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  1. That was a nice video ! Thanks for sharing..
  2. Thankyou Lucas for the endorsement ! Many thanks sir...
  3. Will the TAW server be online this evening at 9:00 PM EST and remain on over night for those interested in flying ?
  4. The 4./JG52 is looking forward to flying within the TAW arena soon. This will be a major plus for all those organized squads involved.
  5. Thanks Requiem ! I'm always learning something from you sir. Good job as always.
  6. ~S~ All, Perhaps adjust the Death Penalty limit from 5 minutes to say 10 minutes to adjust for the pilots absence from his unit as well as stepping away from the computer to take a break ? Would make a lot of sense and be practical. Will this campaign be flown each day from February 18th going forward ? Need some details to brief squad with.. Good job on creating this campaign guys......
  7. ~S~ All, North Afrika followed by the Med.
  8. ~S~ Valentyn, If your able to fly in a full realism setting and have Track IR, 4./JG53 does have pilots spread from Canada, the USA and into Western Europe. We are looking for quality pilots or those who wish to improve their game play. Check us out.. http://4jg53.enjin.com/home
  9. ~S~ Mastiff, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed that engagement high above in the contrails. It was a tough but very unique fight as we were in much thinner air over Blue territory. You did well flying the Mig and I now recognize your flying signature. Something to remember for the future. Best of luck and see you in the contrails I'm sure soon..
  10. We say Merry Christmas as there is no X in Christmas.
  11. ~S~ Emil... Very nice videos you have created regarding the 110. Personally I have only flown this aircraft twice so far online and I really enjoy it. A big world of thanks to all those who helped create this aircraft for BOS / BOM.
  12. ~S~ Requiem, I just wanted to make a request for a P-40 video when you have time Requiem. I really enjoy your other training videos and would love to see something for the Warhawk. Many thanks !
  13. I have flown the P-40 on several sorties already within the WOL server and made atleast two kills flying against human pilots manning the BF-109 as well as a FW-190. I'm happy with this plane and enjoy flying it a lot. Many thanks to all those people who had a part in creating this aircraft virtually. When you know how to fly one of these virtual aircraft within its envelope properly, you may just end up making a kill but regardless, if your having fun, then it doesn't matter.
  14. Thankyou Albino ! Yes, that worked. I was looking under a similar category initially but your suggestion helped. Thanks again !
  15. ~S~ Everyone, I have a simple question that I wanted to ask. I am trying to set up my key binding in game to establish my ability to visually.....ZOOM in and to ZOOM back out.... when trying to look at something in game. What is the proper command to make this happen while sitting within the cockpit of our aircraft ? Thanks in advance..
  16. This is an excellent idea as having a nice training server is much needed to work on specific tasks that may not involve PVP. Once the BF-110 along with the P-40 and other aircraft are released, please update your server for training. Thanks for your support.
  17. Hello, Does your squad recruit from North America and if so, do you have specific flights set up with those from Canada and the states versus those over seas in Europe and elsewhere ?
  18. I enjoy BOS for what it offers now and in the future. Thanks Devs for all that you are doing and will do down the road. Much appreciated over here...
  19. Thanks Ruhland ! This tool that you made is kick ass. Nice work man. Give this guy two thumbs up !
  20. "Freature" needs to be edited to say "Feature".
  21. Cloudmaker, If you were around when IL-2 Sturmovik first came onto the scene years ago, then you saw how that sim evolved to its current state of IL-2 1946. I was there back then and experienced it first hand. IL-2 BOS in my opinion is much the same. Many good flight simmers and some good talent to work on the product that we all enjoy. Give it some time as we did before. Just get your game installed and get up to speed accordingly.
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