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  1. Again, with reference to QM's, the procedure that works is to copy the mission from "Mission" folder into "Missions" folder and then open it in the FMB. After modding the country of origin in the FMB the mission is then copied from the "Missions" folder back into the "Mission" folder. Checking the "Markings" box, if necessary, displays the desired country decals.
  2. a Bugatti Type 57 ATALANTE maybe? 🙂
  3. They are entitled to their point of view just as you are entitled to yours. My position is that options are good. Currently I have the option of flying the MC.202 in 2D or in VR. The cockpit in VR is gorgeous in an Index. In addition, I can appreciate the associated view restrictions. I would love to have the same option in a Martlet, but I currently do not. No one that I know of is forced to buy a VR HMD if they don't care to have the VR experience. I don't see an argument that is winnable either way. I just see incompatible points of view and I don't know how it is fruitful to prolong a thread that simply reiterates incompatible fixed points of view.
  4. Some flight sims have VR as an option. I am not aware of any that list VR as a requirement. I doubt VR would be a requirement if it ultimately be implemented in Blitz/DWT so everyone would probably be able to carry on as usual.
  5. Just to clarify: I am just modifying "stock" Quick Missions. For instance I modified a QM as in my post above and was able to fly with Italian markings. I later discovered however that my AI wingie still showed German markings. After that I modified the AQ variant of the c.202 in the Options/Plane menu to show Italian markings. I then selected the previously saved mission from the QM menu, substituted the C.202 AQ as my aircraft and resaved the mission under a new name. To my surprise when I loaded the C.202 AQ mission my aircraft had German markings. If I then unchecked the "Markings" box I lost all nationality markings. So it seems that it might be necessary to modify Quick Missions via the FMB to get the desired aircraft markings for each aircraft if I am understanding the requirements clearly.
  6. I saved a Quick Mission after using the "Plane" option as described and still had German markings superimposed over Italian. Unchecking the "Markings" box solved that. That doesn't change radio comms voices though.
  7. Copy this code in the "Script" tab ("Edit ->" Script "menu) of the mission. Here is a test mission (right click" save as ") Test mission works as described. When script is added to my existing missions AI damage doesn't show in window and I get script errors in log file typically ending like: ... .cs(15,8): error CS1513: } expected
  8. [08:29:54] Mission loaded. time = 3.345 [08:29:58] Battle starting...[08:29:58] Server: Battle begins! [08:29:58] ok [08:30:38] Server: Pilot of a Spitfire Ia (100oct) (LO o B) (AI) is dead. [08:30:38] Server: AI in a Spitfire Ia (100oct) (LO o B) collided with terrain. Yes, on my machine result as above is typical for this mission. Wingie either collides with terrain or gets wasted by 109 AI in similar time frame. I ran it 3 times after noting your results. That aside, I would still like to have my AI wingie be able to call out a "break" when positioned to do so.
  9. [PARTS] core.100 bob.100 tobruk.100 [MAIN] MAP Land$English_Channel_1940 DespawnAfterLandingTimeout 600 BattleArea 140000 120000 80000 70000 5000 TIME 14.0000003390014 WeatherIndex 0 CloudsHeight 700 BreezeActivity 10 ThermalActivity 10 player BoB_RAF_F_602Sqn_Early.000 [GlobalWind_0] Power 3.000 0.000 0.000 BottomBound 0.00 TopBound 1500.00 GustPower 0 GustAngle 45 [splines] [AirGroups] BoB_RAF_F_602Sqn_Early.01 BoB_LW_JG26_I.21 [BoB_RAF_F_602Sqn_Early.01] Flight0 1 2 Class Aircraft.SpitfireMkIa_100oct Formation VIC3 CallSign 17 Fuel 70 Weapons 1 Skill 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0.53 Aging0 37 Briefing 2 Serial0 L1372 Serial1 L1126 [BoB_RAF_F_602Sqn_Early.01_Way] AATTACK_FIGHTERS 154671.23 165073.27 50.00 400.00 AATTACK_FIGHTERS 163996.72 160559.77 50.00 400.00 AATTACK_FIGHTERS 191255.03 185315.68 50.00 400.00 AATTACK_FIGHTERS 229247.00 173764.11 50.00 400.00 LANDING 224947.79 229018.35 500.00 300.00 [BoB_LW_JG26_I.21] Flight0 1 2 Class Aircraft.Bf-109E-4 Formation FINGERFOUR CallSign 18 Fuel 42 Weapons 1 1 Skill 1 0.79 1 1 1 1 1 0.53 Aging1 68 Briefing 2 Serial0 8978 Serial1 7554 [BoB_LW_JG26_I.21_Way] AATTACK_FIGHTERS 155682.33 159402.79 50.00 400.00 AATTACK_FIGHTERS 162209.29 170748.13 50.00 400.00 AATTACK_FIGHTERS 203588.30 183617.62 50.00 400.00 AATTACK_FIGHTERS 217823.19 170777.10 50.00 400.00 LANDING 157259.76 57425.05 500.00 300.00 [CustomChiefs] [Stationary] Static0 Stationary.Radar.EnglishRadar1 gb 78603.79 181122.39 40.00 [Buildings] [BuildingsLinks] Note: Skill levels differ from stock QM and may account for AI behavior difference. 088 - Dogfight - Even - Low Level.zip
  10. I have noticed in 2v2 quick missions that my AI wingman lawn darts routinely, frequently within seconds of mission start. Modding AI skill level in the FMB does not seem to improve wingman's lifespan. Further, wingman does not call a "break" even when in position to see I am under attack. If my wingie could just call a "break" that would represent a substantial enhancement to the SP experience.
  11. Samsung C27HG7x runs Blitz/DWT fine at 144Hz.
  12. I wouldn't bother biting on this one. Wherever the game money landed it is still gone, never to return. Anyway the thread title says it all.
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