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  1. Thank you. I appreciate that you took the time to do this. I am sure the rest of the community feels the same.
  2. First, thank you to all of you who provided suggestions to remedy my problem. As none of them solved my problem, I decided to add a tank column to the mission to change its dynamics and obviate the reason I wanted the sound file to play. When I played the mission, I could not find the column within the mission map nor by cycling the F5 key. I could find it internal to the Mission Editor and checked to see that I had properly added target and object links. No joy. For some reason I moved my player vehicle adjacent to the new column and it became visible and appeared to be functioning properly. Appeared is the key word. The T-34s in the column advanced as I directed them to until they suddenly started driving in reverse. Some even followed a circular route while in reverse. I, then, changed the vehicles to KV-1s and the reverse driving was not evident. Upon moving my player vehicle back to its original position, the new column disappeared again. Given all the resident apps on my PC are functioning correctly, I have concluded the problem(s) I am experiencing reside internal the Sturmovik app. I will wait until the next upgrade is published and check to see if whatever is ailing it is corrected. I would also hope that the next upgrade is given a more thorough and detailed test and review prior to its release.
  3. Yes, I clicked the Open Button and the selected MP3 file did not appear in the blank field beneath "Browse."
  4. Moved the Media folder to the Mission folder, no joy. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. After adding a Media Translator MCU to a single mission under development, I have set the Translator to "Play Sound" and surfed to the MP3 file I want to use. After opening the file, its location does not populate the the blank field beneath the "Browse" button. As such the ME will not link to the file. Does this function still work? Any advice? Thanks in advance for input.
  6. Is there some way we individual users can help ourselves? For example, limit the number of single missions and/or scripted campaigns left resident in the game. As a matter of convenience I have moved some single missions to an external folder as the list of missions to select internal to the sim became too lengthy to be useful. I anticipate moving them back to the "missions" folder at some time in the future. I don't anticipate deleting them until re-saves no longer make them usable after future upgrades. I also recall an event where I used a third party application which changed a setting which caused hundreds (if not thousands) of text files to be written to the app's main folder. My logic is reducing the amount of work the app needs to open/perform.
  7. It works! Thank you very much. Now I'll have new challenges to overcome when the local weather turns to rain later this afternoon.
  8. The download link results in an "item was deleted" message. Can this be corrected? Thank you in advance.
  9. A new single-player mission for the tankers. The terrain in this mission is smooth enough to experiment with "on-the-move" shooting. Also, elements of air combat are included so watch what is happening above your head. Enjoy! (Version 4.503 Compliant} Airfield Annihilation.zip
  10. Nope. Open Windows Explorer and surf to the Viewer folder as illustrated then double-click the Viewer icon.
  11. You might try using the Viewer. It is located the Viewer folder within the Bin folder. I recommend using the Windows Explorer app to access the main folder of the IL-2 program and then drilling down as mentioned in the preceding.
  12. Here is the file I have on my PC. I needed to convert the files to binary for it run. I randomly selected one mission and it ran. Enjoy. Panzer_Marsch.zip
  13. A new mission for all the tankers. I admit to having difficulties in putting this mission together following all the updates posted in the last months. The tanks and the Mission Editor just perform differently. A few notes: the attacking IL-2s can damage and/or destroy the bridge. Do not tarry as the longer it takes to get across the bridge the odds that the IL-2s will defeat your crossing attempt increase. On a related note, if the opening fire fight damages or destroys the lead tank in the attack column, the following tanks will not move. Either restart the mission or ram the lead tank to move it to the side. Once you do that, the attack will resume. You can push stalled tanks aside either on the ground or on the bridge. For those of you that dabble with the Mission Editor, try moving the IL-2 attack area center closer to the bridge. Doing so will increase the accuracy of the attacking aircraft. Increased accuracy leads to lower chances of getting across the bridge. For more frustration in crossing the bridge, change out the weapons load on the IL-2s. Bombs damage and/or destroy with increased odds rather than rockets. (Compatible with Version 4.503) Enjoy! Attack at Dusk.zip
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