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  1. With VR when reprojection is ON (Reverb 45 fps) Ultra low latency seems to help with ghosting. I does not fix it completely but it reduces ghosting a lot . Ghosting is much faster and picture/planes does not rip off so badly . However when reprojection is off ultra latency lower my fps with VR ,but maybe I need to test it again because lot has changed past month
  2. Very weird. Maybe next thing you want to test is another GPU? Do you still experience those D3D errors?
  3. Hi, i have totally forget to update this post. After Oculus fix CTD/BSOD still occured after couple of days, maybe week. Next thing you may want to check, if you have overclocked memory from BIOS, is to check XMP profile. Mine is 2x8 GB 2166mZh without OC and 3000Mzh with XMP profile 1. They worked fine for about 2 years but now caused CTD and BSOD with different error messages including BSOD IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. By setting XMP profile1 and lowered 3000Mzh to 2933Mzh fixed my issues and zero CTDs after that.
  4. Solved, Bindings are Bow pilot head vertically -Mouse Y and Turn pilot head horizontally - Mouse X. There is also Turn gunner's head horizontally ?? What does that do? It doesn't have effect if I leave head horizontally blank
  5. Mods are disabled. Is it possible pilot position might not be correct in JU88? Like every plane ,I need to adjust seat position manually and save new position with F10 after fresh game install. After that it's good to go ,but is it possible JU88 seat position has somekind of bug and game thinks I'm not sitting where it looks like? Hard to explain
  6. Brief description: Pilot in cockpit pop up in front of my view (VR atleast) Plane JU-88 A-4. Detailed description, conditions: When i lean my head down to the left to check engine levers and trim settings, 3d pilot pop up and prevent my view. This happens only with JU-88. Noticed this issue after 3.201. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): GTX1080Ti , 436.48 drivers. 3.201 with latest hotfix. HP Reverb VR set with native resolution.
  7. Oh shiiiiiiiii, ok thanks! Will figure out somehow. Thank you
  8. Hi, I've been messing with control bindings and deleted a couple of unnecessary head movement keys for mouse since I use VR. Now it's seems I cannot move guns when seated at gunnery station. There is so many head movement option I cannot find the right control anymore .😂 I can take control and aim but cannot move my guns at any direction. Mouse movement works fine in outside view when pressing F2. One strange thing is that i have older input folder for backup, but it didnt solve my issue! Is this a new bug perhaps? Haven't tested gunnery skills after 3.201
  9. Afterburner Kombustor is good way to stress GPU https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner Scroll down to download. You also need Afterburner program which is good for monitor GPU/CPU usage. When Kombustor is installed you can click that greyed out K to start stress test. Have you tried older Nvidia drivers?
  10. Ok, something you may want to check. Reinstall GPU drivers using DDU. Reset and delete all afterburner profiles if you use it. Stress test your GPU . Or GPU might be broken? Those d3d errors occurs usually when something is wrong with a hardware. Or corrupted drivers
  11. Oh, yes indeed, need to read new version specs more carefully next time. Cannot wait to start P-47 campaign with new map. Thanks Pat
  12. It seems start parked option is broken. It gives me the same error message. When i choose start runway , it will let me access to mission briefing
  13. Remerus, Might be something to do with GPU shutdown...(reset due bad GPU overclock)
  14. If you still have CTDs you should check vcore voltage and CPU oc as well if CPU is overclocked. Maybe start over is best solution. Some CPU cannot maintain stable oc after couple of years and you have to set more vcore or lower multiplier one notch . Mine issue was memory oc which worked well at 3000mhz 2 years but after that caused ctd. At least lowering mxp mhz helped but really don't know what was the real reason. I'm not that good with computers
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