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  1. Cathal_Brugha

    Let’s see your pets!

    Filbert keeping his paws dry while I change the oil in the sawmill.
  2. Cathal_Brugha

    Let’s see your pets!

    Sounds familiar We each have our own truck now, but my brother and I always had a blast in the truck together. Does your brother have a sleeper cab, did you sleep in the truck?
  3. Cathal_Brugha

    Let’s see your pets!

    I have 5 Mosins, feed them with very cheap surplus ammo, the 880 round case (two 440 rnd cans) I got for 17 cents a round I think. Since it is so cheap I pull the bullets and reload for .303 brit, .308 win using the bullet and powder from the 7.62x54r. For my Mauser I cast lead bullets for plinking ammo.
  4. Cathal_Brugha

    Laptop for Flying Circus

    As a comparison here is the laptop I am using, https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-G752VS-OC-Edition-7th-Gen-Intel-Core/overview/ I have all ingame graphics settings on Ultra, runs at about 90 fps, in a high action/density area on MP it has gone down to 50s fps.I am not using VR, that is a different animal. This laptop seems to be about twice as much as the ones you are looking at though.
  5. Cathal_Brugha

    Samsung Odyssey +

    When I tried the Rift, the lenses touched my glasses, and both got scratched. This was after only about an hour of use.
  6. Cathal_Brugha


  7. Cathal_Brugha

    Let’s see your pets!

    Filbert, my Chihuahua. Second pic is from this summer, when it was too hot to move.
  8. Cathal_Brugha

    DD today?

    According to one P-47 pilots account, ground targets other than aircraft destroyed on the ground were not officially counted, so ground attack squadrons were overlooked on the awards, time off, ect, for kills/success, since they had hardly any "counted" i.e. aircraft kills. It was a sore point for many of the P-47 ground attack squadrons. This was not addressed by HQ until the war was nearly over, so that chart probably does not show the great amount of ground targets the P-47s destroyed, only the 'official' aircraft kills.
  9. I noticed the same thing.
  10. Cathal_Brugha

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    I wish I could. My neck twinges and I get a headache every time I come in for a landing.
  11. Cathal_Brugha

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    @ZachariasX So I tried what you said with the Dolphin, and the Albatross easily kept the turn with me and chopped me up. I did find a sweet spot where it maintained a tight turn and kept speed up, but the Alb had no trouble following. Maybe I don't have it right yet, I will keep trying. @Cynic_AlI have done what you said, but have yet to recover from any spin in the Dolphin. The irregular speed in the rotation is the closest I have come to recovering. This is another thing I will keep trying. Don't get me wrong, I still like the Dolphin.
  12. Cathal_Brugha

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    I found the Albatross and D.VII easily out turn the Dolphin, sustained turning or not. I use the oblique guns more than the main guns, but they are hard to aim. Usually I end up flying it like a (weak) SPAD. Guess I will get on RoF later and try the sustained turn, and see what I can do.
  13. Cathal_Brugha

    Some love for the Dolphin!

    I like the Dolphin. In RoF I found the Dolphin fast in level flight, although it takes some time to gain speed, dives ok, looses lots of speed in a climb, does not climb fast, goes into an unrecoverable spin without warning when you turn to tight or whenever it feels like it, and will flip over upon landing unless the tail is buried in the ground.
  14. Cathal_Brugha

    Samsung Odyssey +

    I am seriously considering it. I tried a Rift once with IL-2 and the SDE and chromatic aberration was terrible. It also did not fit well with my glasses. The lenses of the Rift pressed against my glasses lenses and scratched them. Flying in VR was great, though, which is why I want to try it again.
  15. Cathal_Brugha

    DD today?

    What he said.