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  1. We'll all these keys locate to far left down . Ctrl -alt- shift is easy to find even blind
  2. You will need a lot of imagination, but for a example my joystick hat switch can do a lot of things when I use ctrl-alt-shift+pinky button combination. Default 90/270 is rpm, 00/180 main radiator control . Then ctrl-90 switch rpm auto/manual. Ctrl+180 boost....ctrl+00 switch supercharger. Ctrl -270 is engine feathering . Joystic pinky button + 90/270 is oil radiator etc etc... I can bind all radiators ,turbo control and a lot of more just in my hat switch
  3. I have a 7600k oc to 5Ghz with 2x8GB DDR4 . XMP profile 3000Mhz (2933 to work properly) Works great with Reverb. 1080ti usage around 75-97% when I hit 90fps...less usage when reprojection kicks in. It's necessary to overclock your CPU at least to 4.7 Ghz. Index should work just fine with your system
  4. Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Pro4 CPU: 7600K CPU Freq: 5 Ghz L3 cache: 6 MB RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 16 GB RAM Freq: 2933 MHz RAM Latency: 16 GPU: 1080Ti STMark: 2940 Frames: 24393 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 135.517 - Min: 94 - Max: 217
  5. Also check your usb - hdmi ports and try different ones. FpsVR is a good program for check a possible CPU / GPU bottleneck during gameplay..
  6. Sure but at least we have opencomposite for Oculus. Nothing at the moment to help with WMR performance .
  7. I think PE-2 is the only plane that requires more flaps for takeoff than landing. Manual says Landing flaps have electro-hydraulic actuator and they can be extended to any angle up to 50°. When landing and the flaps are fully extended the angle of attack for a stall is less than landing pitch angle. For this reason, it is prohibited to extend flaps to more than to 35° (70%) on landing.
  8. Really hope to see "opencomposite" for window mixed reality someday.... Or native Vr support for IL2 since SteamVr uses a lot of CPU resources
  9. Nice, will try this and report later next week. I5-7600k ,if I remember right ST mark is somewhere between 2800-2900 when oc to 5Ghz.
  10. Flickering was there with SteamVr beta. Now they have released new version 1.8xxx and that's why flickering happens . I have reverb also and it works just fine. Lost tracking when looked down but that was caused because bad room boundaries setup. Just set room setup again ,try different angles and it should fix tracking issues. No need to reinstall WMR
  11. I sold my rift couple of weeks ago but can confirm ctrl/num works best without OTT. Sometimes Oculus update broke that too and it worked again after next update. Because i don´t own rift anymore i cant tell is it some new update that mess your key setting or is it related to OTT.
  12. I had same ctrl+numpad problem and find out using only Oculus home + opencomposite works fine. Ott mess key compination sometimes.
  13. With VR when reprojection is ON (Reverb 45 fps) Ultra low latency seems to help with ghosting. I does not fix it completely but it reduces ghosting a lot . Ghosting is much faster and picture/planes does not rip off so badly . However when reprojection is off ultra latency lower my fps with VR ,but maybe I need to test it again because lot has changed past month
  14. Very weird. Maybe next thing you want to test is another GPU? Do you still experience those D3D errors?
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