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  1. Wonderful early propaganda film. Handsome young men raining down destruction from the air. Filled with love of Fatherland, the Stuka crews crush all opposition during the Battle of France. A few are shot down, several bail out over France, a handful end up in hospital, but the film ends on a high note as the lads shot down make it through enemy lines to link up with the advancing Panzers. (They bring captured disheartened Frenchmen with them) The battle-fatigued casualties in hospital find new reserves of courage within themselves and return to duty. The last ten minutes is all returning lost
  2. Yesterday's e-mail. They say it's coming along nicely. (being developed by our external development partner Yugra Media. )
  3. Got an e-mail from !C talking about the new link-up with Steam. But...at the bottom of the page there were two pics showing WIP of the P-47 and the Fw-190 "Dora".
  4. Well...it's June 1st. We've hit the mid-year point (tho' I expect June 15 would be the actual midpoint.) I got to musing on how BOBP must be getting closer. (and good luck with that!) But the real substance of my musings is this: Are there any pilots among us interested in forming a P-38 squadron?
  5. Yes! B-17's mainly, so my 190's and 262 have something worthy to hunt.
  6. Not quite following you here. These are not RL airplanes, merely digital models being ported in from an earlier iteration of IL-2.
  7. Another excellent point raised: since so many models and FM already exist from LI-2 1946, what is preventing the new IL-2 from simply importing them into the present generation?
  8. Yes, and A-20's. But, as you say, "not as exciting..."
  9. Hazsa raises a good point. What's a Me-262 without a stream of B-17's, complete with contrails and fighter escort? Bodenplatte will deliver the escorts, but, so far, there's not been a hint of bombers.
  10. How will it fly on our servers? Well, the Germans called it the "Fork-Tailed Devil". If they can get that into the FM, it should be a joy to fly
  11. Well, happily I missed the FM. But I took Jason's comments to mean that there is a dearth of information about, for instance, instrument panels. Or did I misunderstand?
  12. and the P-38. Was wondering about Jason's comments on the difficulty of doing Japanese aircraft for a Pacific Theatre of the BOX series. IL-2 1946 had plenty of Japanese planes, so why couldn't new planes simply be modeled on those?
  13. Because the PS4 will play both DVD and BlueRay, so it was worth a shot.
  14. I just invested in the PS4 VR rig. Will my BOS disc play on the PS4? If not, how do we get to play BOS in VR?
  15. I guess the Peshka is a bit more prickly than I thought.
  16. Detlev: Maybe you should start making your attacks on Pe-2's from the 6 o'clock low position. Low enough that you can't see the gunner (and he can't see you).
  17. Until Goering demanded that the fighters fly in among the bombers.
  18. It will not be considered until we find a top-notch modeler/coder who speaks fluent Russian, and will go to Russia to be trained, and work for damned-near nothing.
  19. As though groping one's way around a keyboard wasn't bad enough.
  20. And the winner is: T Tice! (whose response was nearly instanteanious). Sorry, Space Ghost, you were second. By mere seconds.
  21. I do love flying with the proper hat. I found a Luftwaffe "crush" hat on-line. Unfortunately, there was no place to specify size, but I took a chance. Of course, it was too small. I looked up another manufacturer. This one did not have the cap in Luftwaffe blue, but they did have one in Summer Uniform white. And I could specify size. I bought one; it arrived three days ago, and it fits. Good news there. Which leaves me with the blue hat which I will happily donate to anyone who wants it. Size? It's 6.5" in diameter. Multiply that by 3.14 and the circumference equals 20.41. Send your addres
  22. I see a lot of these. They look to be too small to be control towers. There's never any personel around them (or vehicles) and sometimes there are three or more along both sides of a runway.
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