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  1. Yeah, I'm still having issues with this. Apparently I am showing in netstats way before I get into game. Would really appreciate some steer from TF about this
  2. Greetings all, apologies for the slower than expected turn around with this. As some of you will have noticed it's been a bit busy out there in the "real world" recently and my focus has been elsewhere. We've also had to deal with a web migration and software upgrade as well as the changes to the campaign code.The website is now fixed although reorganised and undergoing further development, and pages relating to the campaign are under "Cliffs of Dover" on the header bar.We are now ready to see if the server and the game can still cope with the campaign code and large numbers of players at the same time. I propose to hold a test on Sunday, 29th March starting around 19.00hrs (UK time). I know it's relatively short notice but it would be good if we could stress the server and the connection and test whether it's up to the challenge.For the purposes of the test, all players will be considered to be Public/OPEN players but there will be lots of aircraft of various types across both sides to play. The intent is that the play reflect the old "events" with mass organised raids. To this effect, there will be 3 active LW targets for the event. These will be RAF Biggin Hill, Supermarine Factory in Southampton and Dover Docks.As we do not currently have a TS with the capacity we used to, I suggest people congregate on the SoW Discord and we see what the numbers are like.
  3. Fair enough. I'm going to hazard a guess that after the initial "ooh shiny" factor has worn off few will bother with them and that for example placing mines in anything like a realistic density and pattern will bring a server to it's knees but I look forward to being proven wrong. I take it that the Wellington is not yet actually ready then?
  4. I have some questions about this. Are the mines placed individually in the editor or a "zone" you define? Are they objects that can be seen or a random number generator applied to an area? How is MP server performance with large areas of minefields? I too would much rather have seen the time spent on this update spent on the Wellington. When is the new "fly" mod going to be teased? They had lots and lots of flies in the desert too.
  5. I honestly do not see the point of this in the context of a flight simulator. Not when vehicles can't even cross a bridge...
  6. Boo, I will drop you a pm if you don't mind, I'd be keen to run through some ideas for the new "ruleset" with you and see if they address some of your experience from the LW side. On a general note, testing has seen over 150 players join the server if only for a few moments and players seem to be connecting and playing without issue. (except me! I'm still taking an age to connect inexplicably.) The next challenge will be a large scale test and the publication of the rules and the picking of a start date. I'm anticipating mid-late February. The website is open for squadron registrations again, I've wiped the previous entries. Please feel free to create your squadron entries again and get your pilots set up. I'd appreciate if people can try and remember their passwords before creating new accounts. If people need user names changing for different squadron affiliations then a pm will let me know...
  7. I've always thought a Spitfire would look sweet with a couple of Aim9's on the wing tips if we're talking about historically inaccurate aesthetics.
  8. Given the UK blackout came into effect on the 1st of September 1939 I sincerely hope not.
  9. The pw wasn't given out. I'm monitoring something without player interference hence the pw. If someone got on the they probably remembered the pw and I need to change it.
  10. Tried completely removing both 4.312 and Blitz from my machine and reinstalling Blitz only. No improvement. The SoW server took about 50-60 seconds enjoin the DD server so I think that eliminates my connection from the equation. Something on my pc alone is causing this. Will take a look at VPN but I think it's likely a red herring since the connection looks ok and pings to the ATAG server through command prompt return fine.
  11. So i did some tests this morning. With SoW running and in this order of connecting. Times not exact to seconds Connected to: ping on server list time to connect SoW 21 10 minutes ATAG 116 4 minutes DangerDogz 54 3 minutes With SoW NOT running DangerDogz 54 5 minutes 25 seconds. ATAG 117 Timeout. (Server may have been rotating mission?) ATAG 115 4 minutes 17 seconds. Clearly something is wrong at my end but I'm at a loss to know what.
  12. That's what I figure too. But 10mins seems....unexpected. It's also odd because the spawn selection screen is quite laggy, input taking a few seconds to update. But once in a plane its fine. I've reverified files last night through steam and will give that a go today. I will also benchmark if there's a difference joining another server with SOW running and not. My specs are: 4670k GTX 1070 16gb ram Installed on a SSD. SoW is running on an entirely different machine of course.
  13. Thanks. I had tried a manual load of a file via the console before I bother developing the SoW server software to automate it but got an error regarding a different file name almost as if it were asking for a default filename. banned.txt I think was the name. I renamed the file to that name and reran the command. This time I didn't get any sort of error or any sort of feedback the file was loaded. What I think I need to try is banning myself and see if it works. What sort of message does a banned player get?
  14. I don't recall it taking so long pre-blitz to load into a server. Is anyone else finding this or is it something to do with my setup?
  15. Hi. You do not need to register at the forum but you will play as an "OPEN" (public) player and will not have access to the campaign information. You'll only be able to spawn at bases marked (OPEN) - the other spawn bases will be for allocsted squadrons only. The server will appear in the server list when ready. For now it is up and down and has the name Storm of War 5 Test
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