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  1. I am sorry I forgot to add that I was more focusing on the elevator but in aileron control as you said they nailed it.
  2. One thing I am curious about is how they modelled its weight or inertia. For a plane that is suppose to be light on the stick it sure reacts differently. Its instantaneous performance in game is rather lacking and the old flight model was better in this regard(while being worse a lot of others). They did get the mush of controls right though. Just to be clear I am not talking about how well it turns in a circle. The plane feels heavier/slower to rotate than bigger planes to the point it is a bit off.
  3. This is a extremely common phenomenon and many people like to abuse it online. An argument could be made that when they do that they are putting themselves in a horrible position where they can get shot down. On the other hand, when its more in a 1 vs 1 situation they get away with it. This abuse of the FM coupled with spray and pray tactics (silly I know), they try to land a single cannon/heavy machine gun explosive hit to cripple your plane aerodynamically and more or less remove all combat effectiveness. Happens often to me in the p47 and p38 because they are big tar
  4. When it comes to the P47 in game the non 150oct vs the 150oct are very different beasts. There is also a noticable difference D28 vs D22 and how heavy you load the plane with guns, ammo etc.... You also have to know what settings to use to squeeze every bit of performance out of it. How high you fly it is also extremely important. You really have to pick your fights. For the D28 150oct variant: At lower alts speed is comparable in 1944 but completely outclassed 45. From testing (low alt) it has similar speed retention in a straight line to an A8 and vertically a G14 (for
  5. I am having this problem too when I click it the UI does not show it. I do not really use it but when I checked I thought something was broken.
  6. Planes you love to hate: F6F Hellcat. I like the F4F wildcat, F4U and F8F but I just can not stand the F6F. I know its a very good plane with performance and history. Just generally not a fan of the way it looks. If I had to go off a plane I love to hate in IL2 probably the Bf 110 or tempest.
  7. Hurricane Mk.II please 👍 My favourite plane currently is the P39 Airacobra. I think it is very underrated as well as being a very good looking plane. Its handling and performance numbers are pretty good too but it can run out of power from engine timers. The 37mm Zapper is nice)))
  8. Is it possible to add some ai planes for ww1 zone please?
  9. I run game on specs like this and this helped me. Turn off vsync in game and use Nvidea Vsync fast setting(game specific option) it works nearly the same and without performance hit helps reduce stutters. I get really bad stutters when in game Vsync is on. Set dynamic resolution factor to 0.9 it is not really that different. The experience will be a bit more smoother. If you go into the startup config file make sure bloom is off. I still get server lag spikes from time to time but I dont know if that is server performance, connection or hardware issues... Specs: G
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