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  1. Thanks for the quick fix. Did the first 2 missions. 1st one is a great training mission to get the feel. Although there is no real action in the 2nd one I still like it for it's cinematics, very immersive. Not important at all, but maybe you want look into the Bf109 (4x) flight patrol where the IL2 attack. I hear "adler/eagle" radio engaging but still it appears that they do not attack IL2 and just keep formation. I surely keep playing and will report anything noticeable. ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I actually thought the mouse aiming got better. But was never a fan of it anyways. I recomment to assign new joystick control feature and change in "input" to joystick. New feature is really awesome and you have always full turret rotation speed (if using joystick, not keys!) and control independend to your zoom level. Before rotation lowers if you zoom in and that was really wanky. Now, with direct joystick control, you can now fully zoom in and go fast and slow as much as you like.
  3. I want to start the first mission, but it does not start. Click on to hangar button, but nothing happens.
  4. I can actually bounce with the FW190 and lead my aim at high speed without passing out, butcher bird got his butcher abilities ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. I know (Thrustmaster target software in my case ๐Ÿ˜‘), but does it mean that the game wont use own scripts for relative control for tank turrets? Such "slider/relative" option would make life so much easier, like in war thunder or DCS world without programming my whole hotas pedal setup just to use analoge Stick for trim etc and the need to delete old controller in the config (or axis won't work) and reassign all controls etc. I am maybe a noob or just have had luck with my controller software.
  6. Another question: Because joystick control for tank turrets is coming, does it mean that we might get possibly to change axis to relative instead of absolute?
  7. Weird, I restarted my computer before and it didn't work. But yes, restarting steam now works for me as well.
  8. It's getting hot in here. Topic is marked as hot. I didn't know that feature xD
  9. I do not get a login screen. For me after loading screen game terminates with no returns.
  10. Yes, now at evening in europe forum will explode. No one changed anything, verify or reinstall game files do not help. We will hang out in this forum for a while
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