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  1. key words for search ШВАК , ШКАС, УБ, пушка, пулемет
  2. Brano

    DCS news

    Is Hind somewhere near completion?
  3. Downloading 15,85 GB. It seems I've been neglecting this game for rather long time 🤔🙃
  4. Spotify in Brazilian Portuguese?Just a wild guess...
  5. No B-17s in game=no craters on airfield.
  6. It is not "Vazh" but "VDZh" which is russian transcription of initials of major William Johnston (Hovde). V=W in William and DZh is for J in Johnston. Edit: Same as with Stalin's family name Jughashvili = Джугашвили
  7. VVS is already full of underdogs. No need for yet another "let's get rid of those worn-outs" Lend-Lease machine. I would rather welcome either a pair of bi-planes I-153+Hs-123 or Romanian IAR-80 as representative of second largest axis air force on eastern front.
  8. If we talk about Finland, that would be Fiat G.50. Finns didn't fly C200s. Italians did in southern part of eastern front well up to Stalingrad. IMO more important fighter then MC202.
  9. I have to google that word... elation. Not in my limited english vocabulary 😁
  10. The question is: do you want to fly in realistic environment as a fighter pilot, or you just want every mission to be fully-blown aerial battle? Top scoring soviet ace, I.N.Kozhedub , flew 330 combat missions, engaged in 120 aerial combats and shot down 62 enemy airplanes. Statistics for dumb tells me about average of 1 aerial victory per 5,3 combat missions. Make your own conclusions.
  11. Pe-2 was originally projected as high altitude heavy fighter ВИ-100 with task to escort long range TБ-7 bombers. It evolved into ПБ-100 prototype = fast/dive bomber that became serial Pe-2.
  12. I would pay 40-50€ for fully developed Mitchel. The only problem is that such fools like me are few in numbers to cover the development cost and some profit on top of it.
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