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  1. Ehret

    Me 262 Questions

    It's not matter of a plane construction but differences in speed between adversaries, G-loads and the human tolerance. The radial acceleration is (v * v)/r; the 262 flying 900km/h will have to pull +1.6x more G than a prop at 700km/h to follow the same path. Say, a P-51 pilot will have only to do 5G turn to evade the high speed 262 because the latter will exceed 7.5G trying to stay on the target's six. The other option is to slow down to match G-loads but it is a risky move for an early jet like the 262. A prop can match, or even exceed the jet's acceleration at lower speeds thus turning contents will not favor the 262. Another thing is the closure rate... just few seconds to aim your shoot and the trajectory of MK-108s will not be helpful.
  2. Ehret

    Compression Ratio and Octane

    So much trouble, now - how good would be the methanol+ethanol, then? Per unit of weight alcohols have less energy but burn cooler and have high octane rating. Maybe, high compression engine at relatively fast RPM could be feasible and good enough?
  3. Don't overlook the i3 8350K if you are interested in single thread performance. It has four cores, no HT, 8 MB of L3 cache and is unlocked of course.
  4. Ehret

    FW-190A8 Speed Chart

    No way? The La-5 has 36km/h and the P-39 40km/h differences between 0-100% cowl/flush rads @ SL @ full boosts. Other planes are probably similar.
  5. Ehret

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    A clever and patient pilot driving the P-51D can defeat the K-4 in 1vs1, or even 262, most of the time. Just drag/evade them long enough so they will be out of fuel. Of course, in the game it's unlikely to have a place, but still... It's even better for the P-51D equip air-force at the strategic level. With P-51D you can attack the enemy's air-bases while the enemy can not touch yours.
  6. Ehret

    Get WEP from P-39

    You should be able to cruise on the nominal with throttle and RPM both set to the 76% or even 77% if you increase them slightly. Don't forget about trims - especially the rudder trim because flying uncoordinated will cost you performance. For other modes and available times I made the list before. The continuous performance of the Airacobra is mediocre and boosts can only last limited time so you need a tactic. However, if needed you can go very fast out-running 109s and out-climbing 190 up to the 3000m of altitude. It takes a bit of extra practice, thought, so give it some time. Actually, there is the trick which can be very effective but it is not easiest one to pull off. You can utilize the excellent instantaneous high speed turning of the P-39 to very good effects. Get fast, as fast as 450mp/h IAS (over that elevator will lock-up), then WEP and turn hard riding on the edge of black-out. If the enemy hadn't realized the trap you may end on his six and still be at the gun range. Avoid low speed turning contents like a plague, thought.
  7. Ehret

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    The worst thing in the WT is the grind system - it's not just unblocking planes and modules for them, no... You have to grind crews' skills such as the G tolerance, too. Then, you have to earn the one of WT's virtual currencies just to afford flying in the matches with arbitrary/randomly set prices?! This is the company way to "earn" money by irritating users to no end so some will have enough and buy "relief" from WT's shop. For interested in flying and history this is a totally unnecessary and wasteful cr*p.
  8. Ehret

    Get WEP from P-39

    As long you have some speed. For step climbs and continuous turning you may open radiators more.
  9. Ehret

    Get WEP from P-39

    Sometimes is... at some altitudes - climb to around 3km to gain 100hp. Coincidentally, the 190 has power dip there due the super-charger gear switching. Don't overlook setting the water radiator to 60% and the oil radiator to 45% in the Airacobra. This is the flush setting at lowest drag. Without it the P-39 will be sluggish. Without auto help you can WEP with the mixture at 66%; the engine will overheat after pro-longed use but for quick bursts of power there is no need to change it. Especially, that the 66% has more power.
  10. Ehret

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    You demand proving a non-existence - a form of logical fallacy. Anyone can claim anything that way - where is your proof that the Cthulhu doesn't exist? Can you provide any? If not then the Cthulhu is real!
  11. Just checked the He-111 H-6 in the game - from level flight at 350km/h IAS I managed to do a loop, albeit just at top it stalled for a moment. Starting at 400km/h IAS it was possible to loop without stalling at all. So, what the controversy is about?
  12. Ehret


    You can always drag the enemy lower; it's a common knowledge to reposition the fight where your crate perform the best. It's true no matter the state of GPS. Attackers fly low to avoid a detection, foremost, not to gain any sizable performance advantage. In fact, if you bounce them from altitude, you keep most advantages. If you failed to capitalize on the energy you had then whose fault this is?
  13. Ehret

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    So far, in the game it's fine to dive from 6000m flying the P-39/P-40, accelerate to 600mp/h IAS and then recover smoothly. Only problem I have found is the risk of over-revving the engine.
  14. If we are talking about "masses" that their "obvious advantages" are told them by commercials, usually... There can be OEMs and shops contracts and incentives, too, to push "the masses' OS of choice". Often enough, one can not find a computer without installed Windows. That's just one of reasons "why" the single OS dominates. Now, I wouldn't trust the MS Windows because they have a kind of internal conflict due the console business. One hour of a game played on the PC is one less hour played on the X-BOX, potentially. MS would prefer to have everything through them - with Windows they don't control 3rd party software and don't get fees like they do with software on consoles.
  15. Ehret

    IL-2 Battle of Finland