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  1. durruti


    Hi, unter -> Einstellungen -> Kamera ganz links unten den Haken bei "Film" rausnehmen, dann sollte es in der Außenansicht nicht mehr wackeln.
  2. durruti

    How can I edit DDS files?

    Hi, there are very good instructions how to edit skins by SCG_BOO, look here :
  3. durruti

    Custom Skin install

    Im Spiel unter -> Einstellungen -> Individuelle Farbschemas anzeigen einen Haken setzen vermute ich mal ?
  4. Hello, just want to inform you that the static planes in boxes are doubled (see pic), saw this on axis and allies side (normal server). I think it´s since last patch/hotfix. And of course a big compliment for this great dynamic campaign and server ! Thanks !
  5. Hello same bug here , very unsatisfactory to link accounts every time i start the game, but glad to read it is not necessary ! Did not know this before, have tested it and it works for me ! Hope it gets fixed soon !
  6. durruti

    BOS , BOM , BOBP give away

    Great Action, very generous of you, thanks a lot ! Please list me for "Battle of Bodenplatte" Thank you !
  7. durruti

    BOBP+ Give Away Draw

    Very generous of you, many thanks Ace ! Please enlist me for BOK !
  8. durruti

    THE BUTCHER - SP scripted campaign [Fw190]

    Great, many thanks for updating ! I hope now i can complete your wonderfull missions in this scripted campaign ! Just noticed that the skins are not the historical correct ones : I prefer the "old" ones, so i overwrote the actually downloaded skins . You did a very great job creating this immersive campaign with beautiful historical correct skins, thanks a lot !
  9. Many many thanks, worked very well ! I had statsubmitstatfailed error in my career on date 13.10.42 so i changed the date as described and it worked like a charm. Got no missions the next day but after skipping it now i can continue my career (already flown 2 missions without problems) ! Thanks a lot !
  10. durruti

    Keine Server vorhanden

    Hi, hatte ich auch ! Deaktiviere mal in den Einstellungen "Mods erlauben" daraufhin sind auch ein paar mehr Server sichtbar ....anscheinend gibt es noch keine die mit dieser Option laufen?!