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  1. TBH I don't even know if setting the gun belts and convergence for offline game play in the "Plane Options" menu is carried over to Quick or Single missions or whether some default loadout is used instead. So if I set the gun sight wingspan and distance in-game is that really meaningful or just placebo? That sort of uncertainty does affect mindset when compounded by weird and wonderful AI gyrations.
  2. Look in your 1CSoftclub folder. Will be in your "User" name folder under "documents". It should be the file at top of the 1CSoftclub folder list. You should be able to just delete the entire "cache" folder. It will regenerate upon game launch.
  3. I don't know how to reconcile the quoted post with the original statement of 14 August. My understanding from that original projection is that starting work on a VR implementation is contingent upon reasonable sales success. Further, VR is at the bottom of a list of planned feature enhancements. By those standards VR implementation is not being "delayed".
  4. These metal mounts all look very impressive. When I got my Gunfighter Pro with extension I considered them but realized that I could fabricate a mount from wood that would sit on the floor at my desk and be positioned and moved as needed.
  5. Closing a given thread would probably not end posts about VR unless such posts were explicitly prohibited. I imagine you could request such a prohibition if you think it's warranted.
  6. I checked before posting. Also note that the I-16 has manual mixture control with corresponding change in exhaust color. I think it does a disservice to both sims when nit picky, casually researched comparisons are proffered. Clickable cockpits? Not going there :-)
  7. While at it please check reference to altimeter correction. I seem to have it programmed in VoiceAttack for BoX for some reason. One thing BoX does have is ability to start and stop a Tacview recording with a single button press or voice command while in-game.
  8. I've got buttons assigned to adjust Spitfire gun sight for distance and span in both Blitz and BoX. Am I misreading your post?
  9. I sympathize with your situation, though I did not share the same experience with my CV-1 version. As to "...heat in the eyes..." I've owned a CV-1, both flavors of Samsung Odyssey and now a Valve Index and have never had a visor heat related discomfort experience. I do not discount that some users might. I accept that for you the VR experience would require swimming doggedly upstream without clear benefit.
  10. I am not clear on which Oculus version you are using. CV-1 or a DK development version? I still have a CV-1 which ran flawlessly on Win10. I replaced it with the Odyssey OG which offered a significant graphics improvement, especially with a 1080 Ti. Even so, as an experiment, I was later able to get the CV-1 to run Il-2 BoX on a Win7 pc with an Asus P6T MB and a GTX 1070 graphics card. I am forced to use TIR5 if I fly Blitz, but in no way is it comparable to the tracking available in VR.
  11. Just me and I see your point, but I get distracted by the desert map every time I see one of these videos.
  12. There are clickable cockpits in Blitz/DWT, but using some of them will throw TIR into a tizzy and I lose SA on enemy AC in the process. It is just more practical to use VoiceAttack than to fiddle with clickable functions such as switching fuel tanks. Additionally, given the number of controllers I have in my setup, I can duplicate function activations so that I can use either voice activation or controller click to operate a given cockpit control. I can understand clickable controls as a fetish but for practical purposes they are irrelevant and typically distract from essential functions in a WWII CFS.
  13. Thing I want most is the Channel map. Next the Mossie and Tiffy. If I could just have early Spifire, Hurri and Bf109 as collector' planes I'd be set 🙂
  14. "A proper built pit..." Not even sure what that means or how it would preclude use of VR. I think the GB series has attracted many players to VR because it is built on a solid game engine that lends itself to a favorable VR experience. If the GB series contained multiple idiosyncrasies and requirement to chase down various game crash causes I suspect many players would have run screaming away from VR. More likely, the developers would not have had the confidence to field a VR implementation. I think the prime directive for VR implementation is to start from a stable base game.
  15. If you have already registered to the forum you've imaged might direct them to this thread if appropriate. I have no desire to register there.
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