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  1. And if you're really lucky after 4 years, they'll still be labelled as "new" and you'll be banned from the steam forum for saying so.
  2. If nothing has changed, why did Pattle say "pushed back" when answering directly a question "is the original timeframe still current"? That original timeframe being spring 21 earliest as laid out in your post as you linked. If it's not been pushed back then your official spokesman is the one posting misinformation no? You can't both be right and to threaten MysticPuma with a ban (almost a month since originally posting) for simply relaying a post from the ATAG forum here seems, well, a bit harsh.
  3. How much more "official" does it need to be than TFS's official spokesperson posting in a public forum? Are you suggesting its not true and he lied? Or he didn't know so just made it up?
  4. When you're quoting Wikipedia on a single recorded event as a source, we are in trouble IMO.
  5. Not to blow my own trumpet but Storm of War offered the most immersive gameplay I've had in any game multiplayer. To beat the airquake mentality and feeling you absolutely have to build in consequences to your actions. Either through limiting aircraft, campaign objectives and interaction and pilot statistics like we did, or by some other mechanism.
  6. I'd give my arm for a Malta map done well with specific 3d terrain models for things like Ft St Elmo and recognisable landmarks and period correct aircraft, mc200, sm79, cant z 506, cant z1007bis, sm.81, re.2001 , Beaufort etc. I'd be happy to play that in SP till i give up flight sims.
  7. Gorgeous. I miss your PR efforts...
  8. Looks perfectly flyable to me, just whack a bit of right rudder to compensate.
  9. I think the issue is that any server using the channel map is also using the new content (I assume Mk Vb spits etc). Tbh this should probably have been predicted and avoided by TFS but...
  10. I don't fully understand what the issue was bit I appear to have fixed it.. certainly was not an issue TF caused that I can see.
  11. I found a couple of wierd things. 1) South Africa appears to be by default in the Blue army in the FMB. Shouldn't it be in the Red? 2) flying from Awdyat ash Ahiyah on a course of 300 for about 30-40 minutes I came across a North -south straight line issue. Looks like there is a terrain heightmap issue and what I could see was very straight 'ramp' extending as far as the eye could see. I can't give exact coords as it's (to quote General Melchett) "a barren featureless desert out there".
  12. All I would say is try to keep it as flexible and as customizable as possible to allow mission makers freedom to implement it as they see fit.
  13. @Buzzsaw I'm interested in this, but also concerned. Is this intended to be a default option, SP only, MP Compatible etc? If it were to be MP compatible, please ensure that it is possible to ensure that a) certain players only can use this, b) that certain AI groups/Elements are able to be exempt from this. I can very much see the potential for this to add massively to certain roles such as a Ground Commander, or Air Commander but if it's a free for all then it could be a PITA. Its also imperative that mission makers are able to safeguard against players randomly "doing stuff" with assets. For example, someone signing in as a Red player, sending all air assets to point B, in order to switch sides and either farm said assets, or avoid them knowing they're not at point A.
  14. Anyone else use Shadowplay to record? I've made a few clips of my recent escapades online and was rather disappointed to discover that the game audio is not being recorded but TS is. Shadow play isn't even saving the files into a IL2 CLOD folder anymore, they're being saved in the desktop so it's like it doesn't even register the games running? Clearly not a CLOD issue (although it always used to work prior to TF5) but curious if anyone has come across this and solved it.
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