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  1. You are identifying yourselves as members of a group i've just described without touching the concern raised. That in itself is a "tell".
  2. When I downloaded Oleg's first Il-2 demo I was blown away. I never thought to urge anyone else to buy the full product. I guess I felt it a given that anyone who ran the demo would be immediately hooked. I see Blitz as a demo for TF 5.0. My reaction to it is totally different. The CloD/Blitz interface remains clunky even after many years' opportunity to update it. So who is it designed for? To me the answer must be that it is designed for those who have already accepted its' quirks. As near as I am aware the only announced UI update is a reorganization of the controller assignment menu. If new customers who give favorable reviews are desired then you have to give them a friendly UI that is essentially bullet proof in its execution. I am an Oleg fan, but I am not fond of CloD. Of course he was probably no longer in charge of the product at its' release. The concern is that history may be repeating itself. The VR vs non VR community conflict is to me totally phony. If there really are few VR users out there then who cares whether or not they buy TF 5.0? Demostrably some posters do care. The real question is whether new users will enjoy the game and that will depend upon the UI.
  3. I trust that the Blitz UI is working well for everyone else here. Unfortunately, for me it is not. Getting in and out of missions requires repeated invocation of the task manager. When I start a recording the recording starts with me looking out at ocean waves. If I want to record a mission I have to first name it via keyboard input. If I want to know my fps I have to open the console and type: fps START SHOW in the console. There is no way I will pay a cent for a NA mod regardless of VR implementation unless I am first assured that Blitz 5.0 is playable on my Win10, Intel, 1080 Ti system. My fear is that the game will become less stable with each "enhancement". If Blitz 5.0 runs smoothly on my system I will see a VR implementation as more possible, not until then. Failure to implement a stable, user friendly interface would likely doom TF 5.0.
  4. Why isn't everyone happy here? Seems to me that everyone wins. Blitz users will get VR for FREE. They don't need to do anything. TF 5.0 buyers get the theater of war they have been clamoring for. No one loses. It is fruitless to wish away posts lamenting the current lack of VR. That was baked into the cake long ago. Everyone involved in the project must have seen that coming. I doubt there is any limit to the number of pre-orders one can make so please have at it.
  5. I still have my TIR and have refreshed my memory as to how obsolete it is. In 1v1 dogfights in Blitz if the AI misses me in its' first pass it runs way at high speed. When I finally catch up the AI rolls away at my first volley. As I try to follow TIR typically goes briefly haywire and then the chase process repeats. It's excruciating. RIP TIR.
  6. There is no real argument here. If you already have Blitz just wait till a VR implementation happens. If you don't now have it then buy during the $6.24 sale. It's as easy as that. TF 5.0 purchase is then irrelevant to VR devotees unless they see the NA theater as otherwise irresistible. I think you might want to review your own posts on the GB forum on one of your interests that failed to materialze. I believe the question as to what UI "improvements" TF 5.0 will include has been asked several times. To best of my recollection that question has never received detailed response. As of yesterday I am under the impression that the "improvements" will consist of a reorganization of the game controller menu. If I have missed other explanations of the TF 5.0 UI improvements please point them out.
  7. Dagwoodyt

    Future for VR

    All you really need now is CloD/Blitz. If you don't have it this would be the time to pick up a copy @$6.24. Then just wait until a VR implementation is added to Blitz.
  8. To be accurate, there was substantial prior forum discussion as to the desirability of granting TF access to CloD source code. Oddly, there were many posts to the effect that such access couldn’t possibly be granted. Then, somehow, it happened.
  9. What I think best would be the release of a Blitz 5.0 that would include all the new UI changes that will be present in TF 5.0. If those changes were enough to confirm a more user friendly and bullet-proof UI, then it might make sense to pre-order TF 5.0. Of course such an option is a non-starter because the TFS is too busy readying TF 5.0.
  10. There is a difference between VR vs getting a 2d image to appear inside a hmd. I do not know which of the two is depicted here.
  11. So you are upset now? Wait till, perhaps, unhappy purchasers/reviewers show up.
  12. That is a downer as seeing how the new wx system runs in Blitz AND how extensive the UI improvements for Blitz 5.0 will be seems important for those who are in doubt as to the future of the CloD game engine. Your response also raises question as to how technical support for the game will be handled given staffing issues you describe.
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