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  1. Thnxs for the reply's guy's. Therion not to much trouble to set up ?
  2. Gday all, I am considering buying this switch panel. What are your experence's with it, is it worth buying, much of a drama to set up ? Cheers.
  3. For what it's worth i enjoyed the missions. I have only tried Normal ( eye's aren't as good as they used to be ). I really liked how you set them up and playing from Australia didn't experince any problems. Keep up the good work and hope to see your server back up and running soon.
  4. Thumbs up, great patch keep up the good work guys. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  5. Gday Jupp, great work on the mission mate, i flew with Felix and the lads last night and throughly enjoyed the mission. Keep up the good work
  6. Great work last night Felix had a blast looking forward to the next one.
  7. We had another event last night and all went well, a couple of new faces showed up which is good to see. Keep a eye on the forums or on our website http://blueorchids.freeforums.net/ for further events. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  8. G'day THX and novice, Felix is currently working on one atm and all going well shouldn't be to long before it's up and running, he wants to make sure it's running fairly smooth before putting it out there. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  9. Gday all, a new Aussie based squad has been formed the "Blue Orchids the Grave Diggers".http://blueorchids.freeforums.net/ here is a link to our comms info http://blueorchids.freeforums.net/thread/6/teamspeak Kiwi's and other Oceanic countries are more than welcome to join. If you are a member of another Squadron you are more than welcome join/fly as well, we won't expect you to drop your tags you don't have to be a Aussie to join in. All that is required is a good attitude and abit of respect for other members and squadrons, remember we play for enjoyment. There are no restrictions as to when you have to be online, what you fly or play. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  10. Going to go with Blue Orchids, Grave Diggers Squadron Recruiting Post will be up in a couple of days. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  11. Giving it till 6 pm tonight, so far the last suggestion from Felix is looking good picture ( cool pic Skajrat) and all. The Blue Orchids, Grave Diggers Squadron. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  12. I'll put up Oz Squad ( a message tittle sent to me by Felix ) but with Skajrat's pic in his post I'll give it to Sunday before we'll make it more official, don't be shy put your suggestions forward. Cheers WhiteYeti.
  13. 2 other nice additions would be the Aussie Boomerang and the Wirraway
  14. G'day all, last night I had a couple of games with Endless and must say that it does have alot better experience when flying with a wingman or more, we did briefly talk about getting a Oceanic Squadron/Group up and running. It will be a good way for flight simmers in our region to have a wingman or more to fly with, I will look into getting a forum up and running ( easier to keep in touch for times when people get on line etc, a TS3 with Raidcall as a back up. People with all skill levels are welcome novice or pro, it will be casual based no serious commitment we fly for enjoyment, one requirement is a good attitude we are here for fun, if you are part of another group you are still more than welcome to join in. So if any one of ya's have a cool squadron/group name please put it in a post along with any other ideas. We won't be just restricted to BoS. Cheers WhiteYeti.
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