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  1. I would encourage you to take up single-player missions. From what i gleaned from your post I imagine your missions would be both challenging and interesting. Here's hoping you create a mission or two soon. Regards.
  2. Thank you for your assistance. It was, indeed, the info.local=eng.text that was holding the old mission name and displaying it the Scripted Campaign screen. This has corrected the issue I was wrestling with. I really appreciate your interest and assistance.
  3. Thanks for your response. I changed the name of the campaign in its primary file within the Campaigns Folder per the attached image. I, thereupon, deleted the ctreecache file and later the mtreecache as act of frustration. Am I going about this wrong?
  4. I am creating a scripted campaign and decided to change the campaign's name. I added the new name to the campaign's file located in the Campaigns folder and upon launching the sim I noted the old campaign name was being displayed on the Scripted Campaign screen. I have deleted both the ctreecache and mtreecache files, but the old file name is still being displayed. Does anyone know where the old campaign name is being held? Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice provided.
  5. Note the provided link leads to a Patreon web portal. Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or "patrons". Access to guide will cost you $$$$.
  6. Jason, My hat is off to you. I only read the forum and have no skin in the game (such as you do.) I have tried to accustom myself to the continuous complaining, ranting and negativity that I see across the forum's spectrum. You, however, seem to be grounded. Please keep up the good work. It is appreciated by myself and, I am confident, by others. Thank you for being yourself. Tom
  7. Thank you for these. I have already added them to my preview folder. Thank you once again.
  8. A vote for supporting the creators of this sim would also be appropriate. I trust the folks that run the sim to decide when to release Normandy. Nobody will ever please everyone. Sit back, consume an adult beverage and wait. What we get will be usable and functional.
  9. New mission added; "Hold the High Ground." The mission is available to download at the beginning of this topic. Be aware that this mission contains a few twists. Mission success requires the destruction of the Soviet commander. The commander can be killed by yourself or other members of your command. You may even need to venture onto the battlefield to destroy him. This all depends on how the mission evolves as there are several random events in it. Second, keep a wary eye on the circling IL-2s. They are armed with bombs, rockets and guns They quite capable of destroying you. If you suspect you are being targeted, engage in evasive maneuvers. Above all, enjoy!
  10. It would be a darned shame if TC was curtailed. Seems like "throttling the baby in the bathwater" to me. I came for the planes, but stayed mainly for the tanks. From what I have observed over the past years of using IL-2, the issues with TC can be overcome. (They certainly have on the aviation side of the coin.) It will just take some commitment by the folks that run IL-2. I have a lot of respect for the devs but if they cannot correct issues mentioned herein it might be time to find some who can. Just fix the problems and get on with it!
  11. Outstanding! I certainly hope everyone appreciates how much easier you have made everyone's life. A million thanks.
  12. New mission added. Available at the beginning of this topic. Enjoy!
  13. Great observation. I have modified the mission to leave the dead tanks in place. Thanks for your input.
  14. New mission added, "Village Defense." Can be downloaded from the post which started this topic. Enjoy!
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