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  1. P-38 Lightning Speculation Thread

    The nose in the Lightning is short enough to not occlude the target and with 500rpg for 50 cals you don't hesitate to open fire early in deflection shots.
  2. La-5FN - impressions?

    Dunno, but the "5%" might be about the physical specs of the aircraft - stuff like horsepower, weight, wing area, and such. Thus the resulting spread shouldn't be that big.
  3. Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    They indulged in the total war - they couldn't sue for peace without getting personally responsible. All later efforts were just to prolong lifes of Nazi officials. The thinking that some kind of breakthrough could save their heads... well - everyone would try something to push back the inevitable.
  4. Thoughts on the P39...

    In continuous turns? The P-39 has a symmetric airfoil wings - there was a discussion in the forum about this feature some time ago. Such airfoil generates more drag. I have found that the P-39 has rapid instantaneous turning rate - when at speed even a moderate pull may results in a black-out. High G turns will bleed velocity very quickly.
  5. P-38 Lightning Speculation Thread

    As similar the day is to the night. The P-38 seems to be a heavy, two engines fighter but not really - the Lighting is streamlined to the level of high performance single engine brethren. Major advantages of the P-38L are turbos, excellent backward and forward visibility, and most stable gun platform - expect effective firing range 2x, or even 3x of other fighters. Counter rotating propellers are such rare feature... The most similar plane to the P-38 we have now in IL2 could be the Aircobra - similar visibility, tricycle and alike, nose mounted armament.
  6. Bodenplatte early access

    Well... for the P-38 I wouldn't worry about aerodynamics or propellers but turbos - they could be finicky to handle. The same goes for the 262' jet engines - what about the compressor stall? Will be it implemented including all physical nuances? Another probable "troublemaker" is the P-51 with her intricate radiator design.
  7. Considering drawbacks, I wonder if all those gunners and turrets weren't counter-productive... Without them a bomber could be much lighter, faster, had higher payload and fewer sorties would be needed for the same effect. Thus fewer people would be lost, probably. "The bomber always will get through" - sure but back? Not necessarily. Personally I would prefer to be in a crew of the A20 than B-17.
  8. Some airplanes have buttons/switches for trims like the P-40's aileron trim. Such trims should stay as they are now.
  9. La-5FN - impressions?

    The I-16 is a little different with low red-line, relatively high drag and only 1100hp at full power. The P-39 can be tweaked too, but the conclusion stays the same - the FN can out-energy opponents without too much effort, for now.
  10. La-5FN - impressions?

    Power-loading at standard weights and full power: 190 A-5 - 0.433 hp/kg P-39 - 0.441 hp/kg La-5FN - 0.559 hp/kg
  11. Thoughts on the P39...

    Much harder to blow up - higher boost levels are 2-3x longer than in the P40. 100% for throttle and rpm take 2 minutes to damage engine in the Aircobra, when Kittyhawk will seize just after 30s. There is automatic MP regulator, too.
  12. Thoughts on the P39...

    New machines (P-39) enabled those new tactics and communications. So in a way the Aircobra was superb for Soviets. Why consider the P-39 under-performing? It is not apparent because of the artificial time limiter in the game, but you can approach 570km/h at deck in the P-39 - not much slower than the La-5FN.
  13. Armament and equipment

    Brief description: Inappropriate visuals for the P-39' 37mm AP M80 rounds when they hit Detailed description, conditions: Non explosive AP hits results in the same puffs of smoke as HE does.
  14. Thoughts on the P39...

    Not all of them - the P40 had better endurance than the 109, and without drop tanks. The Me was just over-engineered and over-optimized with very small cramped frame. That's why the 109 has excellent power-loading, but short range and poor extensibility. You can see it in the G6 version with all those bulges. Besides the P-39 is also a victim of over-optimization - her fuselage streamlined to the point the original turbo-supercharger couldn't fit anymore. Thus the poor high altitude performance of the Aircobra.
  15. Thoughts on the P39...

    The 109 already showed significant limitations at The Battle of Britain, as LW was not able to provide sufficient air cover for bombers. I was, even if foolishly, expecting the variant with 20mm Hispano as a mod - I think Soviets had a hundred or two of them. We got the 37mm M80 AP and 4000 rounds load for 30 cals instead, which was kind of surprising...