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  1. 1.5 x zoom is ideal to check smaller text and gauges. It would be nice to have two different zoom
  2. I had black screen issues when I disabled rift s mic and speakers from Windows. It must be enabled ,however I can use desktop speakers by default
  3. Need to wait another week guys .. sale continues this week so update will follow next week 🤐 ... Can't wait and I hope I'm wrong
  4. Copy your startup.cfg to desktop and let the game create new one by updater. Test if it helps?
  5. Might be CPU overclock aswell. Mine worked fine with 2k screen, but VR with high overclock may cause OC issues. Try lower to 4.9 or 4.8
  6. No news....patch next week be sure.
  7. Not sure but same happens with HE111 and second engine uses slightly more fuel. Only 1 generator is installed and that needs more power and uses more fuel...? Is that correct?
  8. If Nvidia then don't go below 1070 TI....? Gtx1080TI should do the job
  9. Well it depends what motherboard you have ,but this first post from Google should be helpful . It seems to be step by step and those settings should apply with many different motherboards. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?89428-Basic-Guide-Overclocking-Intel-Core-i5-6600K-Skylake-using-Asus-Z170i-Pro-Gaming If you are unfamiliar with BIOS it's good time to start and first you can skip memory (dram) overclock. Btw many mobos have XMP dram profile in bios. My dram is 3000mhz but it run only 2133mhz by default unless I set it work with full speed by applying XMP profile 2. from bios. It's easy to do and that is important for VR performance
  10. CPU is bottleneck. 30% GPU usage tells it. What helped me alot I changed steamvr to opencomposite open vr software. Steamvr background CPU usage was something like 45-55% ! Now it's ~25% . Worth to try. At least it helped for me Edit: With i5 7600k 4.8Ghz gave me most fps but to get it stable I lowered it to 4.6Ghz. now I can see nice 70-95% GPU usage 90fps and 50-80% CPU usage
  11. 144 Hz G-sync monitor 2560x1400 saved me. Previously i had 60Hz monitor and lot of stutters
  12. Yep, not sure what is the optimal vertical speed and engine power on final approach? . Maybe engine should be almost idle with steep sink rate, because high engine power with full flaps and minor dive angle causes so much lift that the plane tends to climb back to sky
  13. Hi! Operational details says Glideslope speed: 185..210 km/h (115..130 mph)Landing speed: 175..195 km/h (110..120 mph)Landing angle: 11.9 ° With a full flaps it is impossible to make three point landing at 110mph. 90% fuel and full ammo. Using 30° flaps it seems to be possible. With PE-2 it is prohibited to use more than 70% flaps during landing...is there same kind of limitation with Thunderbolt? Edit: Touchdown speed in this game is something like 70-80 mph when using full flaps no matter how much fuel you have onboard
  14. I would be nice to have option to choose when you connect inertia starter and how long you press it to successfully start the engine
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