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  1. Type of improvement: Multiplayer/GUI Explanation of proposal: Remove player names from online kill messages. Currently the messages are of the format Alice destroys Bob. Instead, how about Alice destroys LaGG-3. Benefit: I have seen enough times online players being mocked/harassed when they are shot down; perhaps because they are new, unskilled, or there is a grudge between the players/squads. It is ugly to see. It would help if the kill messages omitted the name of the player shot down. New or inexperienced players would benefit by not being embarrassed having their name displayed frequently while they learn the game, and it would reduce the instances of players/squads antagonising those they have shot down.
  2. Practice and then practice more. As a variation on Papfly's method I would recommend during practice sessions allowing the enemy shoot back at you but turn invulnerability on. That way you can know when you're getting hit (and adjust your technique accordingly) without taking damage and having to restart the mission. Also, while patience and discipline are key elements, bear in mind that once you engage an enemy you're on the clock. Online there's nothing that attracts attention quicker than tracers flying around the sky, so while you might be flying great and staying well outside your target's sights you must assume that others pilots have have spotted your engagement and are enroute and that your target has called for assistance.
  3. Thanks Vaal - I wondered the same thing. It's very annoying. Is there a way to track gun accuracy within the game? For example when flying practice quick missions?
  4. Type of improvement: Controls/GUI Explanation of proposal: Option to have 'Team Chat' use just ENTER key, and put regular chat on CTRL ENTER. Benefit: Easier to use, and would help prevent accidental information broadcast to all players.
  5. I think the minor loss in performance would be offset by the presumably simplified engine management.
  6. Just guessing out loud here - Is it possible the pilot of the Pe-2 incurred a penalty which, being you were a part of the crew, was also applied to you?
  7. Isn't the 'floppiness' due to the engine location; making it very easy to rotate around its centre of gravity?
  8. Sounds dropping out - most noticeably the engine, requiring a restart.
  9. Type of improvement: Graphics & gameplay. Explanation of proposal: Include option for multi-layered clouds in QMB. Benefit: Happiness.
  10. Try switching off V-sync in-game and then forcing it on in the nVidia control panel.
  11. Update - I turned off in-game V-Sync and enabled it in the nVidia control panel. It seems to have cured it (fingers crossed!) EDIT: nah....still rough as hell
  12. I created another thread about this problem - but this is really killing my online play. It never used to do this.
  13. I fly DCS with the head movement option enabled, and my 'visual centre' is focused exactly where I want it. There's nothing about realistic inertia that prevents you tracking objects in the air and on the ground while manoeuvring. I do not fly in any way 'un-realistically'. Then turn blackouts off. Switch off sun glare. Switch off oil/water from obscuring your visor. Switch off getting wounded. Remove all inconveniences. It should be, at times, impossible to counter the head/body movement - particularly during violent manoeuvring. That would be realistic. What isn't realistic is being able to maintain a perfect view through the gun-sight no matter what - which is what we have now.
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