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  1. that Ju 88 will be ai.
  2. Im glad to see I'm not the only one thinking that this aircraft would look good there, along with the Stuka, the He111, and the Ju 88..
  3. Im starting to suspect that Pacfic news will be overshadowed, today!
  4. I tried my hand with a really old blocky sim on one of my uncle's old computers before getting my own and moving towards the dynamix stuff. (Red Baron, Aces over...) I think I then went to Microprose with 1942 pacific airwar and fleet defender, f15III and Jane's WW2 (whilst and at the same time having a little fun in something called Apache Longbow and Hind from digital integration) I've also played Jane's other titles like USAF and ATF and US Navy fighters. But by that time European Airwar was also rolling around, and Il 2 soon followed..
  5. Nope! 322 Dutch Spitfire squadron was one of the Mk 14 equipped fighter squadrons that shot down Doodlebugs..
  6. Red Cat, you guys also get the Doodle bug chase career..
  7. I do hope that you will fix some rather serious glitches like Maastricht not having any bridges?
  8. I hope not, this map isn't even a close fascimile of the bodenplatte area and time.
  9. The problem with a semblance of war is the following with the current map; Due to the strategic bombing campaign, Germany would be a ruined mess (to put it mildly) in the later phases of the map, you'd have the signs of war impacting places like Arnhem and Bastogne, but the rest of the map more or less (there are a number of exceptions) escaped ending up looking like Germany..
  10. Duisburg and Essen would almost certainly need bigger ones
  11. it's the effect of all that beer at carnival, I tells ya..
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