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  1. I used the 30mm on the 109k4 in IL-2 1946 to blow apart p-47s, one, sometimes two hits into the belly and the nose, tail, and wings fall off of what used to exist of the middle. So far with the limited amount I have used it in here it seems to sometimes just do surface damage to what it hits, such as hitting the wing and the top skin of the wing gets blown off, but no structural damage, so the plane flies on. This seems fine however, as I read some accounts where planes survived cannon hits because the shell exploded on the skin rather than inside where it would have been much more damaging.
  2. Yak-7b - In case you didn't notice

    So far it is my favorite of the Yaks. It is very pleasant to fly.
  3. P-39 aka Lincoln Towncar?

    They were behind to a certain extent in production of aircraft and aircraft technologies at the start of the war. Big bankroll is only good if used correctly.
  4. Help me love the M.C.202

    I have flown it some. To me it climbs slowly, accelerates slowly in level flight or a dive, looses much speed fast in sharper turns, and stalls easily and with little warning like you said. However, it does seem to roll nice, and can reach quite a fast speed in level flight. So far I have flown it as a kind of "level flight Boom and Zoom". Hopefully some more experienced pilots with it will weigh in though.
  5. Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

    @Stryker07 I'm from north of Bar Harbor on the coast. No snow when I left Maine early this morning, but it hit soon after. Pic is from I-84 in CT. I try to stop and park before I get stuck on the highway. Nice to know there is another Mainiac Mainah heah.
  6. Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

    I'm stuck in a truckstop from that storm, of course the update is not out today.
  7. Update tomorrow?

    Of course it wasn't today while i'm layed up waiting for the snow storm to pass.
  8. Which modifications do you think we'll get for BoBP?

    I meant to say they used the standard round composition longer in the pacific, and switched to the API composition sooner in Europe. I missed some words in the original that didn't make that clear. I am not sure how much "longer" or "sooner" is, but if I can find the book and place I read that I will share. Also read that some pilots didn't like that since they thought the enemy would know they were almost out of ammo and go after them. Since the belts were assembled by the plane's armorer the pilot could request a different composition or load order. One armorer was heard keeping time with his turning of the crank assembling the links of the belt, "One Two Three, Another Jap for me" I can't remember where I saw that either, but I think it was on Guadalcanal.
  9. Il2 gear problems and fix - a pilots story

    Reminds me of the Black Sheep Squadron show where TJ has to roll inverted every time to raise his gear until the mechanics get the part to fix it.Nice to know it works in the game.
  10. Which modifications do you think we'll get for BoBP?

    I read that .50 cal belt composition for planes in the western front changed from 3 standard (lead core) one armor piercing and one tracer, to four armor piercing, one tracer, for the tougher German planes, but they left the standard rounds in the belts in the pacific because the soft lead core bullets would mush and shatter the very light frames of the Japanese planes, where the armor piercing bullets would just punch a small hole. I can't remember where I read that but if I come across it I will post it.
  11. The Motherland Needs YOU !

    I will be there if I have time Vasilij. Are you VVS pilots on a omms channel? For The Motherland!
  12. ME 262

    Here are some situations the ME 262 could be in. These are generalizations and exact tactical situations are many, this is just to give an idea about using the ME 262. Dogfight ME 262s high speed will allow fast attacks, and make it difficult to catch. Aware enemies will dodge its attack. It was after all designed as a heavy bomber attacker. Bomber Attack ME 262s high speed will allow it to engage bombers quickly, four 30mm cannons will shred the bombers, and it's high speed will carry it to safety from the escorting fighters. Success! Defending against Fighter Bombers Allied fighter bombers will need to jettison their bombs to effectively dodge the ME 262s attack. ME 262 mission Success without even needing to fire (Bombs did not reach target) Speed is life, and the ME 262 is fast. Success in the mission was not how many fighters it could shoot down, but weather it disrupted or halted the enemies mission.
  13. Which modifications do you think we'll get for BoBP?

  14. DD today?

    Would like this.
  15. Where are the people? Not on TS...

    I have TS but the one time I tried to use it I couldn't hear anyone, and when I adjusted the TS settings to increase the volume it was so bad a quality I couldn't understand anyone. By contrast, ArmA 3 Voip is clear, I can understand people on it.