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  1. New mission added. Available at the beginning of this topic. Enjoy!
  2. Great observation. I have modified the mission to leave the dead tanks in place. Thanks for your input.
  3. New mission added, "Village Defense." Can be downloaded from the post which started this topic. Enjoy!
  4. I am sorry to say that I understand - a major bummer! I guess I will just have to come up with another mission idea that does not involve the sea shore. Thank you for your input. I was hoping it was just something I had missed.
  5. No joy! I deleted the "msnbin" file, verified the Season Prefix="su" was correct and saved the file. I also opened and saved the mission in the mission editor. The port facilities are still above the ground level. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. I am having the same issue in the Kuban Summer map. I have performed an integrity check - integrity check passed - and am not running the mission editor and game simultaneously. It would appear the port facilities are at a height higher than the surrounding land. Also, I suspect it is related to the same issue, one encounters a "quicksand bog" when driving around the port wall and approaching the sea. Anyone know how to correct the height problem? As far as I know, I have set this map up correctly, i.e. GUI map, season, Terrain Presets and importing all four terrain templates. I have the same problem at the seaside ports in the Kuban map I have sampled.
  7. New mission added, "River Crossing Bridgehead." Can be downloaded from first post.
  8. You cannot not turn it off in the mission editor. The performance is hard coded by the developers.
  9. With a recent release, the developers provided players with increased control of their vehicle. As a tank commander you can instruct the other members/positions of what to perform. While in the tank commander position depress the tilde key. This will launch a screen full of available orders to be issued to the other crew members. Some of the options also drill-down to other commands. There are commands therein which address targeting and firing of the main gun.
  10. For your use and enjoyment are Tank Crew single player missions that I've created. I will post new missions as they become available. These take some time to create so posting will not happen every day. 1. Long Range Interdiction: Long Range Interdiction.zip 2. River Crossing Bridgehead: River Crossing Bridgehead.zip 3. Village Defense: Village DefenseV2.zip 4. March to Battle: March to Battle.zip
  11. As a means to expedite mission building, ensuring that each object has a representative image would be a great help. It is somewhat frustrating to attempt to select a Vehicle and not see an image. The only alternative at this point is to add the unknown object to the mission map and zoom in to X magnification. I realize this is not an earth shaking suggestion, but I suppose it would everyone's use of the editor.
  12. All the tanks from Tank Crew are available for use in QMB. Select the map you want to use, click on it and another screen will appear enabling you to select any tank you desire. Click on the double arrow symbol ( >> ) under the "Your Vehicle" sub-screen and select which side you want to engage on. A list of tanks available will then appear for your selection.
  13. For me flying and landing in the dark is what makes this set of missions fabulous! The degree of difficulty should always be a challenge to anyone who plays. Updating the missions, i.e. new planes and such is acceptable, but making it easier should be viewed as unacceptable. Improving one's flying skills through experience should always be foremost.
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