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  1. Buff the god damn us 50.cal. That's what us pilots want to say. German pilots don't care so much about 13mm, that what really matters is the mg151 ammo count. Don't want to rely on mg131 only. Nevertheless having historical ammo belt configurations is always nice
  2. "Ground AI vehicles return the turret and/or gun to the traveling position only after a considerable time after the destruction or disappearance of the last enemy target from the field of view" Like that one. Thanks for that and the blackout overhaul 😀
  3. If I am not mistaken tank ai won't shot further than 1,5km. Will this still be a thing? For most tanks it would not matter but Ferdinand AI is quite handicapped that way.
  4. Nice article! Seriously, it helps to understand fundamental elements. Please publish more of it, e.g. how damage model calculation etc works. Could be even it's own thing. Keeps players engaged, excited and keeps the forum hot 😉
  5. Yeah true story and often having the same discussion several evenings because you can't remember the last one 😜 cheers
  6. That site is indeed interesting to read. I consider to share the thoughts of the author for some interested here not to represent the data. I agree about your thought not to include that in the discussion. But I do not recall representing any data. So because I left a kitchen knife on the table and say it is dangerous and somebody take it, stab some others and say it is my responsibility. Yes I know ..parents are responsible for kids. In that case I am responsible. My mistake. I least we both then agree about honest opinions. Extra popcorn 🍿 for everybody.
  7. Even the Me262 with 4x mk108 has gyroscopic sights available. Wanna talk about mk108 ballistics? 🤣 Most factors are quite calculate'able regardless of caliber.
  8. You is interesting how you read that website, or better not really much of it. And again, it is interesting but please please read the author's disclaimer for this time I don't think he would be happy how you use this data. It is funny how often they need to particularly write about the us 50 cal. Even the last whole chapter is for that. Taking a convenient chart number combined with feeling is a guarantee for I don't know...
  9. I think this study summary explains that quite well. (Really interesting to read but even they say to take it with a grain of salt, so read everything ) http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/WW2guneffect.htm Accurate is good, but the simulation modell should be effective or simple enough for our potatoes to calculate. 😁
  10. And still most modern jets use 20mm to 30mm as standard projectile fire ordinance. High rate of fire with minimum amount of projectiles needed to shot down a jet. Sounds reasonable to me the faster your target would be and the less chances for possible hits in deflection shooting. It is not exact at all but a parameter to know how much 'mass' a gun can deliver per second. In many impressions or memoirs I read pilots shot down unaware opponents from favourable positions or getting shot down by seeing him too late. In that matter I do not think it matters much if you use multiple 50 Cal's or a s
  11. Turn fighting against really limited AI capabilities invites very bad habits with that plane. Also Fw190 AI wingman can't help much other than being bait and can only turn fight as they die left and right. As do player in MP as they spin circles on the ground left and right 🤣 Poor 190 pilots lose all the time against their own greed. "Almost in gun-sight, turn turn a little bit more, shit not enough lead. Damn almost stall again and why I can't get the enemy off my tail, my plane should be faster."
  12. In my experience getting PK in a 190 or 109 from behind from M2 50.cal is no.1 death reason. Pucky thin armor plates wont help against 50.cal bullets. Convergence is a bigger issue than the penetration abilities of 50cal IMO.
  13. As far I know it was already officially stated that API rounds for M2 50cals are not modelled right know. Please correct me if I am wrong. Can't wait for your German 13mm only challenge aces on dogfight servers. As I stated, we were talking about the damage difference between German MG131 and MG151/20
  14. If 13mm HE behave like you would expect 20mm HE to behave then what do 20mm HE/Minengranate 'in-game' mean to you right now?
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