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  1. Hartigan

    Stutters and blurred pictures

    Oh,didn't see you have 750w psu . That's more than enough . I had slowdowns, stutters and somekind of "timewarp" effects. Reason was GPU overclock. Couple more MhZ and game crashed. So now it's working with only minor 30-60 mHz overclock . I also use V-sync ( ingame menu) and never let FPS go above 143-144 altought I have g-sync . Tested it many times and many ways , Nvidia inspector / control panel . Also tested FPS limiters but found best way to prevent screen tearing and stutters is to enable V-sync with g-sync monitor. G-sync will take care after FPS drop below 144.
  2. Hartigan

    Stutters and blurred pictures

    Sounds like too high GPU overclock or too weak power supply. Maybe your 1080 is broken. Or you can try to remove GPU drivers with DDU uninstaller. Very simple and good program . Then install latest drivers . Use this to calculate power consumption http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/
  3. Hartigan

    The Missions Sharing Corner

    I replaced the old one to version with German planes only . Haven't had time to test it much. Will report later if I find any issues. What happened to Soviets planes?
  4. Hartigan

    The Missions Sharing Corner

    Hi, WWSitttingDuck any plans to update practice missions to 3.008? It seems to be broken also. Mission loads up well but only one enemy appears and then i need to restart mission, thanks! This is the most important QMB style mission set up so far.
  5. It might be ammunition that explode aswell. With a good luck I have managed to explode IL-2 to pieces with a couple 20mm shots when hitting ammo box. Has happened couple times in past years
  6. Hartigan

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    This Russian 39 is very nice! but there is a couple bugs with right side turbo wastegate and air intake Thanks and keep on good work!
  7. I had horrible stutters with G-6 version . But no crashes. Can't remember which mission third or maybe fourth. It was not ordinary situation. I was coming to land and it felt like having only 5 fps . I replaced g6 with g4 version but haven't played it that much yet. Btw, where I can find g6 version?
  8. Hartigan

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    Aaaaarr, it's time for LA-5 . 😛 There is only couple single player missions for it. Anyway, it's great to hear new campaigns coming ,thanks
  9. Hi! I have a curious question about game performance. I use Msi Afterburner to see how my rig performs in game. i5 7600K 4.8 Ghz, 16 Gb 3000mZh memory and GTX 1070 8 GB. Monitor is 144Hz G-Sync. Normally i can see like 88-141 fps (fps limiter 141) and GPU usage 98 -100% . Everything is smooth and game feels well optimize even with lot of planes around. However in some cases like Jade´s tank busting mission where task is to destroy huge tank columns with BF 110 g-2, i can see lower GPU usage when mostly needed. When looking to the sky my fps jumps to around 120- 141 and GPU usage rises, but when i start attack run and all tanks appears to the sight, GPU usage goes somewhere 60-80 % and FPS goes around 65-80. CPU usage stays always 25-60% and temps CPU 40-63 celsius & GPU 50-70 celsius . So temperature should not be issue. Is this pure optimization effect? I have seen this in other games too . Cheers!
  10. Hartigan

    Mig 3 flaps limiter...

    There is also flap limiter slider behind flight stick . You need to pull the stick or move it left/right to see it. It's 100% down by default
  11. I'm using Tonemap ,lumasharpen, curves and maybe vignette? If I remember right. Without a single crash to desktop. So try to disable Clarity and see if it helps
  12. Hartigan

    Toggle wing guns, p39

    It seems to be possible to turn off wing guns from the p39 cockpit. Now because nose and wing guns are the same weapon group, it would be nice to disable and save ammo for later If needed. Key binding for weapons could work a same way like they do with toggle rockets and bombs
  13. Hartigan

    HS 129 B-2 take off issues

    And remember set prop pitch control to manual mode and boost ON. It gives you max rpm. It´s more stable on ground. AUTO prop try to maintain 2750rpm and cause prop wash.
  14. Hartigan

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Hi Pat, i got empty squadrons when i try to select Luftwaffe , Stalingrad map and timeframe 01/06/42 - 01/07/42. Thanks ! Ver 3.5.0
  15. Hartigan

    Do you use manual prop pitch in german fighters?

    I have noticed that FW190 is much more stable to land when using manual prop at 12:10- 12.35.