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  1. The Meteor has never seen Combat, oh wait it did, friendly fire over UK. I don't know how this Thing is called but it looks interesting, maybe make this one?
  2. the fuel tanks of the Tempest don't look out if you look at it from behind, they look out in the front of the wing like gunpods. This is a bomb.
  3. How can you tell that his engine was damaged, even with a damaged engine the P39 is faster. You just got wasted there, nice bail out skills btw.
  4. VOIP? Nice then I will run this one 24/7 when you cry for help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  5. A20 does turn better, especially with Flapsfapfapfapfap.
  6. You are turly a credit to your Jagdgeschwader then.
  7. Naaaaa, not at all, the war still could have been won!!!^1111111111
  8. Till some mad US pilot comes in with his F22 and shoots the S*** out of the Rafale. But the Rafale Pilot seems to be an expert, when the F22 Drops he climbs up and makes a high yoyo on him. GJ Rafale dude, great airplane.
  9. Ya I was watching her in steam-streaming. I woud have done better tho. but i fully agree with faster plane crap.
  10. Yeah and Camping at 6k-7k with LaGG3 and your LaGG3 Buddy is dangerous? Tell me this and unlike my other evil comments i mean it honest. I really want to know if this doesn't bore you? Is that the actual reason you fly with a wingman? To have someone to talk to while climbing up and Cycling over your airfield, racing ur streak up to 100 on wol after Shooting all vulchers or the unlucky ones near by? You do 1 and a half kill per hour on a full populated Server where you can make every 10 min at least one kill. I would die of boredom doing this, so kinda impressive to have that Passion.
  11. GUI is hidden. To restore please press "H"
  12. WHAT THE …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUYPZccpYpg&t=1m15s I attacked a Ju88 from above from 90* Degree angle and my plane was close to structural Damage when I was doing so, after I passed the 88, it buttom gunner hit my planes engine. So ya our Approach is wrong, sure...
  13. When Cuck Lucas accidentally copys Star Wars X-Wing Performances into P51s. Maybe after all it was a good idea that Disney took control of Star Wars. I know they failed a few films(especially ep.7-8) but also made good ones like Rogue one. : ) Not Mike.
  14. Ye Chimongo, turn this into a AXIS VS VVS thread, good Job. Guess you Always Need an enemy? We didn't Claim any bias, we know that this Problem affects both sides. And if you are happy with the current Damage model, well that explains perfectly well that you come from DCS. the best Damage Simulator out there. <8-)
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