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  1. Try switching off V-sync in-game and then forcing it on in the nVidia control panel.
  2. Update - I turned off in-game V-Sync and enabled it in the nVidia control panel. It seems to have cured it (fingers crossed!) EDIT: nah....still rough as hell
  3. I created another thread about this problem - but this is really killing my online play. It never used to do this.
  4. Valis

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    I fly DCS with the head movement option enabled, and my 'visual centre' is focused exactly where I want it. There's nothing about realistic inertia that prevents you tracking objects in the air and on the ground while manoeuvring. I do not fly in any way 'un-realistically'. Then turn blackouts off. Switch off sun glare. Switch off oil/water from obscuring your visor. Switch off getting wounded. Remove all inconveniences. It should be, at times, impossible to counter the head/body movement - particularly during violent manoeuvring. That would be realistic. What isn't realistic is being able to maintain a perfect view through the gun-sight no matter what - which is what we have now.
  5. Valis

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    The argument against implementing this kind of feature seems to be not that it's unrealistic, but that it would increase the difficulty. OK. But if that's the criteria then complex engine management should never have been added, or blackouts, or turbulence, or limited ammunition....etc. A huge proportion of players of the original IL-2 flew the entire time with the cockpit switched off, and I've no doubt the move from flying a transparent plane to being confined in a claustrophobic metal tub was a difficult and stressful one. But people adapt - and quickly. A realistic implementation of inertia on our virtual pilot's head and body will increase the difficulty, yes. It will require adjustment, yes. Those amazing snap-shots at 4G inverted will likely be a thing of the past, yes. But if we want to realistically simulate WW2 air combat then it's a necessary feature. And you can always turn it off in the options if you don't like it.
  6. Valis

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    It doesn't cause me any problems. How about Tank Crew? Has anyone complained about the view being 'decoupled' from the tank? Has anyone complained about motion sickness? Does anyone think Tank Crew would be improved if the player's view was instead rigidly attached to the tank's hull?
  7. If a player wants to fly around Stalingrad in a 109 wearing desert camouflage or a P-40 in Flying Tigers' livery then more power to them. But I'd like an option on my side whereby I see only theatre-specific paint jobs.
  8. Valis

    Cockpit view problem

    Make sure IL-2 isn't running then navigate to this folder.... C:\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\LuaScripts\snapviews ....and delete this file - i16t24.svc When you fire up IL-2 the views should be reset to default.
  9. Here's another example - everything is fine until something 'live' comes into view. What's interesting is the IL-2 beside me changing skins as it comes into view. Maybe this is a clue to the cause? (I've tried running with 4k skins on and off). Again, it works fine in SP.
  10. It's not the camera, or Track-IR settings - it only happens when looking at (or towards) 'live' objects during multiplayer. This is recorded from the same mission. When I scan to my left everything is OK. When I look right, towards my home airfield, it falls to pieces.
  11. FPS is fine, my CPU & GFX card are nowhere close to maximum, and I'm on fibre, but during multiplayer (SP is OK) when I'm looking in the direction of 'live' objects, even when far away from my aircraft, IL-2 gets really rough.
  12. Valis

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    I've made a similar request here.... Currently, the pilot in IL-2 can keep looking down the gun-sight - no matter how violent the manoeuvre, no matter what G-forces he's experiencing. It's totally un-realistic - real people have necks & their bodies are squishy. I don't have Flying Circus but I suspect the pilot (wearing only a lap-belt to keep him from falling out) will still be able to fly inverted and maintain perfect sighting. And so the dogfights will inevitably be unrealistic because there's no appreciable difference to the player between aiming while flying straight & level, and aiming while hanging upside down, or during a rolling scissors, or pulling 5 G's etc. Here's some examples of what is possible. Compare these effects to what we have now in IL-2 . Here's the full vid (I think it's a plug-in for FSX) But there is hope....look at the fantastic, fluid motion you get with the tanks! So why not the aircraft?
  13. Valis

    Controls, GUI, texts

    Brief description: 'Gear Down' & 'Gear Released' HUD messages reversed. Detailed description, conditions: When you lower the undercarriage the technical HUD says 'Gear Down', and when the undercarriage is down the HUD says 'Gear Released'. Should be other way round?
  14. Valis

    HUD on with icons off?

    When I press 'i' it turns off the HUD (and icons) entirely. I can have either icons-only or HUD+icons. I can't find a way, using key commands, to have the HUD on and icons off. I can do it via the options, but not with keys.