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  1. According to original manual for T-34 "Tанк Т-34 Руководство" ВОЕННИЗДАТ Москва 1944 Chapter 9, section "Заправка танка/заправка топливом" gives instructions how to fill fuel tanks, including instruction to empty and dismantle all external fuel tanks before entering combat.
  2. V-36 had a nice Mickey Mouse character painted on the fuselage. http://www.dogfighter.com/1944-Messerschmitt-Me-262-Avia-S-92-Tamiya/1608.html#_self
  3. As for reference, avias were painted according to LW color codification green/grey RLM 02.
  4. Czechoslovak roundels need to be corrected. On the vertical stabiliser, red is always facing down. On the wings it is always mirrored= red is facing towards fuselage from both wings, upper and bottom side.
  5. Museum Praha-Kbely Here is PL-01 as static object at Olomouc-Holice airport, premises of anti-aircrat training facility/school.
  6. Czechoslovak avias S-92 were not captured. No flyable Schwalbes left after war, all taken by russians and americans. Avias were build after war from remaining subcomponents put together from all of former Protectorate Böhmen u Mähren. It was possible to build them thanks to czech engineers working for germans during war , stealing part of the production documentation from factories producing subcomponents and JUMO engines repair facilities in Protectorate. Some of the missing info they curiously found in american Aviation magazine, which published detailed article about Schwalbe, including several drawings. Silver S-92 with fuselage nr. PL-01 (missing on screenshots) and red lightning never flew in such camouflage. It got it after it was turned into static teaching equippment in aviation school.
  7. Well, such was the nomenclature of the time. He was subordinate of tank commander, of course. Probably as he was responsible also for keeping complete tank nice and tidy from inside-out, they couldn't name him "бабушка дежурная" 😁
  8. The link is a web version of official soviet manual " Tank T-34 in combat" issued by ГАбТУ КА = Главное автобронетанковое управление Красной Армии , smtg like a head administration/directorate responsible for all things around army mechanised units and their equipment (tanks, artillery tractors...)
  9. T-34/76 Командир танка - tank commander was sitting to the left of the gun, one of the tasks in combat was firing the main gun and coax. Командир башни -turret commander was sitting to the right of the gun, one of the main tasks in combat was reloading of main gun and coax. He was in general responsible for correct functions of all weapons, ammunition and mantaining general order inside and outside of the tank. Механик-водитель - mechanic-driver Sitting front left.Driving the tank and mantaining everything around power unit, fuel, oil, spare parts and repairing. Радиотелеграфист-пулеметчик- radio operator-machinegunner Sitting front right. Operating and maintaining radio+ bow MG. More details here: http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/WWII/T34/inbattle/?page=3
  10. Andrey wrote in Russian forum,that it is a bug that has been overlooked. They are working on it. Probably the root cause. There is no button for Forsazh in real FN. It is switched on by supercharger stage lever. Stage 1 on, stage 2 off.
  11. I dont keep beer in my fridge. Incentive to go outside and meet real people 😁
  12. Its computer game. Virtual pilot survives crashlanding, well, what a lucky bastard. He dies,well,virtual life wasted, what a loss for the world, hit refly or go for a beer.
  13. Italian lobby was stronger than Romanian (IAR-80)
  14. Brano

    DCS news

    If one should discuss expectations, Pacific is somewhere at the bottom of the list (if at all). Korea, Suez/Sinai for Arab-Israeli wars, Vietnam and Afghanistan are on my come-back-to-DCS list.
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