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  1. I've actually wishlisted that, as I remember an older vietnam game by the name of Viet Cong..
  2. DCS WORLD International Film Festival(IFF) | Easter 2021 - YouTube There's some quality stuff in this
  3. Category:Spitfire (NH649) at Overloon War Museum - Wikimedia Commons
  4. I had the Jane's Longbow too.
  5. ED just announced they're doing the ah 64D
  6. FF sim The Squad. fun, but more then a little quick at times.
  7. so this is basically Greyhound, the game?
  8. got my Warthog somewhat working, by launching target before I launch the game..
  9. good luck with the hotas setup, you're gonna need it, judgeing both the EA and Steam forums..
  10. apparently, there is no track ir support..
  11. And then, there's the control issues...that are popping up all over the place... Edit: got it fixed within certain likeable parameters. HOWEVER, considering that a lot of people have hotas setups and the amount of threads on the steam forums where people report calibration/dead zone issues....this seems something that should have come up in testing for a title of this calibre. Really really weird, now that I think some more about it..
  12. Would be nice to have as a skin at launch..
  13. I will just say one thing in regards to this beast; teardrop
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