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  1. I downloaded the attached TC tank controls list from the Forum. I do not recall who posted it, or where. I am not trying to steal anyone's hard earned kudos, just helping a brother tanker.. Il-2 Tank Crew Default Key Mapping Listing Ver. 3.012.zip
  2. Sorry to hear about your computer. I know this is a major event. Hopefully your repair shop is highly competent and responsive. As for your data, I wish you the best of luck in reconstituting it. Hardware can be replaced, but data is a whole different thing. I will keep my eyes open to see how you are progressing.
  3. Hi Thad, I am now looking forward to your new mission with some trepidation. The recent update has raised the level of difficulty in tank scenarios tremendously. Hopefully, the breadth of improvements has not made the mission editor more difficult, as well. Thanks again for your efforts.
  4. You caught me by surprise with this. I have never claimed to be a historian, but your comments are totally beyond my understanding of this battle. I know you well enough to question your input - this is a totally new perspective. I will need a few days to digest this. You have totally managed to blow my mind! Once again, it seems that popular folklore is not totally consistent with the facts. I suspect this post will attract a lot of commentary. I suspect the next few days will be interesting.
  5. Thanks for the mission. It is a real lug fest! Also and just as importantly, thanks for the assistance with 7zip and the provision of a zip file. Can't enjoy the mission without it being made nor the ability to open the mission file. Have I said "thanks' yet?
  6. Just finished reading the comments and watched the video. My advice to the naysayers is to just move along.
  7. I have tried to open the file, but have not been successful. 7zip is a new compression tool to me. Any advice? I have downloaded and installed the 7zip application. It remains a puzzle.
  8. This looks very interesting. If I am understanding all the implications of the scenario, the Mission Editor is much more powerful than I suspected and way beyond my limited skills. Hats off to you Thad! I will be watching this posting for future updates.
  9. The statue looks like Barmaley Fountain to me. The fountain has been featured in a few movies and historical documentaries that I am aware of. It stood in the center of Stalingrad beginning in the 1930s.
  10. It took more than one try, but I did win a mission. My PzIIIm suffered significant battle damage during the course of the battle. I also obtained a win with the Tiger. The Tiger is quite a ride - its gun enables it to reach further than its opponents and when it suffers a hit the effect is minimal.
  11. Excellent update! The PzIII-m version is a real slug fest. I could not win as I entered town with only 7 AP rounds in my possession and my extra armor shot away. The T-70 I encountered just short of the finish line did me in big time. I need to rethink my strategy as a lack of ammo will get one nowhere.
  12. Just downloaded and installed an update. (I do not use Steam.)
  13. Yes, the other tanks in the attack column will cross the bridge although not immediately. Here is a screen print from one of my plays......
  14. If you can do it, add a few gun emplacements on the far side of the bridge with the capability to blow it. Eliminating the emplacements prior to crossing the bridge should be a must. Also, a time element would be interesting. Say X minutes upon the attacking unit reaching the bridge.
  15. No, I would not say it was too easy. I applied several of the strategies and maneuvers I learned playing other tank missions. Had I not had that practice and experience I would have certainly ended up dead.
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