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  1. We will review last night's events as soon as the rest of the admins are available. For now I would recommend taking a break and not unnecessarily escalating it further.
  2. Fly, a few days ago I spent the better part of my evening investigating claims that you were being targeted by a few players for doing exactly what you mentioned above, and ended up banning two. The next day I had a voice chat with one of them to make it clear that we will not tolerate this behaviour and unbanned him, with the understanding that if he was caught spying on opposing voice comms again he would be perma-banned. So to say that we allow players to cheat is really not fair.
  3. The problem that brings is that it increases the chances of people giving information to their wingmen on voice comms they would otherwise not be aware of, and can be considered as an exploit.
  4. I feel betrayed. I'm a founder and admin and I'm not aware of this spotting perk. I'm going to have to raise the matter at our next meeting πŸ™„
  5. πŸ™ Why is Discord not an option?
  6. Thanks 😁 Just to clarify: We are not the first to conceive of the idea of air racing in IL-2, however, we would like to promote and host regular air racing events on our second server, and we will be using Sturmovikfest to determine if there is enough support to make it viable. We are still finalizing how participation in the launch races will be managed. Obviously some form of control will be needed to avoid utter chaos πŸ™‚ Discord is a requirement for taking part in the air races as that is what the admins will be using to communicate & coordinate everyone during the events.
  7. Here's an example from xJammer's last session on Combat Box. 10 kills, 2 deaths in one hour. This is just another day for him, and I've seen him do this many times. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/511321/?tour=21 https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/511252/?tour=21 https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/511170/?tour=21
  8. Make sure you haven't enabled the server filters (hide servers with password or bad connection). Which servers do you see?
  9. Correct, and the actual number is probably less than that. We are still testing the software to make sure that it doesn't have false positives. The software isn't up and running yet, we need to get this absolutely 100% reliable before it goes live. As far as I know a 10km bubble is not an option for the future.
  10. You have been banned temporarily for attacking players on the ground at player airfields. The ban expires at 23:50 UTC. "Attacking enemy players on the ground or within 30 seconds of takeoff is not allowed". We are currently testing new software that will identify all violations of this rule, so that we do not have to wait for players to submit reports (if they do). The new software that detects vulchers found over 100 incidents for March/April.
  11. Not on the current maps, but we are looking into adding it in future maps if it proves to work reliably.
  12. We do have a few issues with Mitchell's Men that we are in the process of fixing.
  13. That's a great idea, should be easy to automate πŸ™‚ It will also avoid any accusations of bias as it's up to the players as to which banner is displayed πŸ˜…
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