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  1. If WMR is obligatory count me out. Been there, done that.
  2. That's great news! Thx for the update.
  3. Dagwoodyt

    Future for VR

    Understood that investigation into feasibility of a VR implementation will not happen before TF 5.0 achieves commercial success. Since it is a small number though would you please list the AC that are not VR compliant? I suspect also that demands for VR implementation would largely cease if a full description of the hurdles involved were volunteered and "stickyed".
  4. Dagwoodyt

    Future for VR

    Since CloD/NA were not developed with VR in mind there is no assurance that their AC are VR compatible. There would seem to be an all or none requirement.
  5. How can anyone debate visuals for products that might become available in the future? If current CloD has better visuals than current offerings from Il-2 GB I am not observing that.
  6. MS FS 2020 is no more a reality than TF 5.0. Why posit a hypothetical CFS derivative of a "civvy" sim that has yet to be released? Right now all that's out there to see is MS hype. If you've bought into the hype fine, but don't expect that everyone will readily accept glossy promos for a product MS has "farmed out". MS can just as easily drop FS again if FS 2020 doesn't garner favorable product reviews.
  7. The only thing MS FS 2020 is designed for is draining flight sim budgets as quickly as possible. What I would expect to happen should a TFS NA campaign become available is that those new to CloD would start to complain that visuals are not on par with then current GB products. In the same breath they would complain that the NA user interface is inferior to those same Il-2 GB offerings. As for unearthing a monumental stash of Japanese aircraft documents, expect that after release of TFS 6.0 VR Edition.
  8. So what will MS FS 2020 offer to a CFS audience? Not even sure that VR support for the product is a given. MS CFS's got laughed off the planet after Oleg's first IL-2 demo was released.
  9. I do not recall a history of voluntary references to VR by the Team. I think that that in itself speaks volumes. Consider that a NA campaign would sell more easily to casual Great Battles customers if a CloD/NA interface and game controller options could be made "workalike" to GB format. I don't see that happening. If it were possible I would think that it should have been done for CloD already to increase it's accessibility for new players. CloD ought to be just about bulletproof by now if it is to be the base for a popular new theater. It is easy from our current vantage point to see why the RoF engine was chosen as basis for BoS . It was a solid platform to start with. Why wasn't the CloD engine used? If I boot up CloD and later boot up RoF the reason becomes pretty clear. That is why the CloD engine got left for dead and had to be resurrected by TF. Unfortunately, its' interface problems are still there and baked in. Of course the Team would love to give you CloD/NA VR if they could. Realistically though, there is no assurance that they could do so no matter how successful their new project might turn out. Also, MP interest seems to have kept CloD alive thru the years so why not place loyal flatscreen MP acceptance as the most important segment of NA customer base rather than worry what VR potential customers (likely mostly SP) might demand?
  10. Threads like this are useful for increasing forum traffic. Now all that is needed is for someone to insist that the TFS PTO expansion must include VR.
  11. I agree with the OP. I just recently took the plunge and bought FC. Even after the price break announcement I had hesitated as I didn't know whether the laser beam accuracy of RoF AI had been carried over to FC. Thankfully, that irritant is no longer present. So far I've only flown the SE5a in 1v1's against "ace" AI in Pflaz and Alby, however I appreciate how I can feel the SE5 controls mush when I don't keep my airspeed up and i've learned to use the stabilizer wheel to advantage. It is no longer necessary to hedgehop in DF's. Even though the map is small, the overall "feel" of the DF and the visuals in VR with my Index seem well worth the price.
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