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  1. Where is the A-36?! She played significant enough role in the Mediterranean theater. The A-36 is very interesting Mustang variant with some unique features. Leaving out "Apache"/"Invader" would be a shame...
  2. Ehret

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    The XP-72 existed as well even before the Ta-152. She was very close to serial production but the order was cancelled due the end of the war. I'm not saying that the XP-72 should be included but where it will lead if we indulge in "unicorn" wishes. How many controversies we have about some earlier and mass produced airplanes, already? How bad it would get with stuff like XP-72?
  3. Ehret

    American Iron

    Why not? The Jug's wing-loading isn't worse at all; she has much bigger elliptic shaped wings than the 190. Of course, it wouldn't be preferable thing to do in the P-47 because she will lose in acceleration, but still.
  4. Ehret


    This must be a mistake... a tad below 300mph is how the Airacobra cruises now.
  5. Ehret

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    They will and I don't disagree but... the "balance" should be achieved by selecting battles at which forces (numbers and tech) were equal; not by "tweaking" virtual specs. At least, the former is the preferred way.
  6. Ehret

    American Iron

    Well... it should be obvious if there is a bandit on the six and within gun range then it needs attention first. Also, by the principle if the enemy has better power-loading then keeping high speed is essential. One can not be too precise in posts... otherwise, pages would be written instead of few sentences. You can do that in (kind of)... the P-40 in the sim, now. The engine will seize after 15s (or 30s by a random chance) when on 100% open throttle but you will get something like +1700hp and the Kittyhawk will start outpacing EVERYTHING. I guess that's because we don't have detonation physics in the sim, yet.
  7. Ehret

    American Iron

    That's why you don't start engagements at low speeds. You really want that 0.5*V*V going to make most of the *m from the start. Once there you are "free" - no "free card" should be needed; only just enough discipline to bug off when facing an energy trap. Unlike the P-40 the Jug has great rate of fire and ammo reserves; both at the same time and the gyro sight should help, too. Thus, per single bounce the P-47 will be deadlier; it will be possible to open fire from afar, keep it and move like a directed beam. (which is possible in the Kittyhawk but only with 4 guns + extra ammo mod; the Jug will have 8x guns @ +400rpg...) The P-38 might be even more interesting but... harder to use.
  8. Ehret

    American Iron

    The potential energy capacity of the P-47 (and the P-38) is even more overlooked. As long there is some altitude left, no 109/190 will catch you, because you will get more from shallow dives than frames weighting only half as much. It works for the P-40 very well, now; should be even better with the P-47/P-38.
  9. Ehret

    American Iron

    The Lighting is not that much bigger than the P-47 - it's wider at 15.8m to Jug's 12.4m and has slightly bigger wing area of 30.4m*m than the Jug's 27.9m*m; length is almost the same and height is lower for the P-38. However, the Lighting can not dive as hard as the P-47 and that's worrisome. A shame really considering the former is not only heavier but offers better power-loading thus higher acceleration and climb. The question is: will we be getting diving flaps and boosted ailerons for the P-38?
  10. I disagree... You want to drag the enemy that high if you are driving turbos. You want to cruise that high in the P-38/P-47; then descent to the ground target just to make an interception less likely. Finally, to counter the 262 in the Jug you will need all potential energy one can get. The Tempest and the Mustang will be better if one would like to stay at low/medium altitudes. Even the Spit IX is almost as fast at the deck as the P-38/P-47.
  11. Ehret

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    They can make reasonable guesses. Without full data or actual planes available that's it.
  12. Those two will be more competitive than the P-40 is now; that is for sure. I'd be a bit more conservative with the "hurt to the axis side", thought. Remember - in the sim engagements don't reflect all historical realities. Said that I'm (kind of...) excited too but the waiting is starting to be... irritating.
  13. Ehret

    American Iron

    British had a strong navy, already. There are diminishing returns and money doesn't work like that... After trying to built those 100s and 1000s of ships there could be material/production bottlenecks and costs would skyrockets. Boats and tanks, unlike airplanes, couldn't reach deep into the enemy territory, at least not immediately. Going for bombers was the quickest way to hurt the enemy and a premium had to be payed for the ability. It payed back, later. Not only with inefficient flak AA around cities; H., just for psychological/propaganda reason indulged in Vengeance projects like the V-2 - that was an extreme waste of resources. The combined bombers and escort fighters raids helped to cripple the LW. It all had to start from somewhere.
  14. Ehret

    American Iron

    I understood that from the very start. What is ridiculous that Germans pushed for a total war, anyway. They should sue for peace in the 42/43 and try to renegotiate the stuff when they were still held good positions. However, Nazis could not because they would have to face the responsibility of atrocities they committed. The latter were by their choice and their choice only. After that they were necks deep in a full all or nothing war. It simply doesn't fit anything "tactical" after that - a place they dig themselves in.
  15. Ehret

    American Iron

    H. had believed that after getting rid of... "parasitic ethnic elements" a "hidden" potential of Germans would be "freed". The atomic physics were "Jewish sciences" to him... That's the mentality of the German leader who had the last word in all affairs. Keeping that in mind and talking about (d-)efficiencies... but something can be said for sure - only the Nazi leadership could be so efficient at getting Germany burned to crisps. No one else could done better.