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  1. That's apply for career JaBo missions too. Don't have to spend a same amount of time travelling to target as with JU87 . I was playing Morning Surprise mission in this campaign and we were flying to target area approx 480kmh just above tree line. AI planes keep formation really nice and it was amazing in VR
  2. Awesome campaign! I never get tired of this one! Route speed has improved from 300kmh to 460-500kmh . That's big step for JaBo missions
  3. I'm not sure about this but I have noticed something similar . Something has changed with anti aliasing and landscape . I use Reverb WMR . I don't know is this related to GPU driver, windows 10 (WMR drivers) or something with game files itself
  4. In most Soviet fighters trims and radiator wheels turn 2and½ rounds from 0-100%. So i set both oil and coolant radiator 1,25 round open = 50% before takeoff. Then i just watch temps and make adjustments during flight. Same apply for trims. Rudder trim first -or+ 100% and then 1,25 round in the middle before takeoff.
  5. Another issue that causes low fps might be a DDR3 with low frequency. 1333Mzh can be bottleneck even with overclocked CPU. My specs: i5 7600K, 5 GHz Ram DDR4, 3100Mzh OC 1080TI 11GB I can maintain 90fps with Reverb 2160X2160 resolution + 112% SteamVr Supersample. Quick mission builder 8vs8 fighters without clouds. Off course motion vector will kick in with career/scripted campaign when lot of ground forces are nearby etc
  6. This topic should be send to General discussion page! If this kind of marketing is allowed? Just noticed 1C email and by accident I saw Special request from the Devs to support Christers work. I will buy vol.4 and crowfund vol.5. Will order 1-3 when a new editions are available!
  7. Hartigan

    P-40 Manuals

    Very useful and interesting, thank you!
  8. Hi, has anyone tested this one? Should work with newest 441.87 Check link https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/eljrr6/vrs_variable_rate_shading_how_to_enable_it_on/ I think VRS reguire RTX graphic card and mine is GTX1080ti so pls can someone test this with RTX? You will need NvidiaProfileInspector. Thanks!
  9. Just leave all default except Power management:Prefer maximum performance. Most of these setting has no effect on VR
  10. It's cool yes, but still issues with tanks around you disappearing when looking back. Mouse control head movement is still active on the background. You cannot see or feel it but by moving mouse it's possible to get them back in sight
  11. Thanks dburne, That make sense . I must try it next time🙂
  12. But can I restart mission later? I think now I have to choose to restart immediately or just finish. I like realism yes, but this is something id like to skip somehow
  13. One suggestion to Devs. If they could add Restart mission, Restart later (fly failed mission again later) or Exit and let your pilot be captured , wounded or dead . Or just fail mission and progress to next one. With my limited time it would be very nice compromise to restart later
  14. Has anyone noticed performance improvement in single player? Or does this patch affect only for MP stutters? Will download new patch tomorrow to see results ...can't wait . I've been happy with current performance in SP in VR but new improvements are always welcome
  15. What an unexpected surprise!! First Jason's briefing room topic and now this! Thank you Devs!
  16. Just noticed that WMR (Reverb) really needs more room lighting to keep proper tracking ! Oculus worked better in dark but now Reverb works fine too
  17. 60hz works randomly ...fisheye effect ruins it. 😐
  18. I'm still trying to figure out how could I make my reverb run 90fps smooth...just noticed I can maintain 90 fps in quick mission builder, but immediately when first ground AI appears in sight my fps dips down to 60-80. Only one train can cause this fps hit. My rig is 7600k 5 GHz ,single treath mark 2940, 1080ti. Really hope SteamVr could present ability to turn reprojection ON/OFF while playing . Motion reprojection Auto is bad at the moment . It will half frame rates even in situations where 90 fps is possible. Opencomposite was great with Rift S.... Even 60-70 fps is much smoother compared to 60-70 fps with SteamVr only
  19. I made 60Hz work accidentally. I have no idea what I did? Refresh rate was selected to auto. Before that I was testing Chiliwili's benchmark and when I replaced Startup file back to original file, which is for VR , frame rate was 60fps without fisheye effect. Really hope Reverb could support 72Hz in future. 60Hz was just a little bit too slow for my taste.
  20. Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Pro4 CPU: 7600K CPU Freq: 5 Ghz L3 cache: 6 MB RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 16 GB RAM Freq: 2933 MHz RAM Latency: 16 GPU: 1080Ti STMark: 2940 First run with HIGH Clouds : Frames: 24393 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 135.517 - Min: 94 - Max: 217 / STMark 2940 Second test with LOW Clouds : Frames: 24056 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 133.644 - Min: 88 - Max: 217 /STMark 2946 And one more with LOW Clouds Frames: 24392 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 135.511 - Min: 85 - Max: 217
  21. Do you use windowed or a full screen? I noticed I can archive higher framerates with full screen. But at the same time Windows desktop will chance resolution too and I prefer 2560X1440 which is my native screen resolution .
  22. We'll all these keys locate to far left down . Ctrl -alt- shift is easy to find even blind
  23. You will need a lot of imagination, but for a example my joystick hat switch can do a lot of things when I use ctrl-alt-shift+pinky button combination. Default 90/270 is rpm, 00/180 main radiator control . Then ctrl-90 switch rpm auto/manual. Ctrl+180 boost....ctrl+00 switch supercharger. Ctrl -270 is engine feathering . Joystic pinky button + 90/270 is oil radiator etc etc... I can bind all radiators ,turbo control and a lot of more just in my hat switch
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