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  1. I like the idea - maybe we can get options to have some categories of technochat turned on/off. example: overheat warning removed for added immersion but say radiator leaver position left on. Why? in planes like P-40 you could roughly adjust radiator w/o watching just by knowing where your leave position is. And while we mostly use throttle, rudder, etc for RPM and MAP not many people have enough axis on their sticks to include radiators, etc and they have to use keayborad. w/o techno chat they would have to look down into cabin to see how much it's opened. All I say is that those chats should be grouped and each group given separate on/off option. but overall good idea
  2. or just typical case of over-optimistic PMs not listening to "techies" that say that they need more than 4 hours for that release EDIT: or over-optimistic programmers giving estiamtes w/o contingency that PM have no way to verify. Either way - looks more like PM than technical problem
  3. I wonder if there are still people who rush to buy BoK pre-order :D
  4. is there a way to install normal launcher if one of my modules (BoS) is acquired via steam but rest normally via website? I have decent bandwidth and it might be quicker option for me :D
  5. so - if I have game installed via Steam I'd have to wait longer than others to get it updated?
  6. in TAW when you sign-up for say axis you need to stick with axis for the rest of campign that can take months to end. If I sign up for current day only then it will be better to auto-log on first entry of particular day and prevent me from switching next day. That way I join server and choose side I want and I can base my preference on which side have less/more players and next day I can choose the same or differently - that in my opinion would make more sense
  7. I like the idea of registering ahead of campign but in TAW there are two problems: -no SSL on site that require you to put my email/login in -extremely unbalanced sides - start of TAW often saw games with 1 allied vs 20 axis or 3vs40, etc I think there should be option to switch sides at least temporarily if there is huge disproportion like that. It ain't fun to play where every single AF is vulched by 6+ enemies and there are basically no-one to help. TAW allow you to switch log-in and fight for the other side but I'd rather appreciate option to switch it via website instead and retain my own nick
  8. afaik in game now all HE are m-shells - at least they all behaved the same in my tests
  9. all I say taht for G4 1.37 ATA and 2700 RPM (which is auto for that ATA) give better results than 1.3 ATA and 2800 - not that manually going 2800@1.3 does not help.
  10. I've done some quick test on G4 like this some time ago. IIRC I've used 1.35-1.37ATA (I think it was around 90% throttle and RPM was around 2700) and I've clocked how long it takes for engine to blow up. Then I've tried using lower RPM and higher ATA to match the same speed and then higher RPM and lower ATA and in both times I've clocked the engine again. I do not remember exact results but I remember that it was best to run partial WEP (1.35-1.37ATA) in 109G4 rather than 1.3 ATA and say 2800RPM or 1.42 ATA and 2600RPM. using manual setting give no visible performance gain (or in case of 1.3 ATA@2600 slight performance loss) and does kill your engine even faster than partial auto WEP.
  11. one more thing - if you take pods motorkanone shoots together with MGs using main trigger and pods are under 2nd
  12. I am not talking when you have advantage but even if enemy have slightly more energy but as Tipis said "is out of shooting range" it might be better to just climb instead. If I am slow I will do shallow dive till I hit 400-500kph but then unless I am in immediate danger I will go into shallow 400kph possibly with very wide turn to see enemy. vs all VSS planes (including LaLas and Yak1Bs) there is not even need to go WEP with 109 to pull that off. Hell - even 190 can out-climb any VSS plane from deck to 3,5-4k if both start at similar energy and at least medium speed.
  13. if you ask me pods are great if you fly in at least a pair and can do mutual support. In that case cooperation and ability to get rid of enemy quick is more important than plane's performance 1v1. For solo flights I rarely take them unless I know reds are going heavy and I know there will be bombers to hunt.
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