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  1. As not mentioned clearly there is a special key commands to link turbo and prop with throttle...just in case 😉
  2. Early DB605 engine had problems with a higher manifold pressure ,that's why we have max 1.3 ATA for G2. Maybe that unreliable early 605 with 1.4 ATA caused Marseille death?
  3. Aftermission claims briefing tells me my mates were flying Locomotive_E🙂 JG3 06/43 Kuban fighter career if I remember correctly.
  4. 1. No, New zoom is all around better than before fix. IPD works even better now than before when zoom is applied. (win 65mm and ingame +/-0) I have not touched any graphic settings after latest hotfix 2. Hp Reverb 3. No d3d11.dll file found in game folder
  5. Motion smoothing adjust should work now in steamvr without digging/modifying any files from a mixed reality folder. I have set it to Auto and when Reverb can't push 90 fps it will be 45 fps but smooth. It's better than 50-80 fps with stuttering and motion sickness
  6. Nice review! I use rudder pedals so I have bind tailwheel lock to rudder twist ...it's handy and quick when taxiing
  7. Check with notepad from a Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings\Default, do you have motionReprojectionIndicatorEnabled" : false. Enabled mode caused my mouse to disappear some time ago ...haven´t tested that indicator for a while. I really don´t know has it fixed or not. I use Reverb as well
  8. One thing I've noticed. LA-5FN oil temperature. It's already 100 Celsius before engine start up when warm engine is selected. Max oil temp is 85 C ?
  9. Brief description: P-47 RPM interlock works only one way (increase) Detailed description, conditions: After 4.005 patch P-47 RPM interlock leave RPM lever to position where it has been set before decreasing throttle with turbo / rpm interlock. Lock works only in one way and RPM needs to be decreased manually Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): WIN10, VKB Gladiator.
  10. This may apply only for scripted campaigns...not sure about career progress BlackSix: If you need to reinstall game and you want to save your progress in the campaigns then copy and save folder ...\data\swf\il2\usersave\...
  11. Ok, thanks , Here is just quick random MIG-3 career with a mission. I choose 27Th regiment start day 01/12/41. Problem seems to be MIG-3 itself? Taxi in any another campaign seems to work without issues . I have deleted previous campaigns. I started new Lagg-3 campaign and cold start is working correctly. fgh.zip mission.zip
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