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  1. I am having the same issue. right now I need to rotate the encoder knob 1 1/2 times to get a 1% trim change. Let me know if you find a solution.
  2. Same thing I have. When you zoom in it is like severe cross eyes. I have to close one eye when I zoom too see the cross eye is so bad. The view also lines up higher, so when I zoom in I have to tilt my head up to line up to the target. Odyssey+
  3. My sentiments exactly. I would rather have 'close enough' than nothing at all.
  4. My brother and I have a new (old) semi truck tractor in FL we need to pick up. Hopefully it will still be there next week...
  5. So far I saw one AI each frontline sector, and two over a depot.
  6. @Porky If I was alone on the server I did a fighter run first to clear the defending AI, as it seemed to take a while before the AI re spawned and returned. If there are other players on your team, just ask for escort in chat, most of the people who fly on this server are friendly.
  7. Having the map block your entire view is more realistic
  8. @II./JG77_motoadveIs this the Odyssey or the Odyssey + (plus) ? Asking because the title says + but the box in the picture doesn't.
  9. What is your install media? Download? CDs? Also, I see from your other post that you had 4.12.2 working. That is all I have updated to, as all good mods use that version. You should try installing DirectX 8 as sometimes older games seem to need the old version.
  10. Discord, either the unofficial IL-2 discord, or the discord server for the various IL-2 servers, KOTA discord, Combat Box discord, ect.
  11. Now you know a little about what us truckers do, all year.
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