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  1. 1440p, older Intel i7 cpu, 1080ti, visuals maxed, FXAA on and SSAO off I get mid 30's over London associated with scenery popping. FPS can go above 50 if using small FOV.
  2. Periodic updates relative to trueSKY implementation might be comforting. VR is an inescapable topic for flight sims. Maintaining civility would seem key to establishing "safe harbor" for discussion.
  3. Seems like the way to go IF you are going to open your unit at all. Seems like a simple project and might help you become more confident in dealing with your hardware. OTOH any unauthorized entry into a unit under warranty might become obvious if screws or access panels get damaged in the process, either by you or by a local repair facility. If done by a local repair shop you will obviously have to factor that cost into the equation.
  4. Dagwoodyt

    Future for VR

    At this point it looks like market forces are dictating implementation of VR for Blitz simply as a survival mechanism. A side benefit would likely be upgrades to the UI needed to support VR. A caveat is that launcher crashes, annoying in 2D, would be intolerable in the VR environment.
  5. It is probably best to avoid engaging with "shadow" moderators. No good can come of it.
  6. Posted yesterday at 04:53 PM Hello Osprey VR is and continues to be a priority for development. We have discussed this with 1C and they are also in agreement this feature should definitely be a part of the next module, with retroactive implementation for BLITZ and TOBRUK at the same time if not earlier. We are currently focused on the implementation of the trueSKY weather and cloud software... it is taking longer than we hoped for a number of reasons. Once that is finished, VR is #1 in the code team de
  7. So we have an unambiguous commitment to priority implementation of VR for Blitz. Discussion of VR then is fair game.🙂
  8. "This is what i call a quality in Cliffs Of Dover series (you can play with the sun position to stay invisible from your ennemies as the WW2 pilots have done in the past)" So it will help me hide from the AI? Great point. Thanks!😉 If there is an overwhelming need for some forum members to squelch discussion of VR relative to Blitz, what is the motivation? I could understand the need to do so if said discussion prevented them from accessing a game they bought. That would represent an infringement on their right to use their purchase. I do not see that as being the case. So what i
  9. I use TiR for Blitz as there is no alternative. I find that spotting is a wash compared with VR. The glare effect in Blitz is such that it negates monitor spotting advantage at 1440p. That, coupled with tendency for TiR to go out of "sync" with where I want to be looking means I am pretty much stuck with using labels in Blitz. Also, do you really mean to suggest that "VR addicts are not satisfied with Great Battles" simply because there are repeated requests to see VR implemented in Blitz? If so it would be helpful to understand how you've formulated that conclusion.
  10. Not sure why you have Steam Cloud enabled for Blitz. I have my .ini files backed up on my pc in case I need to reinstall. In any case I am still getting launcher crashes with single missions and in attempting to record missions. Previously recorded missions may run or crash the launcher. If I run one recording after another the launcher will eventually get fed up and crash. When restarting the game after a launcher crash the last screen that preceded the crash will usually be displayed with the game again frozen on that screen, requiring another restart. It is as if a "piece" of the game stays
  11. Perhaps thou dost protest too much 🙂
  12. I do not generally post to the "Multiplayer" topics of the forum as I am not especially interested in MP. I post regarding "VR" related topics because I am interested in VR. If discussions about VR are upsetting perhaps just avoid them. To implore other forum members to cease discussion of the topic might be construed to imply that one considers lack of VR support to represent an acute embarrassment: "In fact, it just makes for a big eyesore for the developers and fans of this game." I am sure you do not want to give that impression.
  13. Have you have re-posted some of these materials before? I am not seeing anything new. The development schedule of August 14, 2020 is pretty clear as to the intended order of appearance of game upgrades. If you have any new info as to when trueSKY is coming that would be of some interest. Thanks!
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