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  1. Once the map is the unveiled I might buy BoN. Unfortunately London won't be included. The aircraft are secondary. Enjoy!
  2. I used to take those books as "Gospel". It now appears that there are "issues" with some events depicted in various works.
  3. Are you referring to a book "co-authored" with Martin Caidin?
  4. If someone really "feels" Blitz that deeply I'm not about to try to talk them out of their perceptions :-)
  5. Yes, thanks. I've now checked this out since my initial post by using the "bore sight" mission. To confirm custom belt settings in a test QM I modified the belts to get rid of tracers by using the FMB. A lot of tap dancing to do what would seem like a simple "ask".
  6. Any way to see convergence values for a given mission?
  7. Using complex engine management. Got interlink sorted now. Thanks for help!
  8. I cannot seem to get this command to work. Interconnecting throttle and turbo works and command gets acknowledged in HUD text. Not so for LSHt + I though.
  9. Thanks. I guess this key setting "Drop bombs delay toggle LCtl + B" is related to level bombing and NOT a fuse delay time then.
  10. How do I identify bomb fuse delay time. I don't see any HUD message associated with fuse time setting.
  11. I'm trying to reconcile the technological superiority of Blitz with the Steam stats I'm seeing. What's up?
  12. VoiceAttack decreases button presses substantially. Button presses can still be used as a backup.
  13. I opted for the Beyerdynamic MMX300. No regrets.
  14. 1440p, older Intel i7 cpu, 1080ti, visuals maxed, FXAA on and SSAO off I get mid 30's over London associated with scenery popping. FPS can go above 50 if using small FOV.
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