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  1. I doubt that the "+" was designed with flight simmers in mind. The resolution and FOV are better than those of the Rift, no question. I do not though believe that the "+" is an advancement over the original Odyssey. The anti-SDE feature is a placebo effect in that it is only noticeable at the very center of the FOV. Once away from center the concentric "rings" transform tracked objects into smudges. Another result is that the headset position needs to be adjusted frequently in-game because the "sweet spot" is smaller than with the original Odyssey. The anti-SDE effect is certainly worthwhile if you have the luxury of looking only at the image center. Unfortunately that is not the case in combat flight sims.
  2. I suspect that an "S" product would follow the Odyssey "+" model. That would mean slashing production costs and implementing a marketing campaign to convince prospective buyers that an "S" is going to have a new "game changing" feature. That would help to distract potential buyers from recognizing they are purchasing a downgraded hmd. It would also help to counter a perception that the company is abandoning high cost of entry pc users.
  3. So I can vote even if I have never used the HMD I am voting for.
  4. +1 Maybe time to take a break until convergence and other issues get worked out. Also, my first time finding ALL prior flight records refusing to load.
  5. I have three headsets: Rift, Odyssey and "+". Of the three I consider the original Odyssey as the best. The Odyssey and "+" are significantly different products.
  6. The S sounds underwhelming but I see this vid more as an advertisement for the Quest, clickbait. I would not be surprised if the "S" never materializes.
  7. Ptk "black dot" , "no haze" and "polished canopy" mods are what I use. VoiceAttack will also make VR life much easier to manage.
  8. I find myself doing repeated reversals waiting for one in which distance closes with me on K-4’s six. I mostly give some altitude to keep speed up and if lucky can later trade to get some altitude during next reversal. I try to concentrate on keeping stick movements minimal. This evening I flew a mission in the P47 against the K-4 that lasted 44 minutes with K-4 ultimately crashing. I never even got close enough during the fight to see any evidence of hits on the K-4 but did get credit for the kill in the events log. Nice thing about P47 is that engine is very durable with just reasonable attention and powerful enough that I can gain some separation from AI, for instance in getting over a ridge into the next valley for some terrain shielding. I will go for altitude if opportunity presents but that is less important to me than maintaining separation and “eyeball” on the AI. If the AI goes into NASCAR turns and we stalemate I will break away and do whatever is necessary to cool cylinder head temps and then return to reversals. For me patience is mandatory in this matchup.
  9. Smearing of objects at periphery was a problem with my “+” so FOV advantage of “+” over Rift seemed mostly wasted. There is still some SDE effect with the “+”, just seemed like a finer mesh. I think that the 63mm ipd minimum of the “+” is a warning sign that customer comfort may not have been high on priority list during “+” development.
  10. Yes, thx for pointing me to that ad. Having access to both I think the original Odyssey would be a better buy, even for $350.00.
  11. I am seeing the Odyssey on MS website for $350, not the Odyssey+. If correct, that is a good deal. The original Odyssey is what i'm using. My Odyssey + is in cupboard as a backup.
  12. Over the past few days I've done QMB 1v1's flying the P47 against "ace" AI 109 variants: G4, K-4 and K-4 with gun pods. Matches were H2H at 1000 meter start with 54% fuel for my P47 and 65% for the 109's. I used flaps only for landing. I have done matches on one pc using a Samsung Odyssey and on an older system using a Rift. Longest match lasted about 40 minutes against a K-4 on the Odyssey pc. The K-4 AI behavior doesn't seem dramatically different from that of earlier variants. A possible oddity is that the K-4 seems unwilling to relinquish altitude advantage even when that is needed to finish my damaged P47. Fastest speed I noted for the K-4 in Tacview was 795 kph during a dive. The K-4 AI invariably tries to maintain altitude advantage over the P47, but that creates more manuevering space for the P47. Seems that evading the 109's boom requires a tight diving turn forcing the AI to go inverted in order to deliever hits. Evasive turn needs to be initiated before AI tracers appear. For some reason the AI seems to hesitate rather than commit to an inverted attack, possibly a developer' adjustment to prevent "lawn darting" (?). The AI instead climbs back to altitude and the process is repeated until I or the AI gets a firng solution. I am setting the gyro sight to ~320m while in-game. AI covergence was set to 250m - 310m, however Tacview shows that the AI will fire from >600m when appropriate. Gun pod-equipped K-4 seems to be at a disadvantage as, I guess, would be expected. The P47's bubble canopy represents a potentially crucial advantage in DF's. This advantage is increased with the Samsung Odyssey because of its larger FOV when compared to the Rift. While head tracking is better with the Rift's two base stations that is not enough to offset the Odyssey's FOV advantage. That's one instance in which hardware may play a role in how one views the P47's DF capabilities. For the Odyssey pc I'm using a Gunfighter Pro and high res pedals. On the older Rift system I use a Gladiator Mkii joystick, CH pedals and a DIY throttle box. The CH pedals are definitely obsolete having no "feel" though they function as well as they ever have. The Gladiator Mkii is a really nice stick, but I do have to concentrate to avoid over-controlling. In most matches I was able to down the 109 without receiving damage. In a match today I got damaged, but once again was easily able to evade until the K-4 AI left the immediate area allowing me to land. So far i'm not very impressed with the K-4 AI as an adversary for the P47.
  13. I have had so much entertainment learning to DF against "ace" AI 109G2 while flying the P47 have yet to try the Spitfire IX. The P47 is very stable and gives ample warning before departure. Don't know if I would feel the same if flying 2D, but in VR the P47 is great fun to fly and fight in.
  14. I spun once during this fight and recovered easily. P47 seems very stable in shallow turns with ball requiring little attention. Engine management mostly adjusting rpm below 2600 and throttle below max until opponent is in sights. AI cannot seem to figure out how to attack so fight is mostly shallow turns with stick close as possible to neutral except to steepen dive to gain speed. I think center mounted sticks with extension may help here where you can alternate right or left hand as desired. In replay I saw AI belly in just before I landed, maybe just ran out of fuel. Able to gain some altitude later in flight as fuel (54%) gets used up. Gyro sight doesn't seem to help much since nose hides it in turns.
  15. I've been doing some tests in QMB against "ace" 109G2 ai. Most recent was a 38 min. fight starting with 54% fuel and all engine controls on manual settings. Flaps for landing only. Seems that once past the 1000 meter head to head merge the P47 can outrun the AI G2 on the deck. Turns typically are 180 degree or less and mostly diving turns near inverted to gain speed. Left turns seem easier if sustained turn is needed. I don't even think about trying to follow the G2's climb, use dive to gain speed instead. Seems the 109 G2 ai is averse to fighting on the deck, probably to avoid the lawn dart. Instead the ai goes into repeated climbs during which there is time for the P47 to gain separation. One of the really nice aspects of the P47 in VR is how easy it is to track target thru the bubble canopy. I use the Ptk "black dot", the "haze-off" and the "polished canopy" mods. I scored hits on the G2 but wasted most of my ammo then simply did avoidance maneuvers till the ai and I lost track of one another. I think the "dot" disappears beyond 3km range. The fight started at Slavyanskya and I landed at Anapa with some damage but no leaks. The ai was still patrolling near the original fight area.
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