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  1. Cathal_Brugha

    Cockpit instrument panel

    I have been using this.
  2. Cathal_Brugha

    DD today?

    Take your boring librarian hat off, and put your flight cap back on!
  3. Cathal_Brugha

    WWI-Era Planes

    Home is in Steuben, but I am in South Portland most of the week for work, driving for Hannaford. I just delivered to Topsham the other morning.
  4. Cathal_Brugha

    WWI-Era Planes

    Thanks, @Chill31been down in Portland ME all summer and didn't know this place was near. Next day off I will have to get there. @Haggart85nice to see another Mainiac Mainer around. I live much further north than you, though. Only down in Portland for work.
  5. Cathal_Brugha

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    Seconded, what is "their Server" the working campaign is on?
  6. Cathal_Brugha

    No more ammunition - supposed to do ??

    From what I read, unless they were very near base a plane out of ammo, damaged, low on fuel, ect, would return with a wingman to cover him. Unless deep in enemy territory such as the deep heavy bomber raids, then they stayed with the formation, and could sort of take cover with the bombers.
  7. Somewhere in the forum someone mentioned that having fullscreen selected helped with the stuttering. I am unable to find the thread that was in, but it seemed to help eliminate the few micro stutters I had. I also seemed to find that mirrors, shadows, and clouds, in that order of most affecting to less, seemed to slow frame rate.
  8. Cathal_Brugha

    Multiplayer Question

    Check out these for a start
  9. Cathal_Brugha

    When the Battle of Korea can be started?

    When will we get the toilet loadout?
  10. Cathal_Brugha

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    Razorback is my favorite too. Same for P-51.
  11. Cathal_Brugha

    Books - What are you reading?

    I love those books! Also Captain Blood
  12. Cathal_Brugha

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    Carrier Ops is why. "Three of the best things are a good landing, a good sh*t and a good orgasm. In a night carrier landing you can have all three"
  13. Cathal_Brugha


    IL-2 BoX is WAY better than CLoD in my opinion. I would love a Battle of Britain map/set.
  14. Cathal_Brugha

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    Thanks, book suggestions are always welcome
  15. Cathal_Brugha

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    US mounted the 76mm on the M4A1(76)w in use from July 1944 to the end of the war. Initially it was planned that one third of each Sherman unit was to be equipped with the 76 version but by the end of the war over half of the Shermans were of the 76 variety. The Brits mounted the higher velocity 17pdr 76mm gun on the Sherman to make the Firefly. (I see you just posted that)