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    Hi, unter -> Einstellungen -> Kamera ganz links unten den Haken bei "Film" rausnehmen, dann sollte es in der Außenansicht nicht mehr wackeln.
  2. Hi, there are very good instructions how to edit skins by SCG_BOO, look here :
  3. Im Spiel unter -> Einstellungen -> Individuelle Farbschemas anzeigen einen Haken setzen vermute ich mal ?
  4. Hello, just want to inform you that the static planes in boxes are doubled (see pic), saw this on axis and allies side (normal server). I think it´s since last patch/hotfix. And of course a big compliment for this great dynamic campaign and server ! Thanks !
  5. Hello same bug here , very unsatisfactory to link accounts every time i start the game, but glad to read it is not necessary ! Did not know this before, have tested it and it works for me ! Hope it gets fixed soon !
  6. Great Action, very generous of you, thanks a lot ! Please list me for "Battle of Bodenplatte" Thank you !
  7. Very generous of you, many thanks Ace ! Please enlist me for BOK !
  8. Great, many thanks for updating ! I hope now i can complete your wonderfull missions in this scripted campaign ! Just noticed that the skins are not the historical correct ones : I prefer the "old" ones, so i overwrote the actually downloaded skins . You did a very great job creating this immersive campaign with beautiful historical correct skins, thanks a lot !
  9. Many many thanks, worked very well ! I had statsubmitstatfailed error in my career on date 13.10.42 so i changed the date as described and it worked like a charm. Got no missions the next day but after skipping it now i can continue my career (already flown 2 missions without problems) ! Thanks a lot !
  10. Hi, hatte ich auch ! Deaktiviere mal in den Einstellungen "Mods erlauben" daraufhin sind auch ein paar mehr Server sichtbar ....anscheinend gibt es noch keine die mit dieser Option laufen?!
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