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  1. beavisCZ

    BOS and BOM campaigns

    Hello, I had static campaigns in play, but after 3.0 patch both campaigns are gone. Is there any way to play scripted campaigns in new version?
  2. beavisCZ

    Crash on Login

    Downloaded 1,2GB update right now, but same here.
  3. beavisCZ

    Crash on Login

    Same problem here.
  4. Same problem. I linked steam account at login page ingame and after few hours games are revoked. I bought Stalingrad and Moscow on steam or on local game shop, I dont know. But I think that it is something with account linking. :( So I lost bought games, great!
  5. Thank you very much for learning videos. I'm newbie and have big problems to get into game so I will check them all.
  6. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    Please could someone share generated mission for landing training? I tried editor, placed plane on ground, but I'm not able to put it into air, set speed etc. I dont understand, that there is not any training missions by authors.
  7. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    Hi, I made progress. I'm able to taxi, take off and fly around airfiled. So I tried first campaing mission where I must take off and fly to another airfiled and there land. I always crash. I manage to fly to runway at 200 km/h speed, wheels released, flaps released, but when I touch ground I turn on my nose and damage motor. I would like to train landing, is there any quick way to setup my plane near airfiled in quick mission to train landing? Repeating same mission is quite boring, because it takes around 5 minutes to reach target airfiled.
  8. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    I managed to taxi. My mistake was using left brake and right brake, which does not work on Yak. Now I dont unlock tailwheel and use only rudder and wheelbrake and I was able to taxi to runway and take off. It was first time and it was great.
  9. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    Here is link, where someone more skilled than me could make better keyboard map. http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com/#/gists/225d87b79b043c9f55e67d848d8102af
  10. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    So it is very difficult for me to even take off. I'm trying to fulfill all tasks as Dakpilot layed out. 1. learn to taxi around airport and get to runways (zoom in on pre flight map for airfield layout and initially use external view to help) Familiarise with basic systems and get mapped to controls And here a ended. I start engines, unlick tailwheel, add some power to engine and try taxi to runway and then i turn clockwise or other way. I'm sorry for my stupid questions but I would love to play this game, but it is too difficult for me. I try post video of my attempt here, if someone could explain me what I'm doing wrong. Or post here some links to youtube for taxiing tutorial? Here is my funny attempt. https://youtu.be/k6swkCHMK8A
  11. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    I looked for some keyboard map for basic keys. I did not found anything, so I made simple layout. Please could someone check if there is all important keys for flying for begginers?
  12. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    So last time I resigned. I installed ROF and finished tutorial campaign and enjoyed it very much. I try it again, because I'm very interested in this game. I chose Yak-1 as my learning aircraft. Today morning I tried to take of, but I dont know where to taxi on airfiled. So now I will watch few youtube videos and then try again and post another questions. I hope that I will take off today.
  13. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    Thanks all for tips. I have one more question. Is there possible to make scripted campaign by users? I read on blogs, that there is some way to make scripted campaigns. It will be great if developers dont want to make tutorial try it in community. I think that 4 mission will be enough like take of, landings, noticing most important aspects like brakes, flaps, engines etc.
  14. beavisCZ

    Is there in-game tutorial?

    Thank you very much for answering my questions. So it will be quite difficult path to learn all on my own. I will try. Thanks
  15. Hello, I bought BOS + BOM and I want to play singleplayer campaigns. I have Saitek X52 joystick but I'm unable to take of in first mission. 1) Is there any in-game tutorial or at least manual? 2) I dont know where key for flaps is. I tried F but it changes by percentage and still I have warning to retract flaps. 3) What is difference in campaign mode when selecting airfiled? one has little target, other dont. On first I have some story text, on other I can chose from different airplanes. Could someone explain? I must admit I'm quite lost. I played Wings of Prey few years back and there was tutorial. I tried today also Cliffs of Dover, but AI is broken and I'm unable to finish tutorial. So please could someone help me with my problems?