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  1. For me flying and landing in the dark is what makes this set of missions fabulous! The degree of difficulty should always be a challenge to anyone who plays. Updating the missions, i.e. new planes and such is acceptable, but making it easier should be viewed as unacceptable. Improving one's flying skills through experience should always be foremost.
  2. Thank you Hoss and SYN_Vander for insights. In my case I logged out of my Google account and the download proceeded without a hitch.
  3. Has anyone encountered problems downloading Version 23? My Norton application cancels any attempts by me to download it. It cites the discovery malicious software. Strange as I can download Version 22. Any words would be appreciated.
  4. I see the potential for a lot of good suggestions here. However, whatever the devs attempt to implement, I would hope the commander never becomes a "button monkey." The commander should only be tasking the crew members actions whether they be the driver or gunner. For example, the driver should need to change gears for various reasons and should have the ability to perform those activities. The commander's function is to issues commands (direct and straight-forward) while the crew's function is to make those commands happen. Keeping to the example, the commander should say forward and the driver should control the treads and the accelerator and, ultimately, shift gears..
  5. Either choice is acceptable provided the mission is lively. I also prefer missions that are challenging but not impossible to perform.
  6. Sounds very interesting. Please keep us posted regarding progress.
  7. We might be saying the same thing: 1.) The driver's task should be as complex as possible (including manual gear shifting). 2.) The commander should be issuing direction to the driver and/or gunner. My concern lies in the mechanics of implementing such a situation. In all my game play, I occupy the commander position. When I want to go forward, I depress the up arrow. Is not depressing the up arrow not the same as issuing a forward command? To modify the sim to make issuing a verbal command more complex, say depressing other or more keys is counter productive. Perhaps the key lies in your response? How about adding a delay in response to depressing any of the arrow keys when occupying the commander position?
  8. I am not enamored with this recommendation. When in the driver's position the player should have increased tasking if one desires that. However, players in other positions should retain the option to direct movement of the tank, i.e. forward, reverse or turn.
  9. Looks great! I can hardly wait for your project to be complete.
  10. My thanks to all involved in shepherding these, and other, fixes and improvements to the sim. Also, kudos to those who already posted their appreciation for the efforts put forth on their behalf. I have read so many complaints and negative comments that I was beginning to believe there were no civil users out there.
  11. Panzer III of the 1st SS Panzer Panzergrenadier Division from the Battle of Kursk, July 1943 intercepting a supply convoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o6xy2rbb47z2hc4/Pz_Kpfw_III_Ausf_M.zip/file
  12. Has anyone tried the most current version of GIMP (GIMP 2.10.12)? I seem to be unable to use it to edit/modify files. Also, has anyone used Corel PaintShopPro as a photo editor? It seems to stomp the alpha mask when saving work. I am trying to make skins and only run into problems. Thanks in advance for any pointers or assistance.
  13. Thank you for your response. This ought to be enough to get me started.
  14. Thank you for your work in creating this skin as well as sharing it. On a related note and given my interest in photography, I have learned to work with images via photo editor software. As such, I would like to try my hand at creating skins. Are you aware of any tutorials on the subject? Thank you in advance.
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