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  1. What type of GPU you have? It looks like it either can't handle the game or it's about to die.
  2. Disabled due to hydraulic issues (oil leakage) EDIT: Found that old post of mine 😂
  3. Well, Klimov engine itself is a nice ~600kg projectile 😁
  4. That map alone, as anounced/presented, is the reason I will not buy BoN yet.
  5. M-105P/PA engines had forsazh = Yak-1 produced till May 1942. In M-105PF, after factory and state trials,forsazh regime has been redesignated as max continuous. IIRC the TBO has been consequently decreased from 125h to 100h.
  6. I wouldn't mind ,lets say, apple orchards. For calvados, obviously.
  7. Isn't it possible to switch planes and cockpit views when playing ingame track files? Can't check now, at work.
  8. I did first run of unreasonable´s mission without touching the stick. AI Fridrich didn´t noticed me at all when flying at his low six, untill I probably got up to his sight when doing that blind vertical smtg to the right. I repeated the mission, but took control and got on his 4-5 oclock level, he noticed me at cca 200m and started some evasive moves. 3rd time I again approached from his six low and climbed just to be a 100m in front of him, still climbing. It didnt take much time and he lifted the nose and finished me off 😄 Quite believable, I´d say.
  9. From outside, only significant feature was muzzle brake of the cannon. Internally,there were some changes in number of fuel tanks, ammo counter for cannon, separate electric triggers for cannon and UBS on stick, manual water radiator control instead of electrical, manual fixation of tail wheel instead of automatic one connected with pedals, armored glass in windshield and also behind pilot seat and others. Edit: ...and it was 1944 plane, first series for army use was built between April-June 1944 (53 pcs)
  10. NS-45 (НС-45) cannon was in Yak-9K (K=крупнокалиберный=large caliber)
  11. to add to the list: IL-2....36183 pcs U-2 (Po-2)....33528 pcs
  12. How is battle of Falaise pocket, the pinnacle of all allied efforts in Normandy, going to be done, when map doesn't include Falaise itself? Map should extend at least to Alençon to the south.....ahhh...and then Paris would have to be included in SE corner of the map....or map will have to be cut at Dieppe...🤔 That way or another, there is no Battle of Normandy without Falaise pocket.
  13. I have yet to try the latest update. I'm behind schedule as usually 🙃 But I've never experienced such graphic anomaly with clouds 🤔
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