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  1. Ehret

    DCS news

    It would need a ray-tracing or rendering using two distinct camera view-ports (one for the front glass, 2nd for the rest of the canopy). The latter should be less demanding but still pretty heavy unless done with some clever LoD and/or dividing frame-rate (like it's done for mirrors in the DCS). I would accept it but I'm sure many would object...
  2. The tech chat is a necessary evil as long there are engine settings ranges (nominal/combat/emergency). Otherwise you wouldn't be sure if you have a ticking bomb or not as just fraction of MP can trigger mode change. IRL (and in the other game) it wouldn't matter if you set MP 1" (or 2") unit lower or higher.
  3. If it has already "fuel management" then no changes should be necessary except for binding user input. What you described (coding the CoG changes for every possible fuel state) would be a scripting.
  4. Using the great instantaneous turn rate of the P-39L is good and effective tactic but it must be set properly. You have to run fast in a shallow dive; faster than 300mph IAS but not more than the 450mph/IAS. Turn WEP then and initiate turn riding on the edge of complete blackout. There is little chance that enemy would be able to follow; you can reverse position and still be able to gain a sniping shot at the now (usually) climbing enemy. If it failed then nose down to accelerate and run away or set up the trick again. It's very good when played defensively - as long you have speed (+300mph/IAS) and altitude (for accelerating quickly lost speed in hard turns) the enemy should not be able to keep a gun solution on you. Once you are at the ground you run but just before that make sure the direction will be towards friends or friendly AF. If you are stuck in high speed chase at the deck in wrong direction then you are screwed in the P-39L. You will not have enough time to reverse without risking a merge because of that #*$*#* timer.
  5. Ehret

    DCS news

    Engines which are cooled by a pressurized liquids could seize under 30s after getting coolant leak. That's probably realistic you got that many dead props. The Normandy map is mediocre at best; should be added as a bonus to WW2 assets pack, really.
  6. With electronics, servos, sensors and computers we have today could be a good idea to try such thing again? More info here. Pulling that much Gs for that long is way too harsh and will degrade pilot's faculties, shortly. I'd prefer to have men in a force to be able to think clearly at all times. If there will be human pilots in future fighter planes then something will have to change...
  7. If the IRL P-47D would be similar to the one from this game you wouldn't need to out-dive the Zero - you would out-turn the Zero instead.... That's really enough to infer "something" about the current state of Thunderbolt modelling in this game. If only that would be only one "weird" thing but no.
  8. Ehret


    Yup - looks like free firing - each 4 round volley is slightly different and they should diverge more and more with consecutive shots. The very first volley should be closest so you still can snipe with all guns by single tapping the trigger. Of course if it's implemented properly. The other way is just add some pseudo random delay for each gun cycle... not great but still better than 100% synchronized.
  9. Ehret


    The MK-108 has quite fast cycling rate for its caliber - about 10 rounds per second. But yes - they should be free firing especially considering that +30mm rounds had less stable propeller burning times than 20mm. I recall that was one of reasons why the 30mm couldn't be synchronized to shoot through a propeller.
  10. Ehret


    You can see on the video that there is no any synchronization at all (especially at 1:05). Slow down the video to make it even more apparent. Also, there is no text, no manual or other doc info whatsoever that wing mounted 0.50" machine guns were ever synchronized in US planes. Nothing. Not surprising because it would make no sense at all; it could only reduced hit probability, added extra weight and possible failures modes. The other sim has free firing guns for the P-51D, too. Configured with proper harmonization no less. Even the laughed at WT has free firing guns for wing mounted machine guns.
  11. The next major patch is supposed to bring the new "air marshal" functionality. How it will work is not certain but it may improve players co-ordination.
  12. Few patches ago micro-stutters decreased significantly. It'd be great to get rid of them completely.
  13. IMO rampart bugs and lag artifacts are the worst. The latter can not be eliminated fully but they shouldn't affect stuff which is computed locally yet they do - micro stutters induced by lag are common. Why about a better more verbal server browser? How often do you joined a match only to realize it's going to end in few minutes?
  14. Even the combat box formations of B-17s weren't that effective in turrets defenses. Dangerous but not lethal like that. Maybe that's the real reason we couldn't get the Flying Fortress for the BOBP? Imagine what would happen if they would be manned by super-zombie AI gunners we have now... To get just one you would have to ram but attacking a formation of two or three? You wouldn't get anywhere close. There are types of occurrences even more outrageous than showed in the video, too. What about getting shredded by a turret from a spinning bomber just seconds before it hits the ground?
  15. The MP is still underdeveloped so no wonder it's not more popular. How long it took to get a basic thing - a proper chat widget? There is no lobby screen. Network bugs are running amok and seem to be immortal... Scoring and logging algos are bogus, too.
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