewports including the capability of a fourth monitor below for instruments? This gives very good immersion close to that provided by VR, is more 'user friendly' and at a far more economical cost.
  7. Then IMHO it's badly titled, badly conceived and short on aircraft particularly the Typhoon which was a major player throughout that period and, yes, I'd then agree the SpitXIV.
  8. My Bad. What I really meant was that it was billed as their high altitude defence fighter whilst Bodenplatte was essentially a low level LW GA mission. There is a limit to what they will churn out for Bodenplatte and it has already been declared. The Spit XIV can come later.
  9. No. Later maybe, a nice to have but not relevant to Bodenplatte. <<<< EDIT My Bad. What I really meant was that it was billed as their high altitude defence fighter whilst Bodenplatte was essentially a low level LW GA mission. What should have been included is the Typhoon. Whilst not as glamorous as the Tempest, three times as many RAF Squadrons in the OOB were Typhoons compared with the Tempest but I am really looking forward to the Tempest
  10. How do I reset my password on the stat forum? http://coconutside.eu:8080/en/profile/login/
  11. Sorry to return so late to this but if by 'scale selections' you mean adjust how many AI missions are actually released, and when, you can set the counter "Counter Random Sorties " to say five and it will only release five. With six possibilities it extends the repeatability of the scenario and of course you would adjust the output timers to suit 5 missons within the Dserver timeout.
  12. if it's coconut specific you could try posting here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32801-coconuts-dynamic-campaign-expert-and-normal/?page=19
  13. We have been experiencing the same but have found that most of us do get in after a while. Several people have suggested it is the inability of the server to admit too many people at once, sort of a queue? Have you tried low numbers of connections servers?
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