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  1. 30mm Shell used in guncam. (careful graphic warning)
  2. And what does that bring? That he notice that the plane is flying backwards instead Forward? That Video is only about take off and rolling and trim crap. The least important stuff in an aircombat Simulator. I want to see him turning for his life in the plane, climbing, stalling and all that stuff you do in aircombat, sure it stresses the airframe but it is more important than Landing or taking off imo.
  3. You should have read the entire thread there, Buddy.
  4. Oh nice Pilot accounts of not-so successful pilots like Willi Reschke and Erich Brunotte but they're Keep Talking About something like they have shot down dozens of Mustangs. The truth is that xX-Reschke super ace360-Xx had most of the time bomber kills[19 of his 26 kills were Bombers] and his 3 Mustang kills were 2 on a not defending7evading target and 1 on a beaten down Mustang how he bravely describes. Storys of Pilots are full of bs with subjective impressions, just like some allied pilots claimed how they won turnfights lasted for minutes against A6Ms with their P47s. So what?
  5. It's shots only those down who don't deserve to fly for the Luftwaffe.
  6. P51 ovaaaapowwaarrrdhhhh!!111 Pls goring help mich, please! German Luftwaffe lost only because allies had more numbers!!!!1111 and by the way P51 was only good because it had Long range and my grandfather shared Schokolade with Children in soviet union btw. ja. göööööööööööööööörrrrriiiiiiiiing pick me up i am sacred!
  7. I consider Gallands book and Günther Ralls book as too boring to be honest. The best of the best flying books i have ever read which was so detailed in aircombat was of Helmut Lipfert's book. "das Tagebuch des Hauptmann Lipfert". I read a lot but this book really is like being in IL2 Right now. It handles myths of Luftwaffepilots being supiorer, the very high amount of newbies durning the war and the biggest myth About german boom and zoom, which was not so in common as you might think, they were turning like Spitfire pilots. This book is not so much a wehrboo book and a really must have! The best flying ww2 book ever written from german Point of view. He also respects the People he shot down unlike other pilots in history.
  8. You don't have to know how to cook to tell if something tastes bad. So your "Do YoU eVeN cOdE? cAn YoU mOdEl iN Maya …" crap doesn't work on me.
  9. hey devs make at least a better Damage model for the P47 Razorback than on the P47D28.
  10. Of Course it isn't modelled, it should make Tszar Nuke bomb explosions on Impact, do we have that ingame Right now? No.. It is complettly unrealistic how it is modelled in the game, because it had 20000 billions of billions TNT per bullet. A screenshot of a 30mm Impact The Explosion is really really hard to see, so i marked it with a red circle, yes i know it is still not so easy to see but it Shows you how the mineshells are not modelled in this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at this one Do you really think, this is how it used to be back then? It is just Looking useless.. Compare it to the guncamera of the Luftwaffe i've screenshot for you and don't wonder it got colorized after the war.
  11. At least once in the Career of a Wehrb you have to ask if Mineshells are modelled in the game.
  12. Yeah, it is not wrong tho. The 8th and 9th Air Force often or mostly fought with lower numbers on fighters till 1945 over Germany. Yeah, the cool myth of "POOR GERMAN ACES KNIGHTS OF THE AIR HAD NO CHANCES AGAINST NUMBERS BUT THEY NEVER LOST IN 1VS1 ENCOUNTERS!!!111111111" The US Escort fighters got attacked by a high number of fighters over Germany, especially for P51 and P38 a pain in the A$$ while travelling so Deep into Germany. But attacking enemy fighters who want to destroy the Bombers is easy too.
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