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  1. Salut! Awesome job! Did you design the knobs yourself? I've decided to expand my rig with some diy toggles and handles with Arduino behind it. I also want to 3d print new knobs for both the Saitek throttle handles and the ones that i'm planning to build myself. I'm a novice in designing things for the printer and I like the look of yours so I would really like to use the ones you have.
  2. I use 64% for both pitch and roll, have 84% sensitivity on the yaw input. Using a TM warthog with 7cm extension and MFG Crosswind pedals.
  3. Salut, Upgraded from the Saitek pedals to the MFG's 18months ago and I would recommend them heartily, the accuracy with which you can operate the rudder with them is worlds apart from the experience I had (and you probably too) with the Saitek ones. The Saitek's I had still worked good when I changed over and I was able to sell them to a fellow pilot in our unit. It is a good rudder pedal system for its price I guess. The crosswind though really is something I should have bought years ago if I had known they were so much better.
  4. Hi Creep, The freezing up happened to me a few times in the past as well, last week I had a fight in CB with 4 kills and after the last, while I was in euphoria, my controls froze up while pulling away in full power. After 5 looping, each time closer towards the ground my plane dove into it.. killed. The memory thing seems a plausible culprit although I have 32gb of RAM and use the 2080Ti with 11gb of VRAM, seems to me a lot of leakage is needed before that one runs out of VRAM. I also play in VR and do this in a homebuild simpit making it quite difficult to get to the desktop and change stuff, tried alt tabbing, resizing the game window etc but nothing helped. I am very curious if reinstalling the game has helped with this issue since it is quite an nuisance in playing CB or even worse TAW. Cheers
  5. Hi Sneazzy, The Combat Box is a regular multiplayer server by Red Flight. Its hosted nearly 24/7 and has a good player base. You can join at any time basically http://combatbox.net/en/?tour=17
  6. I would like to thank you guys for the cooperation yesterday on the "Combat Box"! Awesome to fly with you guys, very professional yet easy going and fun. Hope to see more of this cooperation in the future. I would also like to apologize for the abrupt disconnection during the AAR, I was needed elsewhere in the house ;). Regards Flamm
  7. @chiliwili69 My info is a bit outdated, im running 32gb RAM on 3200mhz, i'll change it. I have the 8700k also running stable on 5.0ghz since a few months so i really am running on the top of my system limits. @Yuba That might also be an option, i'll try that later thnx!
  8. Hi fellow VR enthousiasts, I've been flying with my INDEX for 3 months now and i'm curious what "way" other (INDEX)VR players fly this sim. I run the 80hz option for the fact that my rig can sustain 80fps for the most part in heavy servers like Combat Box or Knights of the Air. Yet when things get really interesting it usually slows down to the 40 fps becuase of the motion smoothing. I've tried the 120 hz a couple of times knowing that it would give me a 60fps most of the time due to motion smoothing but because its 20fps more then when using the 80hz option i'd give it a shot. Still not satisfied with that option though, 60 fps by motion smoothing still gives me the ghosting effect in heavy deflection dogfighting. I'm pretty much focused on dogfighting in wich the ghosting is more of an issue then ground pounding. I've also put a lot of effort, through use the very good VR tips and tricks sections in this forum, in optimising my rig and getting the most out of it. The graphic settings i have in game and through use of the config file are optimised for me for visual fidelity and rig performance and i wont be changing much more in it. I'd like to know which refresh rate option other VR users are using and why? And maybe how other fighter pilots are coping with the ghosting effect. Thanks guys
  9. Hi Therion, Yes the keys emulated match the ones in IL2 exactly. Changed a lot of the bindings a few times to see if that was the problem
  10. Hi fellow pilots, I’ve been using the Saitek switch panel for something over a year I guess. Been using the DCSflightpanels program to emulate the key strokes to IL2 and it worked fine. Since a few months (dont remember what excactly changed) it doesnt work as intended anymore. Most switches, except 3, dont react when in IL2. When viewing the panel in DCSflightpanels it gives the correct emulation and it reflects the correct movement of the switches. Anyone else experienced this before, might have the answer in what to do? Regards,
  11. Hi guys! I know, wrong wallpaper but i play almost exclusively il2GB. Warthog is in my line of work though so sometimes i do a little DCS ont he side, I fly GB in VR and with this setup its easy to find all controls blind. The trackball mouse in front of the stick is the latest addition so i can use the mouse in the map while still holding the stick with my right hand.
  12. I dont post much on the IL-2 forum and because i fly in VR ingame chatting isnt something i do much either. But i would like to thank the HRAF guys for the time, effort and enthousiasm they put into this server. I had a blast this month on KOTA! Thank you guys and i hope May will bring another good string of missions to compete in.
  13. Like Buddy i also got a dimmed gun sight since the last version of the mod. ALt+K changes in front of which eye the sight is centered or projected but i cant seem to find how to change the brightness of the sight. Is there a solution within the config files?
  14. Been using VIVE PRO for a couple of months now. After long hours of tailoring my rig, modding the headset with the GEAR VR lenses, installing 3dMigoto and a beefy GPU upgrade i can say that the performance at this moment with this build of IL-2 is on point. Running steady 90FPS on high preset, 2x AA, high clouds etc. Running a little less steady 90FPS when using ultra preset but still well flyable except for big furballs above frontline troops. But i have to say i have invested a lot of money and time to get to these results and although it is a truly awesome experience and i would never go back to 2d its in retrospect too much money and time. I'm absolutely not impressed with the way the improved performance of the PRO scales with the price. It has crappy headphones and a crappy mic and the fact that i had to sacrifice a GEAR VR for the lens upgrade (which is, for me, a monumental improvement!) on such an expensive HMD is bizarre in my opinion. So i voted for the HTC Vive PRO because i use it and i like (Not just like it is absolutely awesome!) the way it performs right now but i would not recommend it to others unless you are willing and able to invest heavily with time and money to make this beast work. o7 The Chanceless
  15. Sry for the late response. I'm completely in with Moosya with his responses. I have been tinkering a lot to get the best out of my rig but the main effort in the startup file is what Fenris Wolf suggested. Besides that I use the migoto mod of course. these 3 things; Pro with lens mod, migoto mod and the changes in the startup config file are easy enough and only take an hour to execute. The difference with my previous Rift is night and day and I already enjoyed the Rift much. Won't go back to 2d at all. Vive and Vive pro both have hand controllers (the same I think actually) Good luck!
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