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  1. BoN would be lovely, thanks for your generosity.
  2. I've always liked this one as well.
  3. Indeed. Only the A models had Allisons.
  4. I have one, just wanted to chime in and say if you have a 300-350 watt power unit running 1080p, you would be very happy with this card.
  5. Your power supply will dictate whether you can run a 1060 vs a 1050, I the 1050 will run happily with a 300w psu. I believe the 1060 requires more juice. May want to check for certain.
  6. Not at all, it's one of my favorites!
  7. If you can find a 1050 TI 4 gig or better, I think you'll be satisfied.
  8. Powered 4 socket with buttons to activate the ones you need powered.
  9. Try a powered USB hub. It's a fairly common issue and this seems to take care of it.
  10. Battle of Britain II Wings of Victory would be my choice, but not on the list. It's adjustable and has a large array of offensive and defensive maneuvers based on opponent skill level. All the way from novice to terminator. On you list I'd go with IL2-46 for the reasons you've mentioned.
  11. Just picked up Bodenplate. Looking forward to the next chapter!!!
  12. The very same. None of those problems with mine. Perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones.
  13. I have one, but I have yet to use it much (time constraints). It is the new model and seems to have corrected a majority of the faults with the previous model. Works fine, IMO.
  14. Not as many as they do now, for sure. A lot more inside than out now thanks to the new buildings, but still many old favorites that have gotten some TLC over the years.
  15. I would respectfully disagree. There are untold hundreds, if not thousands, of us that do not venture on line nor care to. AI is still important and while not perfect, it's still decent under most circumstances.
  16. I have it in hard back. Quite the good book indeed.
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