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  1. I didn't play 1946 so unlikely you saw a post of mine. Apart from that I didn't understand a word of what you posted.
  2. In fairness Pattle answered my questions in another thread (which I don't think we're asked for devilment...?) Namely Blitz will receive the AI and other core upgrades and the weather will be updated after release which was also answered here. I think the cost will be prohibitive to bring back SoW. 2 x Tobruk licenses + new web domain and hosting as Philstyle is now using it for DCS. I will see how the release goes I think. Not sure what AI you've been playing but I don't recognise it. I'm used to the "switch off and go brain dead fly straight home" mode, "ignore every other plane but the first player you see" and "barrel roll permanently while flying with full rudder deflection" AI.
  3. The questions about what will be in the release haven't been answered except for a "the plane list is in the other thread".
  4. Rofl. New? They've been at this for years. How about the reverse of that? The developer listen to the customer? Sorry but TF have routinely ignored what the largest communities (MP and SP) wanted and done it their way. That's their right. Just as it's the consumers right to spend their money how they want.
  5. Excellent. Would be good if the other questions could be answered too. Thanks.
  6. On what basis is this statement made? Are you an official TFS spokesman? Sorry for my scepticism, I'd expect Buzzsaw or Spiritus to answer a question like this so apologies that I don't know you from Adam. If what you say is true, can you elaborate on what content will be available to Blitz owners only? For example, will the new weather be? New AI?
  7. Yeah well sadly the others have moved onto DCS, the rest of No.54 won't return to CLOD having lost patience with waiting and bored. I don't know, maybe there'll be a dedicated server exe which means you don't need to buy the game but I won't hold my breath.
  8. To be honest the prospect of spending 140 dollars to be able to host Storm of War and play myself kinda burst the bubble.
  9. I'd like to have some clarity on what the situation will be for those who choose not to buy TF5. I recall some time ago that it was said that the improvements and changes to the core engine (by which I mean code bug fixes, AI rewrite, environmental & effect changes) would be released to CLOD Blitz users as a patch, rather than a paid for DLC. Is this still the case, or is it now predicated on buying Tobruk?
  10. Yeah, I'm still having issues with this. Apparently I am showing in netstats way before I get into game. Would really appreciate some steer from TF about this
  11. Greetings all, apologies for the slower than expected turn around with this. As some of you will have noticed it's been a bit busy out there in the "real world" recently and my focus has been elsewhere. We've also had to deal with a web migration and software upgrade as well as the changes to the campaign code.The website is now fixed although reorganised and undergoing further development, and pages relating to the campaign are under "Cliffs of Dover" on the header bar.We are now ready to see if the server and the game can still cope with the campaign code and large numbers of players at the same time. I propose to hold a test on Sunday, 29th March starting around 19.00hrs (UK time). I know it's relatively short notice but it would be good if we could stress the server and the connection and test whether it's up to the challenge.For the purposes of the test, all players will be considered to be Public/OPEN players but there will be lots of aircraft of various types across both sides to play. The intent is that the play reflect the old "events" with mass organised raids. To this effect, there will be 3 active LW targets for the event. These will be RAF Biggin Hill, Supermarine Factory in Southampton and Dover Docks.As we do not currently have a TS with the capacity we used to, I suggest people congregate on the SoW Discord and we see what the numbers are like.
  12. Fair enough. I'm going to hazard a guess that after the initial "ooh shiny" factor has worn off few will bother with them and that for example placing mines in anything like a realistic density and pattern will bring a server to it's knees but I look forward to being proven wrong. I take it that the Wellington is not yet actually ready then?
  13. I have some questions about this. Are the mines placed individually in the editor or a "zone" you define? Are they objects that can be seen or a random number generator applied to an area? How is MP server performance with large areas of minefields? I too would much rather have seen the time spent on this update spent on the Wellington. When is the new "fly" mod going to be teased? They had lots and lots of flies in the desert too.
  14. I honestly do not see the point of this in the context of a flight simulator. Not when vehicles can't even cross a bridge...
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