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  1. Nothing worse than opinions of Pilots. oh no wait, there is one Thing, People who consider it as true that one airplane that is not abused and flown to it's Limits due airframe saving to be better than another. Who knows where his opinion Comes from? Personal plane preferences because of the Looks? Bias? Flying P51D with a 100% filled fuel tank, flying a Bf109 Buchon with not even half a fuel tank? The not science-Researches in what Speed what is behaving better? Sorry Luftwaffles but jerking off is cancelled for today.
  2. The best climbrate ingame has the Spitfire IX with 150 Octane. It beats the K4 in that all day Long. Or you are relating to the Spit IX already and i am just too stupid to see the sarcasm.
  3. Did you see this in the menu of QM? @Trooper117 Guess we have our new game now. ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  4. Yeah, becasue i am social incompetent. Anyway mineshells are freaking powerful, you should try to fly allies sometime, you will notice.
  5. MiNeShElLs DaMaGeD iS nOt mOdElLeD iN tHiS gAmE. YoU wOn'T gEt MiNe! Kinda cringy for me as german to read something like that. Sounds like Dunning Kruger effect to me omegalul.
  6. @Trooper117 So if you are so sure about that, why don't make bets?
  7. I never check my six, because exploiting the Simulation, as you couldn't check your six like you can in il2 Right now, because you were strapped in the seat belt. So, the simple answer is not check your 6 in such unrealistic behaviour, and feel sad for those who do. I very much enjoy checking my 6. I have done it few times, but I'd say it's definitely more useful not to check your 6 that online Server Play tends to break down.
  8. Let's make a bet then, i bet the next game won't be Korea, it will be pacific. If i win you buy me the next game and if you win I will buy you the next game. And Jason wants pacific more.
  9. Why Korea? We have DCS for it. I think pacific, because they announced it before Bodenplatte.
  10. +1 What do you guys expect? That you can rocket to 10km up high in the Bf109 while the P-47 can't even pull the nose up? Imao just bad flying from germanwolf.
  11. The Meteor has never seen Combat, oh wait it did, friendly fire over UK. I don't know how this Thing is called but it looks interesting, maybe make this one?
  12. the fuel tanks of the Tempest don't look out if you look at it from behind, they look out in the front of the wing like gunpods. This is a bomb.
  13. How can you tell that his engine was damaged, even with a damaged engine the P39 is faster. You just got wasted there, nice bail out skills btw.
  14. VOIP? Nice then I will run this one 24/7 when you cry for help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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