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  1. I see your point and I think the same when I watch videos of real cars/airplanes where I cannot hear the real engine sound. Problem here is that the exterior sounds in the game aren't very consistent. In lot of my scenes you don't have any sound or it is very faint or doesn't sound all that great. The sounds differ a lot in quality and volume. It would feel very empty without any music. To make it sound any good, you would have to edit in your own sound effects. Don't get me wrong, the sounds are totally fine for flying in the cockpit, with it being a game you just don't get movie quality sound when you're on the outside recording.
  2. I can't be the only one that thinks the Typhoon looks a hundred times better than the Tempest. Something about the thick wings and cannons sticking out just makes it look much more complete and well proportioned.
  3. Lol here you go, they are in the same spot on all of them:
  4. I updated it with captions, threw this together quite quickly. Feel free to do more indepth testing. Yep you got it. They should be original quality .png-files if you download them on Imgur, filesize stays exactly equal. Distance is 4.25km, 7.5km, 6.5km, 6km, 5km top to bottom in the comparison picture.
  5. I tested this back early this year and came to the same conclusion as SharpeXB - contacts have half as many pixels with half the resolution. Floppy_Sock might have had AV turned on. But I believe something changed with the rendering update 4.006 and the problem actually exists now. AV is definitly turned off in my tests. Left is 1280x720, right is 2560x1440, they are definitly not half as big and seam to have a higher contrast on the lower resolution. Full pictures: https://imgur.com/a/gOKB9va Even looking at the lower resolution image next to the other one, it is a lot easier to see the contact and the picture is only half as big. I had to take two screenshots for the high resolution, the higher contacts where invisible on the first one.
  6. The feel of speed depends a lot on the field of view. It is a bit more limited in il2 BoX compared to both DCS/CloD, so it looks somewhat slower if you zoom all the way out.
  7. Happy birthday! I have both of them already but still needed something to do during my online class. I still don't have a G6 so I made it as a drawing instead.
  8. My ancient i5-3570 paired with a GTX1060 6g does about equally compared to before, on medium settings but with 2560x1440 resolution. No freezing or tearing and between 60-110 FPS in Multiplayer.
  9. Just meant to say that the affected area would be incredibly small in comparison the entire wing, not how it changes the area. Added a sketch to show tiny it would be. (btw 1 foot for the 30mm looks way to small) In relation to all those rivets and panel lines it doesn't look like it would noticeably change the speed. But as stated we are just talking about neat holes not actual real damage. I have seen that picture but I am not sure how comparable a modern civilan plane's wing is to a ww2 fighter. There surely is a wartime picture of a wing hit by 50s?
  10. Not sure that is quite true, 30 neat .5" holes have about the same total area as an 7cm diameter hole (37cm² or 0,0037m²). That's like nothing compared to the entire wing area of 16,2 m² of a bf109. If we are talking about neat holes, I'd think the effect is minimal, especially if they are top to bottom of the wing and the air just has to pass over them. Would be interesting to see the effect of a tumbling bullet on appropriate thick aluminium sheets.
  11. It's the same fight, I just wanted to give two different perspectives. It's hard to see my shots since I am using the tracerless 20mm for the mig3 which might be the source of your confusion. The problem is that he starts to burn and the fire suddently stops just a second later.
  12. I was never able to put out flames in this game. I wouldn't mind if it was possible but I don't think that is the case. On the other hand none of the examples are very high speed and should not put out a fire that big in my opinion. Not sure what working PKs have to do with this thread? Both my video and creep's video were from yesterday, so no hotfix as far as I know.
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