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  1. Then it's a Gift ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMmMz4rTFO8
  2. We are!...but then we get hammered...and retreat to the Sanctuary of SimHQ where we can post our legitimate grievances without fear of a Mod hammer, or Praise Mob attacking us ...back to lurking
  3. Uh-oh Getting ready for hammer..... Duck and cover!
  4. My name is Skullbiscuit...and I approve this message
  5. I'm sure they have! [Edited] They'll fit right in with telling the people what is best for them....they'll get it...good and hard Look guys expressing discontent is one thing. This kind of provocative dialog will not be tolerated. Please do not make a post like this again.
  6. Note that the spinner is dark too...while the other AC in the background has a white spinner --- just in case you are intending to make a faithful copy
  7. there was one actual image in that clip from the real Ranger School The rest was....drivel
  8. Nice parody Bugs For the record....I hate the unlocks and like the poll question..."it effects how I feel about the product"
  9. This is a topic in which you are not likely to get an "objective" answer. My system is similar to yours , but I have 16GB of RAM, my 8 core AMD processor is running at 4.6Ghz, and I have an R9 270x 4GB I experience the same problems you describe to where the game becomes unplayable when flying low AND/OR with large numbers of aircraft in the vicinity of where you are. I've spent a considerable amount of time playing with settings and have not come up with any solution and my suspicions are that this problem is not solvable by the user. Some people have Brute Forced "better" frame rates with high end Intel and Nvidia systems. But the lack of objective benchmarking with lets say a prerecorded track like the old IL-2 Black Death track makes objective comparison among systems and configurations nearly impossible and as things stand right now it is entirely subjective and a time sink with no way out in determining what can be done. The lack of custom graphics settings has not helped this situation
  10. Yes...full screen triple monitor, turned the graphics settings all the way down to LOW! and still has stutters in the hanger. F'ing unbelievable! It's one thing to take away the graphics customization settings like we are all children with Xboxes Then force updates down our throats that break what worked! You know in the "bad old days" of IL-2 and COD, updates were provided as optional downloads...FOR A REASON! You could wait and see it they introduced new bugs and most importantly, if the game was working for you...you could wait while they fixed bugs and still enjoy what you had. The heavy handed way of managing this game is driving what little good will I have towards this title/team out of me. I'll go back to flying CLOD --- it runs buttery smooth on my system -- after this 1.006 update --- so it's not my system --- but this update which broke play for me
  11. If that was meant for me --- I tried it --- did nothing ...the game is a stutter fest The indicator is always the hanger....if the pan is smooth around the feature plane...then indications are that game play will also be smooth The converse is also true....stutter in the hanger....stutter in game play I now have stutters in the hanger and in game play regardless of what I do to the settings in AMD CCC. If your going to patch the graphics like apparently they have...then as at least a courtesy to the players...you can tell us what you did.... I'm not inclined to spend another several hours under the hood of this game to try to get back to where it was yesterday (graphically) before this patch
  12. This update broke play for me I had just gotten the game to where I had smooth frame rates on Ultra settings as per my post on SIMHQ here http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4039779/What_I_have_found_that_works_-#Post4039779 Now it's a slide show --- I even took the settings back to High from Ultra...a stutter fest! Other people have noted in this thread frame rate loss....its unplayable...and the work I put it towards getting the game to where I was actually enjoying it...is now down the drain This is not progress
  13. Turned of FPS limiter (it was at 60) and this seemed to have taken out most of the micro stutters --- though this makes no sense to me --- still have some here an there so I can't say that it is micro-stutter free....but this seemed to help --- thanks!
  14. I'm glad some...hell...even most of you guys may have a game that is stutter free....no point in trading specs...been there done that....too old and damn tired to do that again. When I spool up WT as an example and before that was Birds of Prey...I got a flight sim game that behaved well regardless of what type of machine I used or what I might have had running in the background. Now I have been in this space since Jane's WWII fighters in the late 90's and also have a degree or two in IT, and have spent as much time "under the hood" of my machine as playing (so it seems) in pursuit of flight simming nirvana. Now I don't want nor need to get into a debate about features, or this or that on these various "entertainment" choices...because that is what they are at the end of the day.....and if half a bucket flies flawlessly all the time vs a full bucket in which most of the time it will be unplayable due to stutters....then guess the half a bucket is where all but the most hard core will spend their time --- this is business and a market reality. So my point is that at $90+ bucks we should not only have a flight sim that plays well without getting into tweakathon (and I'm not the only one with this problem as a search with "stutter" on this forum will reveal) But we better be getting at least everything that we liked from the past (clearly not so from the grousing going on here) Apparently this is not happening and the direction this simulation has taken in the last few weeks is inexplicable considering the audience that funded it (many of us from IL2 days 10 years ago) Considering these moves purely from a business standpoint.....they need to move the theater to the Pacific and the Battle of Okinawa with Kamikaze operations that would be more philosophically consistent with the Devs choices here. If the IL2 crowd wanted to play WT they would play WT!...and if the Dev's think that they are going to woo away the WT demographics with IL2BOS....then I have bridge in Brooklyn that I'd like to sell em real cheap
  15. This is the end (The Doors from the movie Apocalypse Now) Now we just need a napalm drop on the whole place to complete it. For a genre that is dying in its niche of a niche....it is utterly amazing to me to see the steps that the Devs have taken to incorporate what seems to be the worst of all from the various alternatives out in the market....and at a premium price point! Unlocks...like we are grinding through a "free to play" or "freemium" title...but at the price point there is nothing free about this title.....and several folks have already mentioned the intangible and the elephant in the room -- TIME --- and how we all don't have the same amount of time in order to get at the "features" that ostensibly we thought we were buying when we ponied money up front for this title Compared to past titles customizations and others within the genre --- a lot of lock down or in short....this is the way we want you to play the game --- yep folks this is a game --- and it's our way or the highway! Playability killing Bugs --- the game stutters....and I have a high end machine......for the unprecedented high price for this title....I expect one thing above everything else...it should be silky smooth and as bug free as any flight sim can be --- shadows and shades of IL2COD and IL2 original stutters are here....and now at twice the price and while containing a fraction of the content. I for one am not willing to go back in time and repeat the days or weeks spent "tweaking" my machine so that it does not stutter (a fatal flaw in any real-time flight sim). Amazing....this is the way to put a stake into the heart of what is left of the genre. Take away stuff that people liked (customization), while introducing stuff from other alternatives people wanted to buy themselves out of (unlock grinds), while keeping the playability bugs!
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