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  1. which would turn into JG7 at a certain date..
  2. Considering the planeset that we currently have, I wouldn't be surprised if we end up going to Normandy..
  3. Sharpe43

    DCS news

    I saw the start of that as a very good reason to buy the Persian Gulf map (despite current events)
  4. I'd like to add the director and chief engineer to that as well. That one meeting after the explosion...shivers..
  5. Im actually somewhat curious; Will there be a DD (hopefully?) Or, will there be a sale announcement, like DCS?
  6. What's in a name? They 'll need to fill some awfully big shoes..
  7. As someone who also has autism, I find this thread very informative, because it shows me I'm not the only one who found he has a fondness for ww2 aviation..
  8. I saw the Spitfire and the p51 on the livestream. I had an eargasm
  9. I've seen that HBO show...that show ll give you the shakes...
  10. The Sharpe and Harper of the Naval world..
  11. Sharpe43

    DCS news

    it's a funny thing...but some of the map stuff you see in the f16 video that was released Friday was the syria/ Lebanon map..
  12. Sharpe43

    DCS news

    I'd say Il2 gameplay is deeper (and cheaper to aquire) DCS seems to give you better aircraft control along with the clickable cockpits.
  13. Sharpe43

    DCS news

    Good lord preorders for both the 190 A8 and the F16... my wallet is aching..
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