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  1. Hi! These flights were made by a couple of french squads (C6, CCG, IRRE, and some 'mercenaires'). We did managed to destroy a couple of objectives last night.
  2. Hi, I do not know if it is too late to correct, and I suppose that for most people it will be only a detail, but for your information, on the FC Map (set in 1918), Lille has the wrong belfry. It should have the Chambre de Commerce one (like in ROF) instead of the Mairie one (which was built in the 1920's). https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chambre_de_commerce_de_Lille https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beffroi_de_Lille
  3. Lake Balaton 1944' (skin by szelljr, thanks!)
  4. I am still not convinced about some part of the game (yes, damage model, I am talking about you), but it has some nice moments!
  5. Hum, sorry to bother you with that, I'm a lazy squad commander. One player wants to join my squad but I forgot my password to login to my profile and add him. Is there a way to reset/resend it to me?
  6. Hi! First thanks to all the people who made this server possible, it's great! I only play one or two times a week, but it is always fun. It may have been already discussed but is there a way to discriminate people who voluntary disconnect from the game from those who are kicked because of their high ping? My connection isn't really good and I sometimes experience some problems with it. While I can understand the loss of plane credits plus the score of the flight, I found a bit harsh to also have a -10% of Fairplay Index (the same amount as shooting down a friendly plane!) that cancel any bonuses. Thanks
  7. Another great work from you, Gustav, thanks! I always loved the "speckled" look of Slovakian Messerschmitts, it gives them an "exotic" flavour.
  8. Or they learn to fly the other side? I did it, it is not that complicated or very long.
  9. Thanks for the news. About the work of I./ZG1_Panzerbar on the skins I have two questions/suggestions: 1/Is it possible while you guys are reworking on them, to release an "unoffical skinpack" with the official skins but with the correct markings (swastika)? Don't you should avoid any legal issues if you release them that way? (we had skins with swastikas in ROF in the unofficial skinpacks) 2/While I understand that players want diversity in skins, and that you can't imagine some planes without famous schemes (the F4 and Marseille, the 190 and JG26/JG2) even if they weren't on the eastern front. It could be great (and for some planes it has been already done-but not for all of them) for multiplayer play to have numeroted skins (summer and winter).I think it greatly improves immersion while flying with friends and make cool screens. Anyway, thanks for your work!
  10. Yes maybe. But anyway considering that 1.You can hear the impacts on single player 2.You can hear your shells exploding on enemy planes in both single and multiplayer there is without doubt a problem with the sound. I'll add that it could lead to very disappointing moments in term of gameplay ex:losing a wing after overstressed it during maneouvers because it was completly riddled and you just didn't heard it, or it was just a small 'poc'.
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