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  1. Edit: why is it so complicated to post screens now?
  2. With awesome rowdyb00t's cloud mod!
  3. Skins that end by....#1.dds are not supposed to be shown on the viewer. These files are for gunpods. (It seems to be the same system as for the tank skins?). In QMB, you can have all the skins, but strangely, they are in the "custom" panel.
  4. If you can see the swastika, then your screen's setting is too bright!
  5. Hi! Many thanks for your work, a little remark though : while it is better to have a correct name for the skin (author, squadron, etc...I really appreciate that) for the last one, it was way too long and my game (viewer and in game) can't 'read it' (I had just a blank default skin), because the file path had too many characters. I had to remove the last part (Holland, 1944) to have it appear correctly.
  6. Hi, I can't tell you who are the authors (I download many skins, and the authors don't always put their names in the file), but I have downloaded them on this forum. Make a quick search, the Hs129 is not the most popular plane, I think you should find these skins easily.
  7. Stalingrad & Tunisia, thanks to skinners & modders!
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