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  1. Well done! 🙂 Great mission with nice immersion and atmosphere. Thanks! 🙂
  2. Still after update 4.002 most of allied ground target kills do not count/are not registered. Bodenplatte career.
  3. Same here, career, Rhineland campaign in the Me 262, autumn attack phase. Anyway, great game, great maps and planes! 🙂
  4. Is it a bug ... or a feature?!?!?! 😉 😉
  5. Hi, I updated the graphics card driver, it helped a lot...
  6. Regarding to your map (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/uploads/monthly_2019_04/BOBP_Map_with_Codenames.jpg.102bfaef1ec05f3f8b9d4591245daacf.jpg): The cities of Wiesbaden and Idstein are inverted, Wiesbaden is at the location of Idstein and vice versa. 😉
  7. This issue still isn´t fixed in 3.006. 😞 😞 PLEASE developers...
  8. The problem still isn´t fixed in 3.005. 😞 😞 PLEASE developers, is this such an issue? Please don´t make the Warthunder-mistake, adding content without fixing the existing bugs.
  9. This issue still isn´t fixed in 3.004. 😞 😞 PLEASE developers...
  10. This issue still isn´t fixed in 3.003. :-( :-( PLEASE developers...
  11. Maybe your topic is related to the non working throttle on the La-5s and A-20 with activated engine aids?! As far as I know, there is no fuel gauge selector, only the automated switching (yet?).
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