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  1. Than you very much, I used "normal" line but Position Type 1 is what I need!
  2. Thank you Sniperton, I learned it. It was my problem when I first played game and it was only example that it is not only press E and fly. I have right now five tutorial missions done. I will polish them slightly a try convert them into campaign. But I'm not sure if it isnt better as pack of missions.
  3. Hi, is it possible to somehow zoom or move briefing map that it is positioned at start of mission? If I choose airfiled at edge of map, it is not visible. Is even possible to make links to map points in briefing text?
  4. I think that tutorial is mandatory and it is shame, that there is none. It isnt only about hit E key and fly. When I bought it and start playing I did not find any main shortcuts, did not know if I need use Flaps or not, how to taxi - always crashed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6swkCHMK8A. I know that all of you are pros, but there is other group of players like me. I always try to play it, crash land and leave this game. I always check after few months if there is scripted campaign back (I dont understand why they removed it, even more strange that on store is still stated that there is scripted campaign in BOS and BOM) if there is any news about tutorial and again leave. So this time I decided that I try make few training scenarios mainly for my own purpose. If there will be others like me, maybe they find it useful. I tried to use QMB to learn landing as sugested, but where I could position airplane near airfield? I didnt found it.....
  5. OK maybe I'm stupid that I spent six hours to make those missions instead of using QMB but still I will finish it. 😎
  6. I dont know, but when I buy game, I want to play. I dont want to watch fanmade youtube videos. I know that Requiem made great videos but I prefer in game tutorials. I don't know if I'm only one there but as I said it was big thumb down for me. Even worse, single player campaigns was removed so for singleplayers there is only dynamic career (not interested right now) or QMB. I dont know if this is progress against Rise of Flight? I have for example big problem with landing. I bought 3 scripted campaigns and I cant finish first mission with landing so at that point if there is at least singleplayer mission for landing training, but it is not. I must take off, fly around airfiled and then land. Why there is not any simple mission where you begin in air at airfield approach so I could quickly try many times landing? Right now I have finished three missions, it is fully playable and I plan to finish it at least for non fighting part. I will post it here when it is finished. If someone will help me with english text it will be great.
  7. I would like to try make something like Training campaign in Rise of Flight, where is great tutorial campaign. I include text messages during waypoint about main key shortcuts and try to make "school" type missions with tips during mission. I was very disappointed when I bought BOS that there isnt any tutorial and I was not able even taxi to runway first few days. I agree that you could quickly run QMB and fly right away but if you dont know basics then QMG will not help you.
  8. I'm working on training campaign or at least set of missions. Right now I have three of them complete: 1. first flight - start at air, fly through wayponts 2. take off - engine start, start from runway 3. take of in bad weather - similar to mission 2 but with strong wind and rain I want to make few more missions - for landing, next for standard take off, fly around airfield and land and maybe few for fighting. I'm quite familiar with editor right now, few thinks could be polished, but I have problem that english is not my native language. So if there would be someone, who will check and correct mission introductory text or write better and also few learning texts in mission, it would be great.
  9. OK, thank you for explanation. So it is not possible to make "universal" mission.
  10. I want to make simple single player mission for basic fly training. But it would be great to choose aircraft at start of mission.
  11. So for example if I use Lapino map for my mission, it will be playable for everyone. But if I use Yak-1 69 plane from Stalingrad as playable aircraft, then it need Stalingrad game ok? Is it possible to make choose playable aircraft at start of mission or it is static?
  12. Hello is there map dependecy by product owned? I would like to make simple training mission usable by any game version. Is it possible to use Lapino map or it is also linked to some product version?
  13. Hello, I had static campaigns in play, but after 3.0 patch both campaigns are gone. Is there any way to play scripted campaigns in new version?
  14. Downloaded 1,2GB update right now, but same here.
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