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  1. Thanks for another great campaign ! Just flown first mission and was very impressed : Looking forward to fly the next missions with the "Beule" and also an interesting historical background ! Very well done !
  2. Spectacular Video ! Well done and Horridooo !
  3. Woohoo ! The Mission Master struck again! Thank you for this magnificent playground, I tried it out intensively this afternoon and had a lot of fun. The Re -pair -arm -fuel function in particular makes the playground even more adventurous and more addicting ! Well done and thank you a lot for your hard work !
  4. That was fast, didn´t expect to get it so fast ! Thanks a lot HR_Tofolo !
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, geraki 9, but that is the 2K (2048x2048) normalmap , I am looking for the 4K (4096x4096) normalmap to use with 4K-Skins ! As Danziger said it is not included in the download, and i searched the forum already and couldn´t find a 4K normalmap for the La-5FN.☹️
  6. Hello Gentlemen, got the same problem ! Can anybody please show me where to get the 4K normalmap for this plane ? Thanks in advance !
  7. Incredible ! Can hardly believe it ! Downloaded your excellent free campaign AND got a collector plane. Many many thanks not only for the gift but also for the fun with your campaigns ! p.s. sorry for the late reply, couldn´t go online last week, and just tested the gift, works like a charm ! I´m going to have lots of fun with it ! THANKS !
  8. Fantastic ! Just downloaded the campaign and completed the first mission (and translated it into German.) Can`t hardly wait to complete the next missions ! Many thanks for your hard work ! Since I already own the U2-VS I would apply for the La-5FN2. As i also own only one of the collector planes, i had to delete the missing plane in the file "info.txt" to see the campaign in the library.
  9. Hi , das war bei Update 4.001, unter Punkt 43 : 43. MiG-3 flaps have been corrected - any change of the flaps limiter position retracts them first and then extends to a new position Da ich nicht so vertraut mit der Mig 3 bin kann ich nichts zur Funktion vorher-nachher sagen ,funktioniert für mich aber wie beschrieben. Nur schade das auch hier wieder die Übersetzung vergessen wurde:
  10. Just downloaded and started first Mission, -never listened to a "Lagebesprechung" in this game before- GREAT Seems to be some good fun ! Looking forward to play, thanks a lot !
  11. I really really do not even know what you're talking about 😉, but believe me thanks to your amusement park, I've gotten really good at shooting these little lousy bugs (and more often even my plane stays intact 😂) That's why I accept the blame of others on me, assuming they had the same fun as me ...
  12. Very cool, new toy on the playground (the annoying biplanes) and I'm looking forward to the most important fixes and changes, have to check them right now. Should be enough until the release of Bodenplatte ....😁 Well done and THANK YOU !
  13. Woohoo, this is really an awesome playground from which it is very difficult to get away! Thank you for the certainly hard work, very well done! I even had fun spawning the tanks, land my plane and watch their attack on the base Adler, what a mighty hammering german flak ! Since you asked for feedback allow me to mention that the .fra , .ger , .pol , .rus and .spa-files obviously are from an older version so that the map in these language versions is wrong (see pic). I play the german language version of the game and have allowed myself to translate your texts (for a
  14. durruti


    Hi, unter -> Einstellungen -> Kamera ganz links unten den Haken bei "Film" rausnehmen, dann sollte es in der Außenansicht nicht mehr wackeln.
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