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  1. Ehret

    WT & IL2

    Anything can get "weird" in the WT after the next patch... The company often meddles with everything in the name "of balance". The WT has a different networking model than the BoX, too - you have to deal with twice the latency in the former.
  2. 1942 and 1943 for Mustang MkI and A-36 in battles like the Dieppe Raid and Mediterranean campaign. 1950 for the F-82 in the Korean War would very interesting, too.
  3. Ehret

    WT & IL2

    The "free to play" business model demands the constant stream of newer and newer stuff. The point of the grind is to frustrate enough so users will buy the "GE" relief. Without new vehicles people would complete tech trees eventually and the revenue would stop.
  4. The P-39-Q would be a very nice collector plane, indeed. Not better in everything but would offer few extra possibilities in addition to the L.
  5. Dunno... there is some evidence that the P-38 wasn't newbie friendly - some disagreed and so it started.
  6. Yet in the P-38 pilots were freezing because of insufficient heating in the cockpit, gloves or not. Your available time to evade effectively is not the same when the enemy has a head-start due to the visibility of P-38's bigger and distinct frame. The enemy might be able to gain better position, velocity and angle before Lighting pilot will be able to see him. The turbo-supercharger is more complicated machinery than just supercharger thus may not offer the same level of reliability. Turbos have a lag - superchargers do not - this may delay increase of power in emergency situations.
  7. Not all sub-zero temperatures are equal... There is not heat generating engine anywhere near the pilot in the P-38 like it would be in a single engine fighter. The difference between, lets say -5°C and -25°C is huge. It was so cold that some pilots were frost-bitten. There is a bit more info about P-38's problems in the ETO.
  8. Ehret

    Input lag

    Check your GPU's control panel and look for the "maximum pre-rendered frames" option. Reduce it or just set to one - it should diminish the perceived latency at cost of some CPU/GPU utilization.
  9. In the principle not much, however..: some switches/levers were difficult to handle in the P-38 the cockpit had insufficient heating (important in the ETO) thus pilots had to use gloves exacerbating handling issues turbos were fragile... a mistake could result in an engine seizure much quicker than in the P-51 available time to react was shortened due to Lighting's larger frame which could be seen/id and hit from longer distance
  10. The turn and bank indicator is your best friend - try to keep the ball in the middle as much as possible. Differentiate between sustained turns and instantaneous turns. Try to move the fight to altitude where your engine perform better than the enemy's. Avoid the energy trap - the situation where you are out of altitude, out of speed and you are continuously forced to evade thus not able to accelerate/climb. This can be mutual which still is bad.
  11. Ehret

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    The map in the video demonstration is... TINY. No - you don't want anything like that in the IL2 series. Notice how cockpits in the video have conveniently reduced brightness, too.
  12. Ehret

    [BUG REPORT] 20mm HE Ammunition

    Yaks have fuselages based on truss like structures instead of more modern semi-monocoque. This may explain resilience to HE hits. The Lagg, La5s and Mig3 seem to have s-monocoq, thought.
  13. Ehret

    SpitIX FM and DM bugs.

    The left wing radiator box is shared with the oil cooler - perhaps that is why it opened more.
  14. IMHO, this will be a bit different in the BoBP where we will have turbo equipped planes. The advantage going higher in the Jug, or the Lighting, is clear enough. Especially in the latter where you can observe what is going on your low six.
  15. Other reasons are cost and logistics - the Jug gobbled fuel, took more time to service and for one P-47 you would get (almost) two Mustangs.