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  1. I have been having a few stutters and lower frame rate in general since the last updates. I had to turn a few settings down to slow down the micro freezes.
  2. Spotting has gotten worse recently. It seems to have gotten worse since the last few updates. Not sure why, but it has.
  3. Fine for you to say with your big screen, but I need zoom on my small 17" screen. It is more real for me to be able to see what I really could using zoom than not see anything.
  4. Which brings the next aspect, you are fighting with an aircraft from 1943-44 against aircraft from 1945. (True the p47 was upgraded just like the 109 and 190 1945 versions are upgrades, but due to the extent of the upgrade/performance the 109 k4 and 190 do are almost different planes)
  5. IL-2 Great Battles recorder https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61685.0.html
  6. This is why I am against tech chat being a server option, all it is promoting is the elitist 'git gud' attitude from those who want it off.
  7. 1 yes 2 one of you can host locally 3 if you buy from steam you must get BoS first as the base game, the other modules are then like dlc as far as steam is concerned. If you buy from the IL2 store you can get whatever one you want and add any other modules on whenever. You are probably going to go over the 2 hr limit for steam returns just to really get going on the game, not to put you off by that. 4 yes see 3.004 update info 5 yes
  8. In QMB, when you select random Entente plane for your side, and random Central Powers plane for the other side, I.E. FC planeset, you get a random Entente plane and the other side gets a random ANY plane, not limited to FC planeset. Same if the sides are reversed and you have the Central Powers and the other is Entente.
  9. Technochat helps newer players fly, and and provides a baseline for explaining settings. it helps you see what is going on with the plane since you don't have the feedback of actually sitting in the plane flying. As an example, you can set the mixture in US planes by trying to look at the lever, but it is sometimes difficult to see the actual lever position. The Technochat helps players who do not have big fancy consoles, and are trying to use the keyboard, to get the right settings. Having technochat as a server setting will simply expand the gap between the experienced 'git gud' players and the others, and that is not what this sim needs. If YOU do not want to use technochat, you can turn it off for yourself.
  10. Bombers were grounded sometime in the fall of 1944 to conserve fuel, and never really flew again. Some may have flown as recon, but they started using the arado jet for that.
  11. This is shutting off after I have been in the bombsight view for a while, not while switching to or from bombsight view.
  12. Is anyone else having a problem with the auto level shutting off? I am flying along setting up my bombsight, and after a while the level auto pilot shuts off and my plane noses down. A few seconds after I reset it it shuts off again. I does that 3 or 4 times, then stays on for a while. It seems to only happen while I am in the bombsight view. It is anoying as I have to reset the bombsight and usually happens just before I drop my bombs causing me to miss completely
  13. We already have the ju52 flyable, why not the c47? Would also love to see the b25 and b26 flyable.
  14. Really good ideas. Gives a better sense of affecting the current map, besides the campaign.
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