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  1. As I said succinctly in another topic. The main issue is trying to create a single turret control model for all players. You can't please everyone doing that. The solution ? Easy, make two or three controls models (they could even use the older ones) and make them options. This way players could choose the one that fits them best and go enjoy the game.
  2. It could. Developers could make it an option, were player can switch between two or three turret control models (we already had 2 at least) with one more tailored to joystick controls and another to mouse control, and maybe a mixed one.
  3. In its current state, nearly 2 year after its release in alpha, tank crew is (sadly) not a product that will appeal to anyone aside from people wanting to actively support the studio, especially at the current price. Sound design, visual effects, graphics outside of tank models (which are the only good thing for now), none of it is up to what you would expect from a 70$ game, especially after years of alpha. I already went into great length detailing those issues in previous posts, I won't do it again here. Yes, you can have fun with it, the same way some people can hav
  4. - Sound design is awful and unfinished - Every shot that hits your tank plays the same (garbage) shaking effect with explosion.wav, metal_sound.wav playing in the background. No difference between bounce, explosions, shattering, penetration... - There is no way to distinguish between your shell penetrating your target or shattering/exploding on it's hull, aside from the tank catching fire/exploding/Crew bailing; because there is a single impact effect for each shell type. - Awful turret controls that tries to emulate a joystick, randomly when you switch from commander to gunner it
  5. The developers lack of communication on the current state of the game and that fact a solid chunk of players focused only on the positives aspects of TC (that are few and far between right now) weren't conducive to educated buying decisions. All their previews entries, even in early access, had a solid functional engine as their basis. The part in early access being mostly the map and the planes. With TC it's the opposite almost, the tanks are mostly done (only 2 left) but everything else is not what you would expect after almost two years of early access. Once aga
  6. Ludicrous ! Aren't they afraid someone will steal it from them ?! Naive fools ! That nonsense aside, this is exactly what I would welcome in IL2 TC. No need for more details than that.
  7. I don't see how having Pz4s available on the German side in greater quantities would prevent you from going in a Pz3s and get your challenge. 🤷‍♂️ I can get the "challenge" argument in a single player mission. But in multiplayer having one side heavily advantaged (T-34s have better armor, better mobility, etc than pz3s) is not fun for most people. Yes, you can kill T-34s in a Pz3, but you'll have to do a lot more efforts than your opponent to prevail. And yes, some people might enjoy that but that's no reason to impose it to everyone else. Tank Crew is already a nich
  8. 1. Yes, but the most active servers that do have aircraft and tanks. Your fun will greatly vary depending on the population on said server : you can either drive around for hours, shooting at AI emplacements, or engage in intense tanks vs tanks action. 2. Yes you can in online missions (coop or dogfight), the same way you can crew an airplane with gunner positions. 3. Tank Crew was announced in 2017 and we got the alpha in mid 2018. There has been no indication of a date of completion so far. 4. No, or at least, there has been no official statement that I kn
  9. Static weapons and one fortification that I know of (the one with a big square opening and an AT gun poking out) can be destroyed with one well placed shell. The weird wooden fortifications are destructible too. (I don't know the name, they have a triangular roof and are found around front-line bases) But I'm wondering about... Everything else. Every time I encounter a new structure I try to put one or two shells in it, and it never seem to have any effect. Even on structures that are destructible (with bombs) So I wonder if : A) Some structures ca
  10. Anyway, back on topic : How about no ? I'd rather know the values and know what to expect from my shots, whatever said values are, instead of having to guess each time. Especially since the game currently doesn't seem to have different visual effect differentiating a shell penetrating from a shell blowing up on armor (for APHE rounds)
  11. I don't think so. As stated in the Panzer IV wikipedia page : It is a common misconception, and I only learnt about it recently. The Panzer IV Ausf. F2 and G are the same tank, the "F2" got renamed to "G" three month into production. So a 50mm hull tank with the KwK 40 L/43. The armor upgrades were added later, and not to all tanks, and the gun upgrade came the following year.
  12. There are some basic specs in the loadout screen, but more detailed information with penetration values at various angles would be useful. Knowing that a shell penetrates 84mm at 500m doesn't tell you much on how it will perform against the 45mm T-34 upper front plate at the same distance. (it won't go through, but you get the idea) Especially with, for example, the very misleading high pen of the APCR at 0° On that matter having more details on armor values, with an armor viewer for example, would be very welcome. While you can also find those specs online it would be more comfortable to
  13. Hi, After playing for a bit on the server, I noticed that there was an issue when a "tank base" is occupied by enemy tanks : respawning is certain death**. It is a common occurrence since you often need to get inside it to destroy all the targets. Sometimes there are two front and you can just give up this one and go to the other, but often there is only one. Having a back-up spawn one or two kilometers back from the base would be a nice solution, allowing for counter attacks. ** : When you spawn your tank appears before you get control of it, and even then you need to start the en
  14. While I love tanks, and I have high hopes for this content with further updates, I can't share most of positivity displayed in this topic. While the tanks are gorgeous, and very immersive to drive around, doing anything else with them is still very underwhelming. The biggest culprit is the sound design. Even with your head popped out you can barely hear anything. Other tanks firing, shells flying past, event explosion or impact near you, you will barely hear any of that. When you are a shoot at, being a shell hitting you, or an explosive detonating near you, it will play the same sound a
  15. I've played a few hours in the new scripted campaigns, and to me the most jarring thing was the sound design. Or the lack of it. Everything outside of your own tank is just plain awfull, imho. Other tanks guns firing sound are muffled distant things, even when you are poking your head out of your tank while they fire 3 meters from you. Shells traveling past you make no sounds at all. Impacts on your own tank, from HE or AP are a confusing, barely directional, mix of underwhelming metal and explosion sound. When they work at all. It seems to me that one hit received in 3 actually play
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