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  1. None of the soviet engines used 70 to 74 octane fuel. Lowest value possible for M-62 of I-16 was 88 octan 4Б-70 type (standard was 90 octane 3Б-74) All of main engine families = M-105, AM-38 and M-82 were cleared for LL 100 octane fuel (soviet designation 1Б-95)
  2. Brano

    Russian alphabet question

    In this case, only 12 Yak-9T delivered to 3.rd escadrila of 267.IAP had inscription Liberated Donbas. This regiment got several Yak-1b later in 1944 as replacements, but it is not clear from sources if all had been repainted with such slogan. There is no general rule. Some machines were unique single donations,some were in squadron size. You have to investigate case by case.
  3. Brano

    Russian alphabet question

    Thats Yak-9T , pilot D.Tormakhov, 267.IAP, Yugoslavia, spring 1945 Yak-1B in post before has different font used in the word Донбасс. It was probably repaint+rework after change of side panel of fuselage. That small strange mirrored-like "S" inscribed into capital letter "Д" is an interesting thing. Makes no sense at first sight. But in cyrilic, written capital Д looks very much like that (like oldfashioned number 2). Maybe it was ment as double D like first and fathers name of pilot? (Dmitriy Dmitrievich Tormakhov)
  4. Brano

    what is written below pls

    Here is the list of 3.GIAP pilots http://allaces.ru/p/ls.php?div=iap0005003 Here is short info about Nikolay Pavlovich Savkin http://allaces.ru/p/people.php?id=9236 + this Osprey publication has wrong year in text under photos. Those are Yak-1B = it cant be summer 1942.
  5. Brano

    what is written below pls

    Yak-1B 3rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Armed Air Forces of Red Banner Order Baltic Fleet, lieutenant L.P.Savkin. "L" is probably typo, as 3.GIAP had listed Nikolay Pavlovich Savkin in rank of mladshyi Leitenant, not returned from combat sortie (MIA) 15.8.1943. EDIT: Other source has more info about his last sortie: Lost orientation in thick fog, did emergency landing on Finnish territory, after two weeks taken prisoner. Died in POW camp.
  6. Brano


  7. From my point of view Simplified FM means back to old sturm. 1. Aircraft taken as single object for FM calculation oposite to AFM of BoX or DCS which uses individual sections. Only this makes a huge difference. 2. AI doesnt fly the plane. AI rides on "rails" and scripts for edge of envelope situations. General maneuverebility is sometimes odd (AI can warp to keep formation or sustain unrealistic G overloads) . 3. CEM is simplified resulting in AI cheating in speed and climb rate ignoring nuances like overheating, overrevving,mixture settings etc. All of those points are not a gamebreaking issue for me in terms of AI medium/heavy bombers.
  8. Brano


  9. 1.Pull mixture lever to Vysotnyi gaz= max towards pilot. 2.Push throttle an inch forward 3.Push RPM regulator to max=from the pilot 3. Open engine outlet flaps to max 4. Press E to start the automatic sequence
  10. I'd rather have properly fleshed out Pacific Theatre of Operations then suicidal (+repetitive,boring and frustrating) attacks against flying fortress boxes. Facing dozens of Ma Deuces, collecting the lead and consequently processing ones plane into heat and light....sounds like good receipt for rage-quit for many jagdwaffe enthusiasts used to easy victories over technologicly sub-par east front enemy.
  11. Brano


    Done as a mod for RoF 5+ years ago. Where is a problem to have it with 2019 upgraded game engine?
  12. Brano

    Track IR gets centered by shooting

    Good to hear you solved the problem. Wish you a happy centenring 😁😉
  13. Brano

    Collector planes

    Badges dont show up on my chinese smartphone (where I check forum 99%) so no problems 😉
  14. Brano

    Track IR gets centered by shooting

    There is a key for centering of view in game setup (numpad 5 default?) Maybe you have there your gun trigger....so it doesnt have to be TIR problem.