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  1. This should be what your looking for. Gonna have to do manual comparisons however.
  2. I lubricated mine with silicon grease, its a bit of a dust magnet and there will still be sticktion on the center point of the gimbal but i find that it reduces the plastic on plastic friction noticeably making operation smoother. If you require even more precision,you could look into modding the warthog with a weaker gimbal spring or getting a stick extension to make it easier to push past the "center zone" If your interested in a stick extension , one of our fellow forums denizen is selling those but I'm not being paid to advertise his products so do shop around. https://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com/
  3. Well,if the ratings are similar,the only logical differences would be the game and vr settings. Are both of you running the same quality settings in the startup.ini, both running in open composite with similar supersampling settings? If not,perhaps both the occulus software and steamvr is also adding it's own supersample values which might be causing the heavy blurring and double vision mentioned earlier.
  4. that row refresh cycle time looks awfully long. Is that according to specs? I'm not very familiar with that however so i cant be of much help, but everything else looks good save for not knowing the Bank cycle time(tRC)
  5. I'm just spitballing here, you mentioned that you checked the ram timings on CPU-Z, was XMP mode switched on and the ram modules installed in the correct sockets to enable dual channel mode?
  6. Are you able to access your mouse while wearing your headset? I can use the scroll wheel on the mouse while accessing the map to zoom in and out the map on a WMR headset but i don't see any reason why you would not be able to do the same on a differing headset
  7. I had a similar issue with the mouse not being responsive on start up after loading up the game using a samsung hmd. Like =[TIA]=Stoopy theorized,i think that every now and again, windows get confused and still has desktop and not the il2 game program as having control of the mouse cursor during start up. I get around that issue in game by having a hmd vr controller nearby to bring up the wmr menu, going into desktop mode and exiting desktop mode to shift cursor control back to the game window.
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