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  1. Hi, loving the server and planning to spend quite a lot of time flying here next month. Is there a way to add points to the statistics for players who fly the resupply sorties? I flew a couple yesterday thinking I'd get a small reward but instead our 109 pilots just jumped in the new planes and flew off into the sunset
  2. I'll upload it again - sorry! Second attempt to answer (broken link before) - the para drop zone on this mission is pretty small and you have to be in the right place. The beacons cant be seen very well at all and it was only by opening the mission editor and looking at the map that I learned how to do this. Link to the video of my wing of three Ju52s in action posted below - but from your screenshots you were over the clearing but not far enough 'west' for the drop to count... https://youtu.be/oYTt5e7buQU
  3. Type of improvement: Sound Explanation of Proposal: I love to see the addition of two audio cues to the game. The first would be some sort of sound to acknowledge when the paratroopers are actually being dropped from a Ju-52. The second is a call from a gunner when an aircraft starts/stops contrailing in cold weather or at high altitude. Benefits: not all players have the luxury of flying in formation with a wingman that can tell them the paratroopers are jumping so this audio cue would really help and would add more realism/drama to the drop (something as simple as a German voice saying paratroopers jumping or the sound of the jump leader banging the back of the cockpit wall). Similarly when flying alone it’s odd that all those gunners would sit in silence as the aircraft starts to contrail and give its position away.
  4. Any of the "Black Cross Red Star: Air War Over the Eastern Front" series by Christer Bergstrom - Volume 5 covers Kuban and Kursk and was published only a few weeks ago. Amazing overview of the air war, loads of photos and pilot testimonies.
  5. Please can we have the server stats page back? It's been down for three days now
  6. Had a lucky break on the Wings of Liberty server where I was left alone in my Pe2 long enough to engage a unit of eight panzers. Pe2 was carrying 10x 100kg bombs. Video might be useful to anyone struggling to knock out small targets with the Pe2 as the technique I use is very accurate - usually
  7. Ah it's down as a fighter. Trying to use it as a ground attacker but it keeps generating air patrol/intercept type missions.
  8. I'm probably being dim but what parameters do I need to use to start a Tempest campaign?
  9. Yes definitely - I think I’d get a few more tank kills because currently trying to hit a moving tank with a 50kg bomb on a 5 second fuse is pretty challenging - whilst hitting one with a 500kg is not really that difficult If I miss strafe an enemy AA then waiting for those 5 seconds of fuse with a panic bomb can make a difference between life and death. The main difference for me though would be tactical flexibility. That said my online kill tally on WoL is not too bad at the moment I appreciate it’s a change that would only be of interest to a small minority of ground attackers.
  10. Hi, I fly ground attackers quite a lot and wonder if it would be possible for a small change to the bomb fuse settings. Currently you can only pick one setting for the whole payload but as a 110 pilot I fly a lot with 2x500 and 4x50. I’d love to be able to set my 500kgs with 3/5sec fuses as normal but also be able to set my smaller bombers to ‘contact’ fuses. For me this would really increase the flexibility of my payload especially when trying to take out moving targets
  11. Hi, Just got attacked over enemy target flying a bf110e2 on the Wings of Liberty server. Not sure what enemy plan hit me but I saw a message saying turret malfunction. From that point on my rear gunner would ‘sit down’ and for the rest of the flight all I could here was the sound of the rear gunner firing (even though he wasn’t).
  12. Hi Patrick, Most of your questions have been answered I think but here's my tuppence worth 1. Yes, tapping the brakes until you build up speed is the only way to steer this beast to start with. Use the turn and slip indicator to predict what is going to happen rather than looking out of the window. You can also take-off by sitting in the front gunner position but that is quite scary! 2. For take off I use 100% oil and water radiators and 100% throttle and RPM. Don’t forget to change the pitch to around -50%, it makes a huge difference! I rarely carry more than 900 litres of fuel and that gives me a flight time of about 50 minutes. I don't use flaps, even with 2x1800kg bombs. If the air temperature is high or you are using a short runway then line up just off the runway for a few extra feet and power up to 50% with both brakes on - release the brakes just as the plane starts to move of its own accord. If you get neat the end of the runway and its looking bad then drop about 10% flap just at the end. Lowering flaps early actually causes drag. 3. After you are airborne and flown level for a few seconds use 92% throttle and 86% RPM and you'll be good for 30 minutes of climbing (aim to maintain around 220-230kmh). Use the tiny 'mission clock' below your main clock to make sure you don't go over 25 minutes at this setting. Once comfortable at altitude drop to 77/77 rpm/throttle. The engines will surgge as you pass 3000m when the supercharger switches over, climbing 2600-3000m will be quite painful but better once you pass it. 4. Set your bombing computer while you are still on the ground waiting for your engines. This means planning the route in advance. saves a lot of bother later on. For spotting targets makes sure you flick between bomb view and the map with your bombsight set 'fully up' at about 75 degreees ahead. If you tick the graphics setting 'long range buildings' or something like that you'll see the target area render in very early ie from 30-40km away as dark patches. Hope it helps
  13. Just another note to say I’ve played some more of the new maps you’ve recently added. They are really good fun for us ground attackers! Congratulations to the team that created them!
  14. Wow! The P38 quadrant looks perfect for what I’m after! Take my money already!
  15. Managed to have a fly on the new 1944 map earlier today. Really like it so far, it’s a great addition to the line-up you already have. Flew as a pair of 110s with 190 ground attacker occasionally flying with us to help draw out the AA. We had real fun at the targets and it was great to be attacking something new. The AA quads are pretty fierce but if you attack in pairs we found them relatively easy to knock out. Trying to work out which enemy tanks were already dead was a little tricky but we are getting better at spottIng the damage. The server was pretty quiet and in two hours we hadn’t closed any of the targets - definitely needs more ground attack pilots but I think the targets are reasonable at the moment! Can’t wait time try and fly this for the ‘reds’ - hopefully the P38J is available to fly!
  16. I use a method similar to busdriver. Select quick mission with no enemies and a standard amount of fuel that you want to test ie for the pe2s87 I used 520 litres, that spare 20 is to get the plane set up in flight and on a good course. You can then speed up the game to x8 and watch the fuel gauge. Pause the game whenever it reaches a marker ie 400ltr, 300ltr and open the map. I then use the il2missonplanner software/app to accurately record distances and time flown. By hitting ‘restart mission’ you can change the payload but have all the other conditions identical to the first run. You can then make a detailed chart that will help make a quick reference guide. So in this example when I fly the pe2s87 I know that when I hit 200 litres of fuel I have about 100km or a little over 15 minutes to get home (but that can be extended by dropping the fuel mix- figures I have in a separate table, can’t give all the data away
  17. Chattytumbler and BoN - fingers crossed and the whole thing is amazingly generous of you!
  18. We spotted two enemy bases close to one of our objectives and went to nuke them. I'm glad the planes were 'fake' because it would be easy to 'game' the system and knock out a dozen aircraft relatively easily in that sortie. I take it that enemy squadron reserves are limited? if so we could knock out enemy opposition after only a few sorties if the bases were 'live'. I guess having a lot of high AI Anti-air guns guarding the base would make these attacks much more dangerous/realistic.
  19. Once I worked out how to get the proper version of Java everything seems to be working fine so far. Playing mainly coop campaign missions we haven’t experienced too many issues. 1. Is there a way to have ‘bigger’ ground targets with 12-20 objects to clear? We fly the p38j but all of our strike missions have tended to be hitting one or two AA guns by brigades or the odd bit of artillery in a field. Ground density is on medium but I’m going to crank it to high as we rarely see very much. Feels like overkill to arrive at a target with 3 or 4 P38s and have two things to kill. We have started widening the hunt for extra things to hit! 2. Would it be possible to have senior members of enemy squadrons at a high AI setting? Escort and fighter AI feels good but I just had a dogfight against and enemy squadron commander and his ai setting seemed to be set to something quite low - not the duel of death I was expecting! Not sure if that is something that can be adjusted? 3. Is there a way to tell your formation to proceed to the next waypoint? We flew a u2 night witch sortie and some of the waypoints sort of ‘crossed’ each other to the point we were flying past the target final point a few times - adding a lot of minutes to the already very long sortie. With no escort involved it would have been nice just to get the flight to ignore half the waypoints and get to the target. We were flying as no.2 and 3 with AI flight leader. 4. Night Witches I’m happy to research some names for you but would it be possible to have the software use female names for the Night Witch squadron? 5. Custom skin allocation doesn’t seem to be working. ‘I’ve tried a few times to set a ‘personal’ skin but it reverts to default in-game and needs to be set from the armaments screen rather than PWCG.
  20. Wish list: With PWCG now generating lots of night time missions for a night witch campaign I’d like to see a ‘night mode’ map screen please. When you play night missions you pretty much have to sit in a darkened room to see anything. As soon as you open the map screen it’s glaring bright white light is really painful and ruins my night vision! Perhaps just an option to invert the colours for these missions?
  21. Yes it is, if you left click an aircraft to select it and then right click on it you get advanced details - which includes the pilots name. You can then cut n paste the name into the pilot box and it shows on the screen. Images taken from a flight on the Wings of Liberty multiplayer server earlier this evening... I really wish Tacview included some more of the tank, AAA and APC models. I've bought a few of them as .obj files from sites like turbosquid and added them to the database myself but it's quite expensive!
  22. Some coffees bought I dont have the mission file but it was a bomb mission with 4 111 escorted by 4 109f4 hitting an oil storage. When we came back to our airfield it was under attack by P39s and maybe that messed up the AI logic. If I can get it to happen again I'll send you the mission file!
  23. Hi Vander, Wow, years of playing iL2 and I have only just found this tool - it's absolutely amazing! The developers should throw some money at you and add it to the core of the game instead of the standard Quick Battle feature. Couple of questions: 1. Is there a way to make bombers land after a mission? I was escorting a flight of 111s and at the end of the mission they just kept orbiting over the airbase. For ages. 2. Feature request - would it be possible for an extra button to create small, medium and large targets for bombers? I send out the 111 fleet and the target was just a single oil tank 'block'. Something a fighter could have cleared with cannons. 3. I'd love send you a virtual coffee, can you set up a buymeacoffee account (or something similar) so we can keep fuelling your amazing work on this project?
  24. Example of my bombing problem. Target selected from low level after my wingman 110 flew over and called in the target. Line up and bomb release from 2k. Both compounds on either side of the middle factory look like legitimate targets so I hit the one on the left. Solid hit and secondary explosions confirm targets destroyed. No points awarded and nothing in sortie log means it looks like I hit a 'background' building. If anyone has some example screenshots of 'real' targets it would be hugely appreciated!
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