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  1. With the biggest respect as well, this video is kinda skewed from what the average allied player would experience with thier planes online. You take the p47 which has the most 50cal guns of any plane, there is considerable time spent behind an enemy plane to get a kill (apart from some) and it is tested in singleplayer where all bullets that hit register. In a bounce from dead 6 travelling at excess speed gun time is very short but even when hitting with convergence it is inconsistent and unreliable. To get situations where the 50cals work well is a skill in itself which many allied players do not even know exist. (I fly both sides often and my first ace+1 in a flight was with the p51 and one with p47 as well, many with german planes) I believe 50cals are not good enough for the average Joe to do well but are good enough for a experienced one to get an ace or barely squeezing more. In contrast the planes with HE have considerably more amount of kills from tab page stats in the servers I fly(yes I am also talking about tempest and spitfires too which make my K4/D9 lose all its lift in 1 wing). ( I also would like to acknowledge that 50cals should not be warthunder micheal bay flame thrower nukes) Online is very different from singleplayer as a 109 pilot online when streaming 3 fluids due to a bounce will fight at full power after a bounce while an ai will just bail. If you are a p47 and this happens the k4/D9 will go chase/climb to you and kill you then land. This happens way too often and when I fly axis I kinda abuse it against 50 cal planes whilst running from british birds. There are things not yet implemented in the sim that could really help such as full control of convergence for crosshatch patterns (which I think will help create spread length ways and get more damage) and if the engine supports it API for all sides that used it. There also did not seem to be much of an aero penalty from the video from 50cals pretty flat in hitting the surfaces as well as testing for aero in other threads. There are many inconsistensies as well such as 109s wings midpoint being a death star port hole and how explodey certain planes are like p47 I had exploded 3 consecutive times in a match. Panda👍
  2. He did not post any proof so I found some for him. Here is footage from an ACE lone wolf pilot. The best video you will see today frends !
  3. I think he posted this after his tantrum on the Combat Box server (Crimean Offensive Apr 1944). The time the map it was set in was before the allies could use the G suits and I do not think he knew this. All the rest of the complaints are regurgitation of his past posts and comments.
  4. How hard it is to ONLY kill pilot with AP. This was a bug(fixed) but the difference between when this bug happened and and how it is now on the game was quite alarming. AP Bullets in this bug still go through and cause thier nano scale aerodamage. Sometimes in the testing when enough AP bullets hit a part they just fully went through like it was invisible 0_0 No mechanical or structural failures only pilot kill for AP I will just leave this here...😁 (Edit: btw the p38 in the end terminated itself in fustration)))
  5. Plane feels the same and turns the same to me lol
  6. I have tried mapping the side movement axis to my mouse but It stayed the same
  7. A cool visual effect could be wing flex. Im not sure how hard it would be to model properly but it would make the aircraft feel more alive
  8. Type Of Improvement: Gameplay Explanation of Proposal: In other simulators like DCS, CLOD or even a game like WarThunder simulator mode when using the mouse to look around, it is easier to check 6 than in il2 Sturmovik. This is because when you move the mouse to the right it moves to head to the right of the cockpit getting a better FOV of the back and vice versa. So it is like when a pilot looks to his 6 he has to swivel and move to the side to get that view and not look into his chair back, seat. The problem I have is that I have to "Octopus" the view with moving my head with the (PgUP, PgDn, etc...). This creates a staggered gameplay where other players are executing the right functions due to reduced workload while I or others have to do the extra step of head positioning. Now you can imagine with planes with lots of engine controls and functions it can be very overwhelming. I know there are snap views that can be used to check the 6 oc but I find these unpractical (I have tried them they work as intended for what they are). When I use the mouse to move my view around I detect the movements behind me and around me. It makes it much easier to spot and locate aircraft especially ones on my 6. Many people who play have track IR and VR where the workload is slightly reduced and in player vs. player situations the people with the devices have a slight upper hand. If this feature is added it would mean that I would not have to move my head to the sides using the keys at all (the most used functions of head movement for me). How this can be done in terms of function: When mouse is moved to right the head movement is moved fully to the right until it reaches the maximum cockpit box where the head is allowed. (and the other way round too) Positions of head height and head forward position remain unchanged. (If this feature already exists in game then a comment on how activate it would be useful) Thank you for taking the time to read this! 👍 Panda. Benefits: - Reduced workload for mouse view users - More equal experience across players - Better spotting and viewing
  9. I forgot about earlier design P40 sent such as Tomahawks which are also beauties! They are quite different so possibly a collector? Compared to E/K and later variants...
  10. Type Of Improvement: gameplay / historical Explanation of Proposals: Hello Jason and team, I dont post on forum often but I have been flying p40 a lot more and enjoying it! It would be amazing to add modification to the existing p40E (the battle of moscow) so that it is in more competitive In 1942 onwards(other fronts). The possibility of lend lease p40K/others that were used with better engine time limits would bring more life to the fighter later in war and be competitive. The engine time limits of allison engine is similar to p39 so maybe it may be easier to model over. There is also a additional tail fillet in the p40K that was meant to help with stability. Benefits: more situations where p40 is usable as a fighter, better p40 gameplay when 109F4 and later planes introduced and makes p40 faster ground strike aircraft. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.👍 Panda.
  11. I play multiplayer and gmt time as well. I play nearly every day
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