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  1. BoN would be lovely, thanks for your generosity.
  2. I've always liked this one as well.
  3. Indeed. Only the A models had Allisons.
  4. I have one, just wanted to chime in and say if you have a 300-350 watt power unit running 1080p, you would be very happy with this card.
  5. Your power supply will dictate whether you can run a 1060 vs a 1050, I the 1050 will run happily with a 300w psu. I believe the 1060 requires more juice. May want to check for certain.
  6. Not at all, it's one of my favorites!
  7. If you can find a 1050 TI 4 gig or better, I think you'll be satisfied.
  8. Powered 4 socket with buttons to activate the ones you need powered.
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